1. L

    Formula Help Needed. TRIM(RIGHT(SUBSTITUTE with REPT and LEN count.

    I'm working with data in the B column that contains either a "+" or a "-" and I need the information after that. Example values in B column: > §3 +60% STAT » (3 -15% STAT My current formula(s) in the C column are either: =TRIM(RIGHT(SUBSTITUTE(B1,"+",REPT(" ",LEN(B1))),LEN(B1)))...
  2. T

    Excel Right Function Dilemma

    Hi all, I have a confusion with using RIGHT function. I need to create a complicated formula that depending on two digits after comma. I’ve used RIGHT function to do it but the step that you can see below, the result seems like isn’t true. I'm sharing formula with the sample values(not cellIDs...
  3. C

    Help with Date Format

    Hello, In my workbook, I paste in the date in A1 as "Date: 2/9/16" [Feb. 9, 2016]. To extract just the date, I use the formula =RIGHT(A1,7), and it does display 2/9/16, but it recognizes it as Sept 2, 2016. I cannot seem to be able to change it. Help? Thank you!
  4. J

    Using 'Right' and 'Left' formulas - maybe(?)

    Needing to get these 7 digit numbers on their own, thinking it's a combination of the Left and Right formulas Number of characters is not constant so preferably wanting to trigger on the _ (underscores). Any help greatly appreciated <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody>...
  5. H

    Nested RIGHT function not cutting off "A " or "An " but works for "The " ?

    I'm trying to keep a list of titles in alpha order that disregards opening articles (A, An, The), but will still allow the full title to be displayed in another column. (E.g., "The Addams Family" displays in one, but gets shortened to "Addams Family" in the other.) The display part I've taken...
  6. C

    Using Right(cellsxxxxxx) in LeftHeader

    I've spent way too much time trying to figure this out and need some help. Trying to force my header to read the RIGHT 7 characters from cell I1 ActiveSheet.PageSetup.LeftHeader = _ Format(Worksheets("SHEET 1").Right(Cells(1, 9), 7).Value)
  7. S

    VBA Right characters in string after "-"

    Trying to get this France-FR;France-FR;France-FR to FR|FR|FR 'Looping through all the Rows in my worksheet Lastreq = Range("C" & Rows.count).End(xlUp).Row Set req_Range = Sheets("Range").Range("B1:AD" & Lastreq LastRow = Range("D" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row for i = 2 to LastRow 'Lookup...
  8. N

    Substring multiplie values from cell don't work

    Hi, Wonder how I can substring multiplie values from an cell - can't get it work! Dateformat is like: 01.12.2012. My script is like: date = Right("cels.......",4) With this I only get 2012 wich is logic - but how can I solve this so I get this output and format: 2012-12-01. better to use mid...
  9. D

    My ‘RIGHT / FIND’ function works but I don’t know why

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]--> Excel 2013 - I inserted a function in my spreadsheet that, after experimenting with, I got it to work but I don’t understand why and I’m hoping someone can explain this to me. I...
  10. F

    Extract data within 1 cell

    Hi all I have this data in one cell "L/L Helvatica font 2mg Vit (2ddd)" 1. i just want to exact "Helvatica" , first 3+1 letter space is fixed. i mean before the helvatica 4 letter space will be always there. 2. i want the data within first two spaces "Helvatica" Please help
  11. L

    VBA If Statement not catching all the conditions that match

    I am writing a VBA code to double check and make sure I don't double book instructors or classrooms. My code is below. For each WeekDay/Period combination it checks the schedule and every time a T or R etc and 1 or 2 etc match up with the WeekDay/Period combination I should get a 1. The...
  12. T

    VLookup and Right

    Hi When i use =RIGHT() within VLOOKUP() it doesnt work. When i remove it and put only the value, it works. Can anybody help? =VLOOKUP((RIGHT(C3,5)),Sheet2!A2:D92,4,FALSE)
  13. B

    VBA: copy using right command

    Hello, I would like to use a VBA command to copy a specific part (date) of a certain cell in various workbooks. I have the following code: WBZ.Worksheets(1).Range("G" & WBZ.Worksheets(1).Range("G65536").End(xlUp).Row + 1).Value = Right(WBQ.Worksheets(1).Range("D86").Copy, 4) Unfortunately, I...
  14. S

    Right with Trailing Spaces

    I am working on a program that will eventually automate the creation of text files and put them in a folder. There is a specific length of the rows, 85 (followed by a 4 line counter), and length of each field. So far most of it has been pretty easy. We have an address (and up to 4 of them)...
  15. Chris The Rock

    Formula Help: Find the largest number that ends with a certain digit

    I know the =LARGE() function finds the kth largest number in an array. I need to build a formula that finds the kth largest number in an array - when the number ends with a specified digit. Data like this: 11 51 31 21 41 would give the result 51, if I'm looking for numbers ending in 1. This: 7...

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