1. N

    Set back Dropdown selection in one dropdown after the selection in an other dropdown has been changed

    Hello, so first of all - this is not about dependent dropdown lists - The dropdown lists in my excel file are already dependent from each other. What I would like to know if it's possible to automatically change what is set in one dropdown when changing something in an other one. I do have a...
  2. H

    A day counter that resets itself

    Hello! There is value in a cell that shows a percentage - Lets say A1 = 5%. I want to enter a formula that starts counting the number of days when cell A1 changes to a value greater than 10%. Let's say on day 8, Cell A1= 9%, the counter should reset back to 0 days. Thanks and I really...
  3. T

    Resetting Row Counter Loop?

    I have this code here that copies, and pastes from one sheet to another if the match is not found. However, I cant seem to get the row counter to reset to the top of the row. Once it is done looping through a row, it should reset to the second row (as the first row will be a header row)...
  4. H

    Macro to Reset formulas in a column

    Hi all, I'm new to VBA so trying to learn as much as I can but I'm stuck on this one. I'm trying to create a macro that when the appropriate button is pressed, resets the formulas in a column that have been overtyped. I can do this for a single cell, though I want to create one that performs...
  5. M

    Reset option buttons, comboboxes and activex textboxes

    Hi, I have the following bit of code which i use in a userform to reset it. I thought i would be able to use the same bit of code within a standard sheet using a command button linked to the code but it doesnt work, just throws an error at the me.control part. Would anyone know how to adapt for...
  6. reasem

    Want conditional formatting to reset after column filters are used

    Using the formula=MOD(ROW(),2)=1 to have every other row have color to make it easier to use a large spreadsheet I have. When I change the column filters the rows are no longer colored every other row obviously. Can I alter the formula at all to have it reset when filters are added? somehow use...
  7. D

    Reset Button for Drop Down Lists

    I have a workbook with multiple drop down lists. Unfortunately, all the drop downs are not using data validation. We need to have the list "reset" to the first item of each list. Is there a way to do this with just one Reset Button? Thank you
  8. Mackeral

    Why do I get error msg "Application-defined or object-defined error" when I Reset in VBA?

    Shouldn't VBA end at a "Reset" and not give an error message. And once I click "Ok" on the error message, I can re-execute the macro with no restrictions. Thanks for your help.
  9. S

    Group sum in each row according to some condition set in columns

    I have a data set of roadway and roadway segments vehicle count calculations. Data set contains: Road_ID= ID of each road Seg_num= Index of each segment in each Road_ID V1= Vehicle counts of type 1 in each Seg_num V2= Vehicle counts of type 2 in each Seg_num V3= Vehicle counts of type 3 in each...
  10. A

    Reset Excel Usedrange not working

    Hey guys, i have been trying to reset my excel range after using clear content but everytime i use it the range stays the same. anyone have an idea how to force the range to get back to "Used range" after " clearing Content " i have used CTRL + END, yet all cells are blank and nothing...
  11. S

    Upon Saving Workbook, Reset Filters in Shared Workbook

    I have the below code which will automatically reset filters when saved. However, I need this to operate in a Shared Workbook. How can I get the filters to reset when the workbook is saved, in a shared workbook please? Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As...
  12. W

    Send Email choice

    I am using a macro to send emails. But sometimes I want to see the results first. I can manually reset the options to do so here by changing the remark. ' .send '<-- Send out this email .display'<-- Display instead for the debugging only How can I get a prompt like this one to reset...
  13. N

    Running Total reset by negative value

    I am trying to setup a spreadsheet to track a number of values. I only need to create a running total when the total of 2 columns becomes a positive value and then track it back down to when it moves back to a negative. The data looks like this: <tbody> Value A Value B A + B Required Result...
  14. J

    VB Help

    Hi all, I have created 2 tabs Data and Form, Data Entry Form. With Name, Date, Item No, Outcome (dropdown) and Comment. Along with Save and Reset Buttons. Could someone please help with VB for me. Thanks JJSB
  15. D

    Count Consecutive Dates

    So I have a list of products that may show up on a report for consecutive dates. I'd like to count the current consecutive Workdays (Monday -Friday) the product has been on the list and reset the counter once it disappears for 1 day. Thank you in advance. Dean <colgroup><col style="width...
  16. S

    Reset Button to reset values to default in Drop List (created in Form Control)

    Hi everybody, I got a worksheet in Microsoft excel 365 that contain , let's say 2 drop list. Those drop list were created using developer tab - insert List Box (Form Control). Now, I need to create a "RESET FORM" button that once is clicked, reset the fields of those 2 drop list to first...
  17. C

    Command Button To Reset Values to 0.00

    I am trying to figure out a code to reset about 10 columns of data back to 0.00 without wiping out the formulas contained in a few of the cells. Would I be better off just making a command to set specific values for each cell and copying in the formula there? Thanks in advance.
  18. N

    Delete empty rows/columns and reset last cell

    Using VBA how do I delete all empty rows and columns and reset last cell? Column A can be used to determine the last row, but the last column will always be different.
  19. W

    Setting default value or clearing cells without VBA/macros

    Hello! I have been fighting and trying to find a way to set multiple cells to 0 value without VBA/macros but no luck yet. Reason why it needs to be done without VBA/macros is because worksheet will be used with mobile or tablet so excel version on those don't support for VBA :mad:. Worksheet...
  20. R

    using a macro to change the date of a Datepicker

    I have a worksheet that when a user completes they click on a button and the data is copied, pasted, and all the fields reset to blank except the DatePicker is there something I can do to call the DatePicker to reset itself back to 1/1/2019? I've been looking all over and I have found examples...

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