rolling total

  1. J

    Help with sliding commission with rolling annual total

    Excel 2007 Windows 8.1 Hello everyone, and thank you in advance!!! I am creating a commission worksheet for my real estate agents so they can easily track their earnings for every deal. I have essentially found the solution (thanks to the second-half of a YouTube post from MrExcel), but do...
  2. Q

    Rolling Total Calculation v. Pivot Table

    Excel 2007: <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K L M N 1 Color % Red % Blue 1/1/13 2/1/13 3/1/13 4/1/13 5/1/13 6/1/13 7/1/13 6 Month Rolling Total 6 Month % Red 6 Month % Blue 2 Orange .5 3 6 2 5 4 2 6 =L2*B2 =L2*C2 3 Purple .5 .5 7 2 3 12 4 15 6 =L3*B3 =L3*C3 4 Green .5 4 4 14 10 1 8...
  3. Q

    Rolling Total for 2 adjacent columns

    This is my first post so please be patient with me! I use Excel 2007. I have a data set that tracks ingredients in chemical products. For example sake the chemical product is a mixed color, and the calculated ingredient is a primary color. I need to calculate the quantity of two primary colors...
  4. J

    Rolling total

    What I am trying to do is keep track of billed and unbilled revenue from month to month by employee & contract. I have created a workbook with 12 worksheets (Jan-2013 through Dec-2013). In the January workbook, I am hard coding the December 2012 ending balances, but I can't figure out what...
  5. D

    Rolling 12 Month Totals from Different Worksheets

    Looking for a way to create a 12-month rolling total in which the totals are not only in the current worksheet but from other worksheets. The worksheets are setup identical and the tab names have a name and year (i.e., AS0904-2012). Each worksheet represents a calendar year. The totals are in...
  6. T

    Auto Rolling YTD number vs. previous YTD number& Current Month to Date vs. Previous Year MTD

    I need to create a comparison of MTD, YTD, and a 3 month Comparison in Excel 2007 using the current date (mm). I do not want to have to change a number to signify the month. The Data is laid out like this: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 480pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0...
  7. T

    finding 60 minute peaks

    Hi all, this is my first post and i am still a novice to excels wonderful capabilities.. so please bear with me and keep in mind that i am trying to learn it :smile: i have a massive list (a lot of colums and rows over 90000 )- with a colum for a timestamp and a colum with values for this...
  8. Victtor

    Period and Yearly rcumulative totals

    I have data that is grouped by weeks of a period. PD5Wk4 refers to period 5 week 4. It is relative easy to show data on a dashboard for a 1 week period (WTD or Week-to-date). However, I am not sure how to write the formula that will show cumulative data. For instance, I need to show...

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