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    Report Filter - Can I filter one drop down based on another?

    I have a pivot table in Excel 2007 where I would like to have two report filters. If I select a value in the one drop down filter, I would like only those valid options to appear in the second drop down filter to appear. In my example, The one field (COMPANY) in my table contains a list of...
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    Change a Pivot Table Report Filter Using a Data Validation List

    I have a spreadsheet that has multiple work sheets which each have a pivot table with Year and Month Report Filters. I'd like to be able to select the Year and Month via Data Validation Lists on the front sheet (my dashboard) and automatically have the Pivot Tables update in the other work...
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    Pivot Table Report Filter Sort Question

    I have Pivot Table (Excel 2007) that contains a Report Filter of Employee Names and Hours Worked. When I append new data for new employees, how do I sort the entries in the Pivot Table Report Filter to include the new employees in Alphabetical Order. Currently, the new employees are at the...

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