1. A

    How to stop entries in excel if it’s value above the set of target

    Hai , can any one help me to solve this issue Am creating one leave plan template , I want to restrict the entry if the leave is crossing above the target . In my template row is employee names and column follow dates, And for leave plan i put code for leave as “V” and total count by using...
  2. N

    Restrict Sheet Use to Certain Columns of Table

    I am using this code which works fine to restrict selection of one cell in a sheet. Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) Target.Range("A1").Select Application.CutCopyMode = False End Sub However, I need to modify this so that the restriction only applies to...
  3. R

    Compare two sheets based on master sheet in VBA

    Hello All I have an issue, where in I have a master-sheet say sheet 2, in sheet 1 if I enter any data not available in sheet 2, sheet 1 data cell change color to red. Basically we want to restrict Sheet 1 based on the values of sheet 2, only sheet 2 values should come in sheet 1. Currently I...
  4. P

    Restrict Specific cell in specific sheet to manual entries ONLY i.e. NO paste of any kind!

    Can someone please help with constructing a code that will enable me to restrict any form of pasting (ctrl V or right click) in a specific cell. NOTE: This cell is an access signIn area and as a result, the status bar disappears when you click on it (to avoid situations where onlookers can see...
  5. djl0525

    How can I restrict number of entries?

    I have two tables, Employees and Parking. Each employee can have up to 3 hangtags issued by the parking department so my tables have a 1:M relationship. My question is, what is the best way to restrict the number of hangtags to 3? In other words, how do I make sure that an employee is not...
  6. R

    Cell restriction

    Hi good after noon, I am using an excel chart and finding solution to restrict cells in a row for writing, if a particular word will write in a CRITERIA cell the restriction will remove to allow for writing. <tbody> A B C D 1 DESCRIPTION VR / KYC AMOUNT 2 Transfer (ALLOW TO WRITE)...
  7. T

    Restrict cell entry to date format dd/mm/yy hh:mm

    I would like to restrict the data in a specific column to a date in the following format; dd/mm/yy hh:mm So if anything other than that format is entered in the cell it should display an error message.
  8. 0

    restrict user input in adjacent cells if one cell is filled; (excel is used on mobile phones)

    Hi Everyone, Hope you are dong fine. I have an Excel sheet where there are three drop downs with input 1 and blank in each drop down from G1 to I1 Initially all cells are blank. If user selects 1 in one of the cells then excel should be able to restrict data input in other 2 cells. I have...
  9. J

    Data Validation? Restrict input if cell above is empty

    Hi, With range (C2:C10) I want to restrict input For example: If C2 is populated Can input in C3 Can't input in C4:C10 Any help appreciated
  10. M

    restrict edit of database

    hiya, I have two tables in one database. I have a frontpage menu which gives two buttons. 1. to access form1 (linked to table1) 2. to access form2 (linked to table 2). If I restrict access to the whole database to read only, it means users cannot edit table no.2, which I need them to...
  11. N

    Restrict Editing

    How to restrict editing in filled cell? i.e. lock cell in which entry already made.
  12. J

    Restrict decimal entries

    Hi all, I would like to restrict decimal entries in a spreadsheet to be whole or half. For example 5.5, 7.5, 9.5, 22.5 is ok, but 5.1, 7.7, 9.4 ,22.6 etc. is not. Is that possible with formula? The ranges of cells would be D4:D81,F4:F81, I4:I81, L4:L81 Thank you!
  13. D

    Vba password prompt on Excel macro / password to restrict access to macros

    Hi, I hope this is an easy one someone could help with - how do you put a password prompt in a macro so that it brings up a message box asking the user to enter a password before the macro runs successfully? Also is it possible to password restrict all macros so that no one came go in and alter...
  14. M

    VBA to Restrict user either edit or delete the row values

    Hi, I am looking for the VBA Script where i can restrict to user either change the values or delete from range A3:AF3 in Sheet "Raw Data". Request to you please help me. Thank you in advance
  15. A

    Restrict Excel Access

    Hi, I have a Workbook that i would like to restrict access apart from certain users. I don't want it to ask for the username and password i would like to it auto detect the username of the person and if they are on the list allow access and if not it wont allow them in the document can anyone...
  16. L

    Restrict cell value to percentage

    I've been able to restrict the value of cells to drop down values, whole numbers, dates, etc. I'm trying to restrict the value of cells to a percentage. I don't see percentage as a value for 'Data Validation'. Is there a way to restrict the entry of a value of a cell to a number percentage? For...
  17. J

    Excel - allow duplicate entries into a table; however, restrict to only one entry per day

    I'm trying to allow multiple entries for a person into a table and restrict one entry per date. So, there could be multiple entries for person X, but only one per day. I have found numerous ways to validate data with conditional formatting and VBA and I'm not opposed to use either; however...
  18. H

    Vba code to Restrict the deletion rights from Outlook

    Hi, Is there any way to restrict the deletion rights from Outlook? I dont want my team to delete any email in their outlook. Regards, AS
  19. U

    Data Validation list in column G is Yes in column E and restrict entery if E is not Yes

    I know how to create a drop-down list and I know how to restrict access but can I do both? I even went so far as to rename the named range to Yes and used Indirect to get the drop-down I wanted but the user can still enter other values when column E is blank. How do I get column G to display a...
  20. O

    Restrict All Textboxes which are in a frame to Allow input Numbers only

    Hi.. i have a user form Named"Form1" in this form i have 2 frames Fr1 and Fr2 in fr2 i have 10 textboxes.. i want to restrict only Number value in all text boxes of Fr2 how can i do it.. thanks in advance.

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