1. S

    Conditional formatting for review dates issue

    Hi, im no pro at excel and would be grateful for any help in how to make what i need. I have attached an image for reference but what im trying to make is a sheet where for documents named in the top row, we input the date we implemented it, then the cell below indicates the due review date -...
  2. N

    Equation Formula Review/Proof For Garden Watering

    Hello all, I hope everyone's healthily and happy and enjoying the sun. (if in the Southern Hemisphere) I don't actuality have an issue or application question as such but more of a quick check over so I know if I'm applying the correct methodology. Apologies if I've post in the wrong forum, I...
  3. S

    Formula question.. hopefully not to difficult

    I have a table with 47k records on it. Column J has a number of values. I am concerned with the tracking user "jjj222" Column D has Principal. Column E has repayment amount. What I am trying to accomplish: If borrower (column K) has a balance (D-E) with user jjj222 (found in column J), show...
  4. T

    Return value based on latest date for entry

    Hi I have a spreadsheet with factory name, review date and overall evaluation. Some factories may have multiple entries and reviews. I would like the overall evaluation to return based on the latest review for each factory. Therefore if i have a duplicate factory on two review dates and the...
  5. S

    review for duplicates and fill the same

    Hello smart people, I have a large spreadsheet i'm using for people's names/addresses/phone numbers etc I have to add more constantly when a new download becomes available. However, on my initial sheet I fill the row (example, they don't want to be contacted is red, left a message yellow) I...
  6. I

    Multiple conditional formatting

    Hi all, this one has been getting on my nerves for a while now! Hopefully someone can help. I have some basic formula to work out the date 6 months after and nine months after column I. I also have some conditional formatting to turn columns J & L red if the date exceeds TODAY() which also...
  7. S

    vba, excel Shapes.AddLabel, Shapes.AddTextbox - locked/uneditable

    Hello - I am frustrated. I spent a few hours today on this and thought I would find 1 resource to solve this but I found pieces of it. SO maybe I'm not searching the right term. I"m trying to understand the difference between a textbox vs a label, a 'userform'. I don't know what I actually need...
  8. J

    TEXTJOIN with Multiple Conditions

    Hi all, Using Excel for Office 365 MSI 16.0.11 x64 version 1902. I have a scenario where I think TEXTJOIN would work, but I can't figure out how to concatenate several IF statements together. I have: - Column A (id) with hundreds of row entries, simple numbers 1-..... - Column B (category)...
  9. Simon2001

    Userform Listbox Refresh

    HI Not a programmer but hopefully doing a good job of finding and playing around with code to get what I want. I've created a spreadsheet that has raw data on a worksheet. I have one macro that scans through the data and the last column (J:J) is changed to REVIEW DUE, FOLLOW-UP or COMPLETE if...
  10. N

    generate weekly report

    can someone help to generate weekly summary per this file? raw data entries: <colgroup><col><col span="4"><col></colgroup><tbody> Date Status1 Status2 Status3 Status4 Week 02 April 2019 Approved Approved Approved Approved 14 03 April 2019 Reject 14 08 April 2019 Approved Reject...
  11. sdkorin

    Return the current quarter between two dates

    Hello Excel Gurus! I'm trying to find a simple formula to give me the currentquarter between two dates. I have to do quarterly performance evaluations on mypersonnel; however, the traditional fiscal year quarters work for works for thepersonnel I have that have been here since 10/1/2018. For the...
  12. H

    "comments" section missing off "review" tab

    hello, i have just changed my licensing for 365, and reinstalled all office 365 business apps. i have just opened a excel sheet i had and tried to edit the comments. the problem is that there is now no "comments" section showing under the "review" tab, and no comment option appearing when i...
  13. H

    Help me develop this formula?

    Hi all I have the following formula which is working great (as far as it goes): =IF(AF6>AA6,"Not due yet",IF(AF6>AA6+7,"~ 7 days late","+ 7 days late")) AF6 is Last Review Date AA6 is todays date. So the formula is looking to show: If the Last Review date is overdue return one of the messages...
  14. C

    Cross-referencing a large set of categories pair by pair

    Hey guys, let's say you had to compare a very large group of categories, each with a set of defined traits. The goal is to compare every category against every other category and identify the pairs that are MOST SIMILAR in terms of their trait set. That is, all those category pairs that are...
  15. A

    Having Issues With Conditional Partial Vertical Column Sums Based On Date Ranges

    :eek: Hello Folks. Hoping someone can assist with this dilemma. The image linked herein shows what the spreadsheet looks like. How would I write formulas in cells I11, J11, K11, and L11 such that they all reference the entered start and end dates in cells J5 and...
  16. M

    REOPEN - Thread: VBA to copy and move data based on multiple criteria to new sheet 1077820

    Hi - Sorry if breaking protocol here, but I posted to an old post this morning which probably doesn't have any visibility at this point. I placed the URL below and would appreciate if someone could review and reply to the inquiry. Thanks in advance...
  17. E

    Adjusting a Formula.

    Hi All, Can I add an Or statement to the below for a second criteria that if Z2 = Yes and R2<=j2 return "Review" otherwise return "--". =IF(AND(P2>0,Z2="Yes"),"Review","--") If possible can someone return the exact code I should use? Thanks in advance
  18. S

    VBA Copy/Save as -> missing formatting

    I have code to export / copy sheets to a new workbook. The issue is, some of the color formatting is missing. Can someone help answer why? Sub Report6Export() Dim Fname As String, ws As Worksheet Dim Ary As Variant, tmp As Variant Dim i As Long Fname = "Review - " &...
  19. Y

    Urgent required help

    =IF(OR(D19="ECA to Native Processing and Review DB Upload",G19="02 Pending PM Review",G19="03 Approved by PM"),ISBLANK(K19),IF(OR(D19="ECA to Native Processing and Review DB Upload",G19="02 Pending PM Review",G19="03 Approved by PM"),ISBLANK(L19),IF(OR(D19="ECA to Native Processing and Review DB...
  20. Y


    =IF(OR(F2="Archive DATA - ECA",I2="02 Pending PM Review",I2="03 Approved by PM"),ISBLANK(S2),"False",IF(OR(F2="Archive Data - Review",I2="02 Pending PM Review",I2="03 Approved by PM"),ISBLANK(S2),"False",IF(OR(F2="Client Training",I2="02 Pending PM Review",I2="03 Approved by...

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