1. C

    New to Excel

    New to the forum Hi there, I have started my first leader role at work and I am trying to come up with a shift report system for my group. I have a spread sheet that I have attached. I would like my day shift and night shift to record data on here every 2 hours and then enter it each day. I...
  2. H

    Formulas Needed for Report Comparison

    Hello lovely Excel friends...I need help. Getting back into my daily excel use and trying to dust off my fomulas knowledge. I have 2 reports in Excel that I need to cross compare. Both reports have Employee Names and ID numbers, both have varying dates of attendance incidents. I need to compare...
  3. T

    Report Running from IE to Edge Coding

    Hi all, I use a report in excel that automatically updates every 15 minutes, but I have just come across an error with the coding since the introduction of the IE mode in Edge. The debugger shows the error associated to the InternetExplorerMedium wording (see below in context of code) Sub...
  4. S

    Printer settings will not stick Staple + Collate

    I have a database that prints out around 50 reports directly from my Access database. Just this week I've run into an issue with the printer settings. When I select Staple + Collate the settings will always automatically change to Staple + Group. I have the reports automatically printing, so I...
  5. J

    Histogram graph

    Hello We use a product that generates an histogram on a PDF I would like to generate a mirror image of the report but I also need help to generate an histogram graph. How can I show you how the reports looks as I can't post images
  6. O

    Removing Lines that change location from downloaded Reports

    I would like to find out if it is possible to remove lines from reports I download daily. The lines change position, say lines 20-22 could be on one report and the next day the same report shows the lines I want to delete on lines 30-32. The last line always contains specific words "data can...
  7. P

    Modifying a Macro to Produce Reports

    Hello everyone, I am a big fan of this forum and have used it to solve many problems by searching through here (I only recently registered). I recently used a Macro created by hiker95 several years back. I am using this macro to sign in/out patients at my facility instead of a paper sign in/out...
  8. Nelson78

    Ideas about how to produce reports from a database

    Hello everybody. I've just taken charge of the database you can see in this link. From this db, updated day by day (see column N), I have to produce some reports. First of all I want to specify that my predecessor used to manage the reports with formulas, for this...
  9. R

    Line Manager Formula/Macro

    Hi, I need to build a report that can look down a list of line managers and determine the employees that sit under them whether directly or indirectly. For example, the CEO may have 5 direct reports and each of those reports have a further 20 reports. The formula would need to return the...
  10. O

    Using excel to generate reports from a Trial Balance

    I am looking for some ideas. I am not happy with the reporting features associated with my accounting software. So I would like to instead download a trail balance to excel each month and generate standard reports from that trial balance. Each month, I will want to update the trial balance...
  11. B

    Best way to show data that can be drilled down?

    I have data that sort of looks like this 1 or many items -- > 0 or many children items ----> 0 or many children items ------> 0 or many children items --------> 0 or many children items In other words, the data is a hierarchical tree structure, where each brand has data needed. Some of these...
  12. O

    Intern Left - Transfer Ownership from his "Workspace" to "Group Workspace"?

    Hi, I've been reading other posts here similar to my issue but I can't seem to get some of the workarounds or methods used to work. We had an intern working with us over the summer and he created a bunch of different reports in Power BI, I still have access to his account but my company needs...
  13. R

    VBA to select Row based on Cell Value and Filter sheet

    Hello again MrExcel, I need to filter reports where the filter Row is in a different row on each report. The code below has the filter Row in Row 7, another report has it in Row 10, and another has it in Row 5, etc, etc.. Is there a way to have the macro search for "Call Type", select the row...
  14. K

    List of all Direct and Indirect Reports by Supervisor ID

    Hi! I am really hoping someone can help me. I have a list of about 3,000 employees, with one supervisor ID tied to each employee ID. I need a list next to each supervisor ID that gives me all of their direct reports and their indirect reports. I wanted these ID's to populate in separate columns...
  15. M

    Autofill Dynamic Column with Dynamic Starting Point

    I'm trying to Autofill Column X and Column Y with text Where Column Z determines the table length. Starting cell for column Z is "Z3" But the starting point of column "X and Y" are dynamic (due to previously imported information) (Column X & Y is never longer than Column Z). The last filled...
  16. S

    Adding multiple columns in Matrix columns

    Hi All, I am new to power BI and I have requirement to do in power BI where I need to show the some of key metrics in matrix format. Here is the my requirement. Well I am working for the Textile company where in I need to prepare the reports using Power BI and unfortunately I could not make...
  17. K

    how to keep from exiting sub with this code?

    For Each nP In Range(Cells(1, 14), Cells(cntRowsN, 14)) ' E-H-S INCIDENT TALLY ' COPY THE ROWS IN THE "EHS" COLUMN (ON THE ANALYTICS SHEET) AND PASTE ONTO THE TOTAL COLUMN (A2) ON THE "REPORTS" WORKSHEET: If cntRowsN >= 1 Then 'copies just the rows in column F and pastes them on the...
  18. S

    VBA code to save files

    Hi guys Is there a way to link an excel spreadsheet to a website? Each case I work on has different dates. This tells me how many reports I need to download from a company internal website. When I go on the company website, I select the report and use cute pdf to save this file on the hard...
  19. S

    VBA Code to extract Worksheets out of a Workbook

    Hi, hoping someone can assist with using VBA to export worksheets. I have a workbook which has 30 reports (on separate worksheets) plus some other worksheets. One of the others worksheets is called "Export" which allows the user to select which reports to extracts using Range A1:A30. This range...
  20. V

    How one can download reports from web through excel which is required credentials to proceed?

    Hi, I am looking for below. I want to extract reports from web which is having to username and password. How I can start with? Let me know. Nee

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