retrieve data

  1. N

    Excel VBA not retrieving all data from SQL Server.

    Looking for help with why the vba code that is currently running to retrieve data from SQL server is not displaying all of the data that is being retrieved. I have 28 programs in the columns which I am retrieving data for 15 categories in the rows. The data has been retrieving fine for the...
  2. N

    Macro to retrieve data

    Hello all, This is my first post and I'm writing it because I couldn't find what I'm looking for anywhere else. I need this: In sheet 1 (which I called TEMPLATE) cell C3 I put a ticket number eg (T007) and in sheet 8 (TICKET_TRACK) all the tickets are being recorded. The record...
  3. E

    retrieving value from a chart/matrix through input references?

    Hello, I have a chart containing 5 columns (A to E) and 10 rows (1 to 10). Row 1 contains the column headlines: A = Dates, B = Currency1, C = Currency2, D = Currency3 and E = Currency4. Column A, row 2 to 10, contains dates, 2009-01-01, 2009-01-02 etc. Column B to E, row 2 to 10, contains...
  4. V

    Find value in one column and return value from same row but different column in another tab

    I work for a non-profit community housing agency and created a workbook that has multiple tabs. One of the tabs is a spreadsheet that contains 22 columns (scope assumptions). On another tab I want to pull data from this large spreadsheet. There are usually at least a 100 rows, each room in...
  5. S

    Reference to variable Cell Image to Other sheet

    Recalling data in userform from excel saved data, data works and image (Saved in cell) also works if I refer Set CopyImage1 = Worksheets("Data").Range("QW14") I don't want to refer a particular cell the range should be variable like Set CopyImage1 =...
  6. S

    Retrieve Image from Sheet to userform??

    Attached a sample code need help in retrieving the images from worksheet to Userform Please help Trying for more than a week time.
  7. H

    Retrieving items from scripting.dictionary

    Sub MyQuestion() ' First populate the scripting.dictionary Dim d Set d = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary") d.Add "a", "Athens" d.Add "b", "Belgrade" d.Add "c", "Cairo" Debug.Print d.Item(1) ' Why does this return blank? ' How can I retreive items from this dictionary? ' I am very...
  8. S

    Excel macro to time stamp upon essbase retrieval

    Hey everyone, my very first post (of many)!! Hoping someone can help me come up with a macro that will time stamp a sheet upon the retrieval/refresh of essbase smartview? thanks, Brent
  9. J

    Retreive Record then change information and update record

    I'm not much of VBA Guy, but I need some HELP. I need to retrieve a record from one worksheet into a user form, then change that data and post if back to the same worksheet with the changes, hopefully just updating the original data. Could someone out there share some code to do this, I'm pretty...
  10. S

    Recall from data/spreadsheet to userform for edit

    I have made a form to enter the details to save in database. I want to recall the data for editing. Using web help, used the below code, but showing error when i press the findnext or findprevious command and highlighting in Set LastFind = Where.Find(Me.NO, LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlPart)...
  11. S

    Retrive Data in UserForm and Delete

    I want to create code to retrieve the data (complete row) for editing or deleting from worksheet, where the data is stored using the userform in the same worksheet. My sheet name is "Data" and column "A" in the "Data" (sheet) is the reference to retrieve the data. Userform is named...
  12. A

    Retreive Data from Webpage

    Hi All, I am trying to retreive share prices from the following page AMP I can navigate several pages and searches to get there but I can't seem to get the specific piece of data I want to extract. I want to extract the last share price...
  13. M

    Retrieving information to be put into form

    Hello, I am a novice in terms of Excel and VB and am trying to make a macro retrieve information from a particular line in one worksheet and insert it into the appropriate cells in the form worksheet. Currently I am using the following and it works but after having used it for 234 lines, you...
  14. J

    Get Data from a closed workbook Excel 2007

    Hi everyone, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I'm new using VB and I'm having some troubles to get data from a closed wb in Excel 2007, I found a code which I tried to use but doesn't work:<o:p></o:p>...
  15. J

    VLookup or Index or What?

    Hey I've got a sheet in a workbook that I need to populate using named ranges from another (schedule sheet) w/in the same book. I have A1 as "week Number" and put the date in A2. my goal is to populate the range below it (b1:w13) with the appropriate week from the schedule. Each named ranges...
  16. V

    Retrieve data from excel database

    Using the Template Wizard Add-in, I have created a form/template and have successfully sent inputs to an excel database. Is it possible to retrieve data from the database back into the template? The purpose of this would be to provide a copy of the details to each client.

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