ron de bruin

  1. N

    VBA Help: Email loop with an attachment

    I went to the Ron de Bruin site and it's no longer there😭. Can someone please help me with the VBA code to send emails? I want to send emails to all the people in my contacts list of like 1000. In the body, it will say Hello (name of company from column "A") I have a file (abc.pdf) I would like...
  2. C

    Conditional Formatting from several sheets using Ron de Bruin

    I am using the Sub Mail_Selection_Range_Outlook_Body() from Ron de Bruin to set up a macro to send an email taking the information from several sheets with reports that I have to send and it works pretty well, but the code doesn't allow conditional formatting to be pasted into outlook. The...
  3. C

    How to add additional Criteria to Ron de Bruin's "Mail a row or rows to each person in a range" code?

    I toyed with this all day yesterday. Been working away at it all morning and still can't whip it. I think it will be relatively easy for someone with some VBA experience... I'm just not quite there. So, basically, Ron de Bruin's code from this page works great. Does just what it's supposed to...
  4. E

    Macro to change values of a cell and send e-mail

    Hello all, I have searched an answer for my question but couldn't find one. Please excuse me if there was a similar one. Right now my excel file can create PDF and send e-mails thanks to Ron de Bruin's add-in. What I do is, I change the value of one specific cell manually which updates the...
  5. J

    Mailing a worksheet with Pivot table and preserve formatting

    Hi All, I'm new to VBA and I used Ron De Bruin's fantastic code to mail a worksheet by modifying it slightly to do what I want. The problem is when the pivot table in the worksheet is copied to the email body, the formatting is lost. Is there a way to preserve the formatting of a pivot table...
  6. F

    Help - VBA Copy Non-Contiguos cells and Paste to specific cells in another workbook.

    Thanks to Ron De Bruin for this wonderful code. I copy/pasted it and have been hacking at it here and there to try and make it fit my situation. I have limited experience with VBA so please forgive my butchering of this. I would like to set the source cells (which are non-contiguos) and paste...
  7. M

    Modify Ron´s Code - Create a new workbook for all unique values And Create PivotTable is such workbooks

    Ron´s Code - Create a new workbook for all unique values works just fine. IT is below. But I need to go forward, and after all workbooks were created from unique values using this Ron´s code, I need to create PivotTable in each of these workbooks. Reference to Ron´s...
  8. F

    E-mail from Excel - macro errors when copied

    Working in Excel 2010 I have a workbook I'll call Group 1. There are 11 available worksheets, and anywhere from 1-11 of these sheets are assigned to a different company name. The worksheets themselves are simply numbered 1-11, the company names are always referenced in cell D3. I am not going to...
  9. M

    Modify Ron´s VBA code and help me with Worksheet Array

    I need to copy the same range from many sheets in the same workbook. I found Ron´s VBA solution, which basicly fits to me partly because this code below copy only specific range just from one sheet in specific workbook. But, I need to copy specific range from many sheets and i tried to modified...
  10. R

    Run a macro automatic when a specific formula cell reaches a User Defined value

    I'm having trouble sending an email after having the user define a "Reorder" level on an inventory project. I have tried troubleshooting or tweaking Ron's but i'm currently getting a mismatch error. If I can define Reorder Level to be Column "P" and my...
  11. E

    VBA Excel Table to Outlook Border Issues

    Hi, It appears someone else has posted a similar question regarding this but not received a solution: Perhaps I can elaborate on the issue at hand. I am using code written by Ron de Bruin in order to send a table I have created in Excel to...
  12. repairman615

    macro..create pdf: would like email window visible (on top of excel)

    Many thanks to this site and especially all the great people here! I have a macro that creates a pdf, then attaches the pdf to a email. Thanks Ron de Bruin! The macro works. There is one part that I would like to improve if possible. After the pdf gets attached into a email, this email...

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