1. gheyman

    Access: Macro Requery Control Name

    When you go to create a Macro, based on an Event, there is a selection for "Requery" When you select that it comes up with a filed below it titled "Control Name". It appears that it wants the user to enter some kind of information. What is the Control Name and what kind of information/data is...
  2. C

    Requery not working

    I have a field called R_Cost when the cost change I what to requery the subform. Private Sub R_Cost_AfterUpdate() Forms![Food Show - Review All]![Food Show subform]![Cost Review Subform - Review All].Form.Requery End Sub This is not working?
  3. E

    Requery to populate a combobox for each line of a continuous form

    Hello everyone, we're working on an Access project and we're having a hard time finding out how to populate comboboxes on a form. It's a continuous form and for each line, we populate a combobox (based on a query) with possible answers that the user will select. The particularity is that the...
  4. C

    Requery subform field when another subform field changes

    Hello! I have a form (called, let's say, MyFormName) that has 3 combo boxes on it. The user selects a value from a list in the first combo box, and then I use this code - <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Me.SecondComboBox.Requery...
  5. 2

    requerying two columns of the same query results.

    Hello Friends I am having hard time re-querying two fields of one query result. I have a query that shows results with two columns "Postal Code Category" and "Postal Code Sub Category". "Postal Code Category" is first three letters of the postal code and "Postal Code Sub Category" is last...
  6. J

    filter from combobox

    I am trying to filter data from a table by selecting criteria from a combobox. table: tblBillVendor form: frmMedVendor query: qryBillVendor combobox: cmbVendor The source for the form frmMedVendor is qryBillVendor; the source for cmbVendor is an SQL with ID as column(1) which is the bound...

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