right click

  1. A

    Right Click Function error

    Hi All, I have been working on adding a right click macro, and while I think I have it correctly, it seems to be getting blocked with a message stating macros are disabled. However running either macro below run without issues, so I'm not sure what seems to be my issue: Sub AddToCellMenu()...
  2. M

    One button, 2 macros

    Hello! Is there a way to create one button that runs two different macros (i.e. left click executes one macro, right click of same button executes another?)
  3. andrewb90

    Multiple before right click options

    Hello all, I have a custom right click for a series of ranges on on of my sheets. But I want to have a different range of cells with different right click options. is that possible? here's a shortened version of my code: Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeRightClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As...
  4. J

    Excel Right Click Cell, Open File Path, Create Hyperlink

    I need to create hyperlinks to words in individual cells. Is there anyway I can right click on the cell and that directly opens "My Documents" folder and the file I click on creates a hyperlink?
  5. andrewb90

    Customize right click on page tabs

    Hello all, I have been able to customize the right click menu on various cells in my workbook, but I was wondering if it were possible to customize the right click menu that appears when you click on any page tab. Is this possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'll attach the code...
  6. andrewb90

    VBA for Right Click Macros

    Hello All, I have been searching the web for the code to do what I am looking for, but haven't had much luck, so I'm hoping someone on here will be able to help :) I would like to have 2 different macros appear in the right click menu, however I would like to only have this appear on 1...
  7. 9tanstaafl9

    VBA code equal to right-clicking an image, selecting Edit and then hitting Enter? Possible?

    I tried this in the macro recorder and nothing shows up other than that I clicked the image. I need to do this because if not, the image causes an error every time the report is saved, and I don't want users to have to do it. The report is a file exported from Crystal Reports into an Excel...
  8. T

    HELP! Cannot right click in code window/IDE

    Hi All Flummoxed, I am! I can not right click all lines of my code in the code window. For example in the below partial extract (with no code running) I CAN right click the line UsrName = Environ("UserName") and get all the usual options. But if I right click Call...
  9. D

    Customizing (Hiding) Right Click Toolbar

    I am working on a new workbook to handle data in a very specific way. AS a result I am trying to limit the options available to the users, and programmatically force proper behavior. Since I don't have enough free time to smack knuckles with rulers as appropriate. I have successfully...
  10. R

    Excel automatically copies selection on right click

    Hi, I have a small problem that has been bugging me since I installed Excel 2007. If I have several cells selected and right click on the selection, Excel automatically puts this in the clipboard, as if I had chosen 'Copy' or pressed Ctrl+C, and the moving boarder appears around the selection...
  11. N

    unable to use right click in excel

    I am using Excel 2007 and I can not use the rigt mouse click in any spreadsheet - if I open up VB and put in Sub Enable_All_Right_Click_Menus() 'This will enable all BuiltIn Command bars Dim Cbar As CommandBar For Each Cbar In Application.CommandBars Cbar.Enabled = True Next End...
  12. J

    right click on an HTML hyperlink to save document

    Hello all, I am creating a macro that navigates in a password protected website to fetch information in the form of excel documents. On the website, the user has to press on hyperlinks to get the excel documents. When manually pressing the hyperlinks with my mouse, the open/save/cancel dialog...
  13. girapas

    Enabled context items in a locked picture

    In a protected sheet I've put a picture with some command buttons on it. I've also use custom menubars and disabled right click for cut, copy, paste. However, although the picture is locked, when I hit mouse right button I get enabled the context items for the picture (like Show Picture...
  14. G

    Stop menu from showing when right clicking on cell

    Hi In an excel sheet, I would like to run a routine when rightclick is done. By using Sub Worksheet_BeforeRightClick, the right click is detected and my code is run, however after code is done, the right click menu shows up (delete, paste, etc) I would like to stop the menu from showing after...
  15. W

    Right Clicking

    Does anyone know how to right click in excel without using the mouse? Thanks.

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