1. M

    customized ribbon VBA

    Hi All, I tried to record macro to set-up customized ribbons. As results, there is no recorded macro. Does that means that we can not customize ribbons by macro or it's only the recording that does not work? Thanks!
  2. dannyok90

    Hide and unhide Ribbons VBA

    Hi All, I have some code that hides the majority of the excel interface on workbook_open to prevent users from making changes that they shouldn't be. It works well but at the moment, when the worksheet opens and hides the ribbons etc it hides any other workbooks ribbons that are open, i put some...
  3. V

    Want independent ribbons in Office 365

    My organization uses Office 365. I created a second workbook by copying a first workbook. But the problem is the ribbons of the respective workbooks are not independent, instead, changing the ribbon in workbook 1 changes the ribbon in workbook 2 and vica versa. That is not what I want, I want...
  4. seba64

    help me with my ribbon

    hello I create a ribbon width UI Editor. Have groups an buttons. Then when you mouse on a button, appears ahelp messge (press f1 to...). How can prevent thats messages. This is my thirdth ribbon, and the first time thats messages appears.
  5. F

    Store custom ribbon (which calls macros) in workbook for other users when they open the workbookexc

    I have created a custom ribbon in a workbook in Excel 2013. Each of the buttons on the ribbon calls a different macro, which generally displays some form for data entry that can call other macros, etc. I want this ribbon and the macros to be accessible to other users of this workbook who have...
  6. W

    Ribbon Name help?

    Good Morning, My code is to add a new menu item only to this individual file then remove it upon closing. I have this code which works well, but its default name is generic. I would like to rename it within this code. Possible? I've read that it may need to be xml....any ideas? Sub AddMenus()...
  7. S

    converting CommandBars VBA code to work with ribbons

    Hi all, Brand new to this forum, but not to Excel. I've been coding VBA for many years. An app that I created 7 or 8 years ago does a lot of manipulation of the commandbar controls, including hiding and/or disabling many of the items on built in commandbars and adding custom items to those...

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