1. N

    If Statement Help

    Hello, I have one cell which contains 4 different words and want to do an if statement which shows when the word comes up then leave a blank cell. Please reply with if statement. Chris
  2. A

    Wee green triangles

    Can they be turned OFF in VBA ? So it saves a User figuring it out and only affects *this" workbook. Thanks for any help. I googled for this and found I'd asked the same thing here back in 2009 but got a not helpful reply. It would be helpful to know if they can't, and I can stop looking.
  3. JenniferMurphy

    Can I always have the Advanced Editor on?

    Is there a way that I can have the Advanced Editor active when I reply to a thread? When I start a thread, like now, I have the Advanced Editor. But when I reply, I get some other editor and I have to click on the Go Advanced button to get it. In my Settings under Miscellaneous Options, I have...
  4. D

    ensuring only numbers are entered

    Hi. This is what I got, it works like I want it except for when it's to enter retail price and contractor pricing. what I would want it to do is make sure whoever enters the item and price that they enter it properly... and numbers only... so if they were to enter an item with the $ sign or...
  5. 6StringJazzer

    Two new threads do not show entire page, do not allow responses, do not allow likes, reports

    There are a couple of new threads that display only the post text but nothing below it. These are duplicates of each other, but I can't report them:
  6. W

    Sending Blind Emails

    I am using ron De Bruins email process to send out emails on behalf of several sales ppl here. I am using a generric email and askin ppl to nor reply to it but rather contact thier rep. But they still do. Is it possible to mask the sent from in an email so that the recipient can not reply?
  7. H

    Adding a prompt box before executing a macro

    Hi everyone, I have a macro that I know works that would copy data from a range on one sheet within the workbook and paste the data as values in the desired location. Macro: Sheets("Master_Listing").Select Range("B2:B349").Select Selection.Copy Sheets("Busy Season Tracker").Select...
  8. L

    Forum Questions

    So, I'm new here and I want to keep getting better at excel so I want to help answer questions on the excel help board. However, I have two questions that hopefully some of the regulars can answer. 1. If I respond to one of the "Zero Reply" posts and subsequently remove it from the zero reply...
  9. D

    Reply did not appear underneath post

    In the Excel Questions forum I replied to a post, thanking that individual for a solution, but my reply appeared under someone else’s post later in the thread. When the cursor hovered over the Edit button at the bottom of my reply, it said “Edit/Delete”, but when I clicked it, I did not see an...
  10. JLGWhiz

    Problem entering text into reply window in Excel Questions

    About four months ago I began to notice that if I typed too fast, characters were omitted in the text I typed into the reply window on the Excel Questions forum. And I am experiencing the same problem as I type this thred. It also resists highlighting with the mouse pointer when I try to...
  11. T

    Macro Help

    I have written a macro that filters an excel sheet and emails the results to an email recipient - it uses "Send sheet" rather then send as an attachment. The problem I'm having is that when the email recipient replies to me, the sheet appears unfiltered and is causing confusion (I am sending...
  12. N

    IF Formula

    Hi, I need to obtain "grand Total" some where in a excel sheet Cell (Pivot Table Value) with using "IF Formula" to some other excel sheet cell, if need ay more clarification please reply accordingly. this is urgent requirement for my matte sort. tks NH
  13. A

    Run-time error '13': Type mismatch

    Hello everybody! I got some amazing help last time I posted, so I'll give it another go. I'm still very new to coding in excel and find myself stuck with a Run-time error yet again. This is the code I'm working with: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim n As Long If Not...
  14. P

    A = abc

    Hello i want a formula for follwing if in cell A1 i type I = than in B1 answer should be display myself if in cell A2 i type u = than in B2 answer should be display yourself Thanks in advance
  15. 1

    Min/ lookup formual help needed

    Hi all, first time posting in the BI forum, regular in Excel. I am attempting to build a dashboard with regards to our work team email inbox and sent items. I have created flows that save data to various excel sheets. I have 2 tables in BI. Table1 is data from the inbox. From - Subject -...
  16. C

    lock a cell with specifications

    I want to lock a cell which has date in row column, it should be not editable on the row, if the date is in past date and only the present date & Future date row should be editable. If the A1 row date 07-Mar-2018 - the entire row should not be eidtable and it should editable with a password...
  17. D

    If first cell has a value in it, how can my formula below know this and skip to next available cell?

    Hi Everyone, been posting today a few things... have a few different ways now that I want to do this.. but I think if I can find a way to do this... it will help me out a lot... Below is my formula. What I need help with is if someone can tell me how I can change it if possible that is... so...
  18. D

    how to make it go back instead of kicking you out?

    This is part of my formula. So it's a box I click on... I enter Supplier name, department, and information of the supplier first... and then eventually ITEM# or SKU# Now, what I added was in between END IF and END in RED. Because I didn't want to have duplicate item numbers in my system...
  19. B

    Private Message Quotas

    If a user has exceeded their stored private messages quota such that they cannot accept further messages until they clear some space (e.g. a new user who is yet to post to the Forum and therefore has not yet "earned" any quota, but it could be any user with a full mailbox): are they immediately...
  20. S

    excel formula issues with times

    Having time value problems and it is throwing our time off by 6 minutes or more. Someone posted on a previous thread of mine and asked for the formulas I had. Unfortunately, I got locked out. If you would please reply or anyone reply I would appreciate it. I have the formulas that are coming...

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