1. R

    Locked by another user error

    User open the excel and it gives the error message locked by another user however no one has it open .How to resolve the issue.
  2. A

    Using [0-9]

    I think I'm getting confused with LIKE and Regular Expressions. MyString contains a backslash followed by any 4 digits. if MyString LIKE "\" & "[0-9]" then... is failing. I can think of many ways to resolve this but keen to know where I'm going wrong. Thanks.
  3. Trevor3007


    hi, I inserted =IF(B16>0,B16*O10), but if B16 is blank i get '#value!' error , how can I resolve? FYI - cell 010 formatting = Currency (2 decimal places) KR Trevor3007
  4. J

    time issues - adding changing decimals when time expressed as number...

    Hi, ill try and make some sense here... ok, If I write "13:00" in a cell and format as a number I get "0.541666666666667" If I write 07:00 in A1, "07:15" in B1 then use the handle and drag to the right.. the 13:00 in this series formatted as a number is now "0.541666666666666" (Note the last...
  5. B

    Weeks of cover including negatives

    Hi All, Im trying to resolve below issue form a while. Currently im trying to build forecast vs stock calculations to show me weeks of cover. Im not looking for average but to calculate in Wk2 i have stock enough for ... weeks with the forecast value as .... Also include negative stock (to be...
  6. E

    How to identify and resolve circular references?

    Hello, The below formulas are copied after 'View formulas' was selected. Apparently there is a circular function but I cannot identify and resolve it. Any help please? []=SUM(Assumptions!D27:D28) =SUM(Assumptions!E27:E28) =SUM(Assumptions!F27:F28) =SUM(Assumptions!G27:G28)...
  7. M

    Printing Directly Onto Letterhead As A PDF

    <tbody> <tbody> Hello, I have been puzzling over this for quite some time and have googled as many possible things that I can think of to try and resolve this! I am wondering if there is a way to print your file as a PDF and directly onto letterhead, in a similar way to as if you had...
  8. S

    Worksheetfunction.IFERROR(SUBTOTAL(9,()) not working

    Hello, I have this code that works Code: TUnits=Application.Workheetfunction.Subtotal(9,Range(MCRStartDateRng,MCRToDateRng.Offset(lastCell -1,0)) But when I have blanks in that range the code errors I thought adding to the above code "IFERROR", would resolve when but it doesn't work Code...
  9. R

    Calculation of fees based on bands

    I have to calculate fees based on different bands, for example ( first 2000, next 3000, next 5000 etc) see image below, I need help to resolve this . See file at the link below Please help Regards
  10. A

    Excel default format problem

    Dear experts need your support to resolve my problem In my specific excel file when I insert a sheet , his format is on auto as date .can we set in general on auto ? please support to resolve my problem .
  11. S

    Replacing Data resolves to lost Formulas

    When i want delete all my data on my sheet 'Export Freshbooks' and replace it with new data. So i click on ok then... but when i do this all my Formulas Are gone.... My Formulas must stay no matter what. The replaces data come frome a other workbook details is there solution for this? Thank you
  12. R

    Formula me resuelve fecha/ Date resolved issue

    Buenas En excel 2003 Escribiendo en una casilla 29/11/13, en la casilla aparece el resultado 41607 estando el valor 29/11/13 en la líne a de insertar funcion (fx) de arriba. Sé que poniendo la casilla en formato texto, me quedaria el resultado que quiero, pero el problema es que tengo MILES de...
  13. J

    Get name of named range from value of cell

    Hi, I vaguely recall that this is possible. For example I have the following formula: =SUM(MYRANGE) where MYRANGE is the name of some named range. Now, I want to be able to pull this word("MYRANGE") from another cell, say A1. What is the formula that would fit the ??? below: =SUM(???(A1))...
  14. M

    Resolve a cell reference in formula but keep constants

    “The Problem”<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> I have a group of salesmen ( SalesHoles to me ) who want to do something that I have never been asked before. Other suggestions I give them fall on deaf (and dumb) ears and ‘are not an...

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