1. U

    Unexpected Excel restore loses all modifications

    While editing, Excel restored the workbook and I lost all changes. Since Excel did not crash there was no recover file to retrieve the data. Has anyone seen this unexpected event before? This had never happened before while working with Excel for a long time and seemed to just start like some...
  2. A

    Cell border

    After applying a new Interior.Color, how do you keep (or restore) the small dotted borders around each cell ?
  3. J

    Possible to restore conditional formatting with VBA ?

    Hi, People who use my workbook seem to find ways of breaking or moving conditional formatting. I set a macro to CTRL+V to paste values only but this doesnt prevent pasting using the button. Can you somehow save all conditional formatting of the current sheet, and restore it with VBA if needs be?
  4. C

    Forcing .xls files to open in 2003 when 2007 also installed

    I know this is a question that's been asked and answered many times before, for which apologies, but my usual fix isn't working! I have both Office 2003 and 2007 installed on my laptop. I tend to use 2003 as it's what I am comfortable with, and also because the ribbon annoys me in 2007. In the...
  5. aysam

    Restore my work

    Hi all Back again with a big problem I was working on my project for more than 3 hours unfortunately:mad::mad: someone switched off the electricity.When I opened my Excel workbook,I found that none of my work was done Plz help to restore my 3_hour work Using Excel 2003 /windows 7
  6. W

    VBA to highlight the activecell but restore previous color (if any) when cell loses focus

    Hi All I have trawled the internet but am having trouble finding the answer to this one. I would like the Worksheet_Selectionchange event to temporarily change the colour (say yellow) but then restore any existing colour (if appropriate) upon exiting the cell. I am using Excel 2011 (Excel...
  7. MrKowz

    MrExcel HTML Maker Update

    Forum Members, After the recent forum update, the MrExcel HTML Maker ceased to function as intended due to HTML colors being defined as hex (i.e. #DAEF5 ), which was triggering the hashtag functionality of the boards. I've updated the code to utilize RGB instead (i.e. rgb(218,231,245)) which...
  8. F

    Restore sheet (Name) from another language to English?

    Is it possible to restore sheets' VBA names that were created in another language to English (Sheet) again? For example sheets created in German would read "Tabelle" instead of "Sheet" in VBA. I am talking about this mess right here: Can all sheets be simply reset and be renamed to Sheet1...
  9. mikecox39

    Where's the Restore Down icon?

    I am trying to sort out a macro's code. In Jelen and Bill's book "VBA and Macros Microsoft Excel 2010" there is a Tip that refers to "the Restore Down icon at the top right of the VBA window" but I don't see it. But maybe I'm confusing the windows. I'm in the window I get to when I click...
  10. G

    How to save and restore cell's locked property

    I have a worksheet that has some locked and unlocked cell, and the worksheet is protected with a password that only I know. When the user closes/saves the document, I want to prompt if they want to save the file as an "Internal Use Only" file that preserves the status of the locked/unlocked...
  11. G

    Need to restore custom functions from a corrupt ".xlam" file ...

    Hi, Apologies if this thread already exists somewhere on this forum. I was using Microsoft Excel 2013 and working on a custom function when my system crashed. Initially, I had problems loading Excel after rebooting. Having disabled my custom.xlam file so that it doesn't load when I started...
  12. H

    Macro for making a backup of multiple ranges

    Dear experts, I'm developing sort of a year-planner/invoice-maker. This is a work in progress, but it's working and as of 1-1-2010 it's in use! My collegue filled the year. Now I'm working on the workbook. Changing this, and that, modifying macros. Now I'm looking for this: I want my...
  13. A

    Excel Data Suddenly Lost!

    I made some changes to an excel file (added a new sheet, changed the order and numbers on first sheet) and when I opened the workbook today all the changes are lost! There is no reason for this happening - my data was successfully saved previously. Is there any way to restore the lost data...
  14. J

    Can't Restore Renamed Field Items

    <style></style>problem: i renamed a pivot field item. it's a 'year' field. i renamed '2006' to 'donut'. then i renamed it from 'donut' back to '2006'. now that item will not sort correctly anymore. i tried setting it's number type to 'Number' or 'text', but neither works. i tried...
  15. D

    Capture Autofilter state

    Hi, I use Excel 2007 and I have a spreadsheet with data in column a thru O and 300 rows with Autofilter turned on for all columns and buttons with code behind them. I'm trying to capture the state of Autofilter to be able to revert back to it. In more details here is what I do: I use...
  16. B

    Macro to set a spreadsheet restore point?

    I'm working with a spreadsheet that contains a large number of user inputs that are all either blank or set at a default starting value when the spreadsheet is opened. When the user is done inputting data, they click a button and a macro generates a table's worth of results/outputs for them...

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