1. E

    Request from power query does not display the right data

    Hello, I have some request in my excel sheet that are loaded every day by a macro. The problem is the data that are recovered are not the same as the data that are on the preview of the power query request. The difference is always on the hour. Do you have an idea why ? Thanks
  2. claybwagner28

    Formula Request for Phone Number Formatting

    Hello, I received a list of phoje numbers from a vendor in the following format: +1 (615) 555-5555. I would like to convert the phone numbers to 615-555-5555, removing the +1,(), and spaces. I tried using SUBSTITUTE but I can't quite get it correct. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Clay
  3. A

    Filter search in MS Excel 2007

    Hi everyone, I request you to send the code to enable Filter search in Excel 2007.
  4. Leicester City Fox

    Cannot find contact for administrator to request attachment function

    Hi All Cannot find contact for administrator to request attachment function I need to send an example of Monitoring form in Excel as an attachmentfor my power bi Question. Could I please get rights for this as it statescannot send attachments? Any help be appreciated ? Thank You Leicester...
  5. K


    hello all, i need hand on a IF+AND formula, how can i amend it with my request? =IFERROR(IF(AND(--LEFT(C59,5)>=--LEFT(B59,5),--RIGHT(C59,5)<=--RIGHT(B59,5)),"","WRONG"),"") is it possible to return one more request with "NO GIVEN" when it encountered "#N/A" thanks, have a great day
  6. D

    Sumif formula

    Greetings! Thanks in advance for any help! I love being able to find solutions on the forums but sometimes I don't have the best luck if I can't come up with the right key word or phrase when searching for it. I've got half of my solution it seems, however I'm now trying to sum a certain number...
  7. K

    Excel VBA - Mail Hyperlink

    Hi, I'm trying to ask VBA to prepare a new email in outlook using the following code: strbody = "<font size=""3"" face=""Calibri"">" & _ "Colleagues,<br><br>" & _ "New Request Saved in the following location: <br><B>" & _ ActiveWorkbook.Path & "</B>\<br>" & _ "Click on this link to open the...
  8. P

    Opening new email from command button

    I am creating a userform that my sales people will use to generate a Purchase Order Request. The form will populate a spreadsheet that my inventory control department can use to track the status of requests. I want the "save" button that saves the userform and populates the data to the...
  9. P

    request for help, modify the macro to the values 3333333 = 7

    request for help, modify the macro to the values 3333333 = 7 so the example macrode below is at 444444 ie 6 boxes, the request is to modify for seven houses up to 3 then it will be 0000000- 3333333 = 7 positions 0000000 0000001 0000002 0000003 0000011 ...... 3333333 cannot have...
  10. G

    Formula to calculate total processing time excluding weekends

    Dear Folks, I am stuck in a situation where I would like to calculate the total processing hours of a request. Of course I have request receive time and request processed time. Both time are in dd/mm/yy HH:mm:ss format. I have tried many combination of formula to calculate total working hours...
  11. T

    How to send cell value as SOAP request?

    Hi folks, hope someone can guide me please. I have a spreadsheet with 900+ rows of data which is concatenated to a point where I have a fully-formed SOAP request in column W for each row. Is there a way that I can either send all of these SOAP requests in one go (which would be great for the...
  12. T

    If Function Turnaround Time

    I am hoping someone can help me, I have been trying to create a formula that would let our department track turnaround times. When I try Networkdays I get 1 on a same day turnaround. I fixed that by adding -1 to the formula. Now, I am trying to create either a If or Countif function - I...
  13. L

    auto move row when complete

    Hello, I want to move the entire row when I have 100% complete in "F" cell to new sheet deleting the old. Sheet name "ActionItem" move to sheet "Completed" I would also like to keep original formatting but it isn't necessary. <tbody> a b c d e f g h request from priority assigned due status...
  14. K

    sequence in a macro text box

    Hello all, I was thinking is this possible to automatic generate a new number under a text box in macro when I open up the userform with my request: 1) starting with 1906-001, 1906-002, 1906-003... and so on 2) I wish the number showing in textbox2 and textbox2 is default on column C 3) after...

    Help with moving Data from one WB to another

    Hello, We are looking for assistance in moving data from one workbook on the network to another WB on the same Network. We currently use the code below to move data from the active workbook to Sample Request Log.xlsm. in the code below we pull data from various cells across the active sheet...
  16. M

    Excel template to send a standardised mail

    Hi all, I like to experiment in excel to learn new things (as I am still relatively unexperienced), but sometimes I feel I am trying to reinvent the wheel. This is also the case for what I am trying to accomplish right now. See, I want to create an excel template with “fill-in-the-blanks”...
  17. S

    Viewing Old subscribed threads: Seems removed

    Hello Where can i see my all and old subscribed threads. ? Only last 2 months threads i am able to see and before two monthe the threads am not able view I sincerely request Moderators of this forum to help me retrive my old subscribed threads. Thanks and Regards SamD
  18. M

    Sumif formula request

    Excel 2007 If A1 is >10000 but <20000, then 3% of D1. If A1 is >20000 but <30000, then 5% of D1 If A1 is >30000, then 6% D1. For example: if A1 is 17000 and D1 is 1000, then 3% of D1: Output is 30. If A1 is 29000 and D1 is 1000, then 5% of D1: Output is 50. If A1 is 35000 and D1 is 1000...
  19. R

    Run-time error "13": Type mismatch

    I have an excel template (Productivity Tracker), where we have to put specific request number based on various task. For e.g. for task MDC Account Creation, request number should start with "A" follow by seven digits(numbers) ex A9827366, total length 8. So, for each different unique task I have...
  20. R

    All possible combination of one column list

    Hi Experts, I need a help from you on the below. I need to calculate all possible combination of the below: "5L","5R","4L","4R","3L",3R","B2","B3","B4". I would need a possible combination of 2 of each up to 9 of each and no duplicates. I'm fairly new to excel so please forgive me if this is...

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