return a value

  1. C

    Searching for information and then returning that info.

    Each day I get in a bank statement, and on there I need to search within the reference column for specific text in the form of invoice numbers. but to get around the fact the invoice numbers and letters are different, I want to make a table with these values in, but have wildcards in between...
  2. B

    Change value of a certain cell and will display or not a certain text in a range of cells

    I really have never used vba before but i am really eager to nail this one. What I want to happen is if I input "X" to cell E7, it will show the word same in a range of cells (ex: H1:H50) and if I delete the "X" on E7, the text will also be removed. Please please help :help::help::help:
  3. K

    How to display data from one sheet if blank or another if filled

    Hi, I need help to display data from one sheet if blank (or other value if that helps) and data from another sheet if the cell has been filled. I hope it make sense : ) Thank you. Kind regards Krillephar
  4. P

    Look up and return value from another colunm

    I have run into a problem. So I have 2 colunms as follows: A B C D 1 123 2 444 9 3 666 4 888 7 5 123 6 666 3 7 123 1 8 444 9 444 10 666 So I want to look in Column A for the...
  5. C

    VBA if Cell is equal to this put a selected value in another empty cell

    Working within a pivot table and have added additional columns this way people can see what they spent and projected in the past and input for the future. However I have slicers so you select your Branch which auto populates in Column L, based on the auto populated Column L (Branch) want J...
  6. N

    Return first row value for first matched criterion

    Hey Guys, Would really appreciate your help on this. I have percentages sorted from low to high in rows. They might be repeated many times. My first row contains time slots. I want to return the first matched percentage and corresponding time slot for % greater than 67% and less than 99% Eg...
  7. L

    INDEX MATCH LEFT for first 25 characters (all text)

    I conducted a survey and I am trying to return a value using index match. I am realizing that some of the text of the survey has been edited, so my index match isn't finding what it needs to. I thought I would have a better return rate if I instead of matching the whole cell, I would match just...
  8. D

    Returning text by searching quantities in week numbers

    Hi, I am trying to return a contract number from a table of data by looking at the Week number. I am only looking to retrieve contracts with a quantity in the desired Week. I.e. by look at week 11 I would like to receive Orange and Pear. The table looks like: <tbody> Q1 2017 Q2 2017 Q3 2017...
  9. S

    Return last value in a list based on a given condition (Month)

    <tbody> Date Month Total <tbody> 19/07/2015 </tbody> <tbody> July </tbody> <tbody> 392 </tbody> <tbody> 26/07/2015 </tbody> <tbody> July </tbody> <tbody> 409 </tbody> <tbody> 02/08/2015 </tbody> <tbody> August </tbody> <tbody> 416 </tbody> <tbody> 09/08/2015...
  10. M

    Returning Value from Time Ranges

    Hi Everyone I have a data table that shows a list of times Trailers were tipped, from which site in time order such as <tbody> Date Despatch Site Time of Trailer Unloaded 28/02/2016 MD01 06:13 28/02/2016 KA09 06:56 28/02/2016 MD19 07:42 </tbody> I then on a separate sheet have a...
  11. A

    Searching throughout multiple sheets and returning values between multiple workbooks

    Hello, I would appreciate any help with following. I have two excel workbooks, both containing multiple worksheets. I need to do following: - search the excel workbook 1 for a text from workbook 2 - when it is found - return a value from a specific cell in the sheet in workbook 1 (sheet...
  12. A

    formula Finding text and returning certian word

    Hi All, I am looking for a formula for the following: I have a list of word, (FOV1, FOV2, FOV3, FOV4, FOV5, FOV6, FOV7, FOV8 and FOV9), which I would to find in a range of text in column A and have the searched text (FOV1 or FOV2 or FOV3 or FOV4 orFOV5 or FOV6 or FOV7, FOV8 or FOV9), returned...
  13. G

    Returning a value or date above the first blank cell

    I have a data table tracking the number of hours for a specific project. Row one is headers for columns A and B and dates for columns C:DY. The projects are in column "A" and the total estimated hours in column "B". I then am taking the total estimated number of hours and am dividing them up in...
  14. XfortunaX

    Return Value from Entered Date

    I am stuck on the final formula for a vacation workbook. I am trying to return the value in column C by referencing the date in column B and placing it next to the correct date on the Sheet listed in column A. The sheet "Dummy, Taylor". The 8 entered on 02/10/2015 from above would be on row...
  15. C

    Combobox Search + Multiply amount with Value from cell on worksheet

    Hi there I have dabbled a bit with VBA in excel but im not an expert, I have designed a form with the following: From, Destination, Product, Quantity, Carton Quantity, Costing road, Costing Air I have been able to link the combobox's to the cells on the worksheet (data). 1. Need to calculate...
  16. O

    Find date and return sum

    HI, I have a problem I am trying to Create a Two Worksheet workbook. I am Trying to search for a date then return the sum value of the dates Absences. First Sheet: Second Worksheet If Possible I would like it so whenever I type in the date in the summary page it will return the sum value...
  17. H

    Return Less value based on Duplicate names

    Hello, I am looking for excel function to return less value in Duplicate names given below. Ex. if we take AAA has three duplicates with different values however, I need less value out of all the duplicates and should be return the less value as output, in this case value 100.00 should get as...
  18. T

    Mining dates and other info from a data set based on conditions.

    Excel 2010 Hello, I am trying to analyze treatment patterns in a VERY LARGE set of data and I am trying to identify the order in which patients are being seen at specific vendors. I would like to be able to have the ID Numbers, the Vendor Name and the relevant Date of Service return so that I...
  19. J

    Search one column to return item from another column but in the same row

    Excel novice here, but I'll try to explain what I'm trying to do as clearly as possible. I have two columns of information, and I want to create a cell that will allow me to search the first column and then return the element that is in the next column, but in the same row. To explain further...
  20. J

    Matching, sum and return a value

    Hello! I have just started a new job and trying to get a handle on some new data and techniques, and I could use some help! I need to be able to match a project number in one excel sheet, to another, and return a sum of 2 cells relating to the project number to the original sheet. Basically...

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