1. HeRoseInThree

    search and display names

    My company hires few people, yet many apply. That being said, I would like to sort through the list of applicants to determine if they have previously applied as to not waste time on someone that we have chosen not to hire. I'd like to search their name in a cell (k12) and have it display a...
  2. S

    VBA Help needed, Do until Loop

    Hi All, I am strugling (rookie) with a loop. I think I have the ending of the loop wrong some how? Currently the code selects the folder location then says 'CC Reports completed'. As I am trying to test it, column A has data 4-100 rows long. Column I has data 4-19 with 4 showing true the...
  3. HeRoseInThree

    Count number of times each name is listed between certain dates

    UGH. OK, I would love to be able to count the number of times a name is displayed in a particular date range. The names are listed in column B, all of the specific dates are in column H and the date range is AM1:AN26 (AM1 is 1/1/2018 and AN26 is 12/31/2019). I will appreciate any help!!!
  4. HeRoseInThree

    Separating first and last names

    I have a list of names (first and last) and I'd like to separate them into 2 columns. Wait, I know how to do that, I wouldn't waste the time of this forum for something that I can Google. The issue is that the column of names is a formula from another company that I have no access to. How would...
  5. HeRoseInThree

    Trying to narrow down some data

    I have a range of dates in column A and I only need to identify the dates within the last 2 years. Is there a way to use conditional formatting to only highlight the dates that are within the last 2 years? Thanks in advance!
  6. HeRoseInThree

    HELP - conditional formatting???

    I have data that totals values for me, however I do not want or need the total information. Is there a way to search if b:b has "*total" that it changes the color of the text (conditional formatting) to white for the rest of the row? Thanks in advance!
  7. T

    Rookie Excel Wizard With some questions

    Hi everyone, I appreciate you looking at my thread. I'm still new to this excel thing, and I've only just started getting my hands dirty with this program and it's quite addictive. Ok so now here's what I need to accomplish: I have a form where my Team Leaders order totes of product that we use...
  8. H

    HELP! User Defined Function returning #value

    Trying to write my first user defined function, but not having much success. Have a light programming background (mostly Python). The function takes a date and returns the most appropriate meeting date from a list of all the first Fridays of the month during the year. I'm not sure exactly where...
  9. M

    Macro/VBA to program automatic grouping of columns

    Hi Everyone, I am very limited in my Macro/VBA skills and have been trying to shorten a process my team and I do multiple times a month. Every reporting period we have to go through our reports and group/ungroup columns based on what period it is. For example, we may have the columns set up as...
  10. J

    Using the cell list used in a For Each statement as a reference for another cell needed

    Hello, I have a longer code, but I'll save space. Essentially I have a "For Each rCell in Range..." code and I want to use that moving rCell as a reference to create another variable (sCell) that is used just for that one rCell, then on to the next rCell. For Each rCell In Range(Range1a...
  11. R

    Lost Paste and Validation Function after VBA Code

    Greetings, I need a little help and I think this is the best place to get it. I recently added some VBA code to a spreadsheet to provide a dynamic search of Validation Lists. The code works great except for two issues incurred afterward: 1. I lost the ability to copy and paste items on the...
  12. N

    Nice big thick reference book

    Hi. I've been programming in VBA on Excel for 5 months, and I am looking for advice as to which book to buy next. I have worked through the excellent Excel 2003 VBA Programming For Dummies, but it's not exactly comprehensive. I'm bright but no genius. Want deeper understanding of VBA...

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