1. D

    if date falls on weekend, roll to Monday

    eg if the maturity date was october 13, i'd want the maturity date to now be october 14 (monday).
  2. S

    Storing Results of a Dice Roll

    Hi Guys Hope this is possible. I have a neat little single dice roll set up, but now that is working, I want to "store" the results of each roll in consecutive cells. So, dice roll 1 scores a 5 store in cell G1 dice roll 2 scores a 3 store in cell G2 dice roll 3 scores a 1...
  3. S

    Creating variables for file path names VBA

    I am writing coding for a rather large macro and I am trying to decrease the number of characters I use. One way to do this is to define a variable for the long file path name but it is not liking it. My coding is: ' Ask user for the period of the projection exercise PNumber =...
  4. R

    copying records to downward dynamically

    Hi, I have spread sheet and wants it to be in new order. Existing sheet Records <tbody> Roll No Name Ph1 ph2 ph3 ph4 ph5 ph6 1 abc 0300 677 748 2 def 767 87 3 hij 88 88 88 88 88 88 </tbody> New look i wants as <tbody> Roll No Name Ph 1 abc 0300 1 abc 677 1 abc 748 2...
  5. P

    Simple copy sheet VBA code

    I have a sheet called “Rent Roll”. I am looking for a simple Macro VBA code to copy the Rent Roll data sheet into a new sheet called Rent Roll Proforma. Basically I would like to have a format control button linked to a macro and when clicked, it will copy the data in the Rent Roll tab into...
  6. G

    Matching Based on Date Range and another field

    Hi, I am struggling to return a result based on two criteria. A match on a Roll combined with a match on a date range to return a roll ID that was used. Please see below. I am used to using vlookup which would be simple if there were only one roll, its the addition of the dates that is...
  7. A

    partial match string in excel with unordered lookup value

    Hi Guys, Im wondering if I could lookup partial match based on below case; let say I have value in column A row #1 in sheet A: <tbody> "Rexona Men Deodorant Roll On Ice Cool 50ml" and in the other sheet (Sheet B), I have value: <tbody> "Rexona Ice Cool Roll On 50ml" What I need is to...
  8. L

    Formula to get full lengths from rolls

    I need a formula to work out number of rolls for X amount of lengths an I can' have part of a length from different roll For example if I have a roll size of 20 metes and lengths of 3 metres, for 12 lengths it is easy 12 x 3m = 36m divided by 20m rl = 2 Rolls The issue becomes when it goes up...
  9. R

    Userform Textbox conditional formatting

    Hello, Im trying to get the text box to go red if the value is over 318 and green if under. This code works if I put the value directly into the code. Private Sub TextBox24_Change() If Textbox3.Text = "Cathode Mother Roll" And TextBox24.Value > "318" Then TextBox24.BackColor = RGB(255, 0, 0)...
  10. R

    Conditional formatting with multiple statements

    Hello I need some help with conditional formating. Cell C has drop down for "Anode Mother Roll" and"Cathode Mother Roll" Cell P is result 1 Cell Q is result 2 In the results i need to change the cell to either green orred depending on the value inputted. If Anode Mother Roll and result is...
  11. R

    rollover menu excel vba

    hi guys i have the following link I have tried to modify the existing file but it is not working. Infact there are four menus(Collateral Unit,Documentation, Filter, Extract). When the collateral menu is selected , the sub menu...
  12. B

    Sending F7 key to open spellchecker

    Because I protect my sheet the spelling check doesn't can I send the F7 function to open spellchecker and only check the L2 box then close? Currently the first script will opens the spellchecker, but it wants to spell check the whole document instead of just L2?? Sub...
  13. K

    Photo automation from one sheet to another sheet

  14. R

    If a date falls between two values, then put in the value from the corresponding column

    OK, so I have a bunch of microfilm rolls storing records of old newspapers. Each roll is numbered, but we're missing some and I'd like to determine what we're missing. Here is what my data looks like. A is the number of the microfilm roll, B is the start date of that roll, C is the end date of...
  15. F

    I've got a tough one for some math experts.. :)

    So.. I'm trying to create something in excel that can help us keep track of cutting fabric. Let's say I started out with a 500' X 72" roll of fabric. and then let's say I start to make cuts on it. So let's say I cut off 130' by 40" wide. It would leave me with 370' X 72" and then a remainder...
  16. DRSteele

    Fun with rolling dice

    I stumbled across this old post I messed around and found another way to roll some dice. Format A1 and B1 with any font sized 48 and D1 28. Have fun. Dice <tbody> Worksheet Formulas <tbody> Cell Formula A1 =UNICHAR(RANDBETWEEN(0,5)+9856) B1...
  17. B

    Dynamic lookup help

    Hi all, I am familiar with vlookups and index match, but a new system has created a new problem that I have been unable to solve. There is an automated report that spits out the below. Column A - Roll up Column B - Location Row A - Account A complicating factor is that the numbers of...
  18. M

    Excel solver

    Hello Is there a way to get excel to calculate the closest percent for dice rolls for set percentage for example if you roll 3 6 sided dice here is the percentage for each roll. 3 = 0.46% 4 = 1.38% 5 = 2.77% 6 = 4.62% 7 = 6.92% 8 = 9.72% 9 = 11.57% 10 = 12.50% 11 = 12.50% 12 = 11.57% 13 =...
  19. S

    Setup Pivot Table to Roll Dates on 12 Months in Excel Questions

    For excel 2013, is there a way to setup pivot tables to roll dates. Also, is there a way to link timelines so when one date is changed on one timeline it changes all of the rest?
  20. F

    Macro To Copy Specific Data From Website

    Hi Dear All, This is the website showing results of an employment test ( I want to know my position in the result. So I started to search for a macro to do it and this is what I found...

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