1. B

    How to make PB query as a JSON and send to remote server via REST?

    Hello there, I am querying a remote PB server by doing a POST to its REST url (something like https://XYZ/public/reports/querydata). The query is contained in a JSON file which looks like this { "queries" : [ { "ApplicationContext" : { "Sources" : [ {...
  2. L

    Power Query Does Not Import Multiple PDF Pages

    Hi, I'm using Power Query for Power BI Desktop and when I connect to a single PDF file the last record only shows the data for the first page and not the rest of the pages. The rest of the data is the same as the first page. Can Power Query read multiple pages for one PDF? If so, how can I...
  3. V

    Detect if worksheet exist, and if it does ignore the rest of the script

    I need my script to detect if worksheet(s) exist based on some critera and if 1 or more does, ignore the entire script. I want to add this part at the start of a current script I'm using. If any sheets already exist, it is causing me trouble... Of course this might not be the ideal way to...
  4. S

    Keep Top 5 Lines of Filtered Range - Delete the rest

    Hi All, I have the following loop code which filters my data for me. Once filtered, I want to keep the first top 5 rows of information and delete the rest. 'Loop to remove risks except for Top 5 x = 1 Do Until x = 52 Hospital =...
  5. O

    Time Management

    Hi all, I need some help, please. I am a truck driver and need to record my working hours, rest hours, weekly hours, fortnightly hours plus "long Hours" which are any hours worked after midnight. Not being a wiz with excel even though I use it every day to record just about everything, this...
  6. Dazzawm

    Code To Remove Only 2 Rows

    I have a sheet as below. Whenever there are 2 rows only that match in K then I want them removed to another sheet. This must be when there is one heater blower and one heater in column AF. So in this example below rows 2-4 and 5-7 will remain as there are 3 rows but the rest would be removed to...
  7. L

    Insert New Row in Excel Power Query

    I have a table with 15 columns in Excel Power Query and want to add a new first row in my table called "Summer", but I only want "Summer to appear in column 1, row 1 and the rest of the row should be empty. Will need to display the rest of the (15) columns after the new row has been added. How...
  8. N

    Noticed odd new functionality after upgrading to Excel 2016

    So in summary i'm entering name initials in a column, and excel appears to be calculating the rest of the coloumn for me, but then deletes it all again. Like a kind of autofill thing. How do I actually make use of this I can't figure it out. In a bit more detail, in column A i have 'Firstname...
  9. S

    Deleting only some data in rows

    Good afternoon: I have 180,000 rows in Excelof bid numbers and award amounts. The problem is the award amounts repeat inevery row. How do I only keep the first award amount and delete the duplicateaward amounts without deleting the entire row. Bid Number Award Amount 1...
  10. B

    Pivot Selection - Macro

    Hi All, In need of your help. I'm trying to create a macro that automatically create a pivot table from a sheet. I'm having trouble in capturing new saved entry. I think i need help with R1C1:R48C13 since 49th and the rest of the rows are not captured. Please help...
  11. B

    Creating a Tracker in Excel for Employess on/off jobsite

    I currently have an excel workbook and sheet that allows me to use simple functions like (If(ISNA(VLOOKUP)) where I only have to enter an employees' badge # and the rest of their information populates to the right of their badge # (to include the time of the inputted badge #, meaning the time...
  12. C

    Formula not working - what is wrong?

    Hi, I want to modify this formula (currently working): =IF(D5="";"";IF(K5="cancelled";"Cancelled";IF(AND(ISNA(VLOOKUP(D5;'Sammanst 1904'!$F:$F;1;FALSE));B5<>"");"Plan now (!)";IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(D5;'201904'!$F:$F;1;FALSE));"Plan";"Included")))) I added the red string below but it is not working...
  13. B

    Name suggestions

    Hi all,,, Please could you help me with this. When I start to type a name in a cell, I type the first letter and it shows the rest of the name, for example If I type J J it will give the rest as J Jones, but if I carry on and type the rest e,g, J Ja it does not give me Jackson as the rest, can I...
  14. S

    Struggling to get multiple arguments to work in a formula

    Hi All, I have attached a link to the spreadsheet I am referring to:- If the part from A1 "XPGLIDE" matches F3 then I want N3 to populate the same as A3, but the rest of K3 through to Z3 to return Zero. Similar if A1...
  15. M

    Subtracting dates for days of rest for a player

    I have an ongoing database with multiple players. I need a formula to sort days of rest in between games (Column C) without sorting the players. I can get this to work if I sort the player ascending, but this causes extra work with the daily feed. I was wondering if there was a way to do this...
  16. L

    if function

    Hello- i have an excess inventory on hand which i need to figure out which part to keep and which part to destroy. my goal is to get a formula that will give me the desired output for the column in red font (destroy the rest). I have done a few scenarios to hopefully explain this better. As...
  17. R

    Copying Large columns and rows not working

    Hi, I have 90,000 rows in a spreadsheet, some are blank and some contain text. I want to copy all 90,000 rows for the column to another spreadsheet, but when I paste it in the other spreadsheet, only about 1200 rows get pasted, and the rest do not. Does anyone know why this is happening and...
  18. P

    Not sure if this type of search and display is possible...

    For example, I have the following data set: <tbody> Name Fruit1 Fruit2 Fruit3 1 Bob Apples Oranges Pears 2 Jill Oranges Apples Bananas 3 Biff Apples Oranges Pears 4 Tad Bananas Pears Peaches 5 Peg Grapefruit Apples Pears 6 Bill Bananas Pears Oranges 7 Don Oranges Oranges Oranges...
  19. M

    If cell contains special characters

    Hi I have this formula but I want to adapt it to find any special character not only a slash. Any advice gratefully received. the rest carries on to another IF statement. =IF(COUNTIF([@[Network ID (08) POS]],"*/*"),"SP CHARCTER", Many thanks
  20. C

    VBA Loop - Add sheet

    Hi all Just need a bit of a pointer with this loop i'm building. For the first instance of "Yes" i want to just use (i.e drop whatever sheet(s) are selected), but then use false, for the rest. For j = 5 To 9 If Sheets("ReportList").Cells(I + 2, j).Value = "Yes"...

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