1. T

    Roster update with all values inbetween MIN and MAX dates.

    Hi. Warning *** learner below *** I am trying to update our team roster so that we can update multiple days of leave. Currently it is working with 1 record at a time. I have modify it by putting in another field so I can populate MIN and MAX date. I was hoping it would action all days from...
  2. Kzantip974

    Scheduling - Create planning based on employee productivity

    Hi community, I hope you are doing well. I am working on a cool project to build cost-efficiency through better scheduling based on our staff productivity. CONTEXT - We are a pizza delivery company, employing drivers to deliver pizzas. - We proceed to schedule driver planning on a weekly basis...
  3. B

    Even distribution of task

    Hi! I work as a manager in a hospital. I have 18 employees. I would like to automatically evenly distribute certain tasks to them in a weekly roster (mon-fri). All task are performed every day. Task K1, K2 and K3 demands two people each every day. Task B demands three people every day. Ideally...
  4. J

    How to use lookup formula in VBA code

    I have used this VBA code to try automate my rostering process. The roster template starts with the drivers being a 1 on their rostered day off work, when the roster is made the get assigned a route. Sub Find_Replace_SHAYNE_NCO() Range("D45:AS45").Replace What:="1", Replacement:="NCO" End Sub...
  5. J

    Roster automation

    Hey guys, Looking to try automate my rostering process. Attached is a template of all drivers rostered days of work, and then a finalised roster showing what truck route they are driving. I would like to manually input the A/L (annual leave), then have a button on the left of their names that...
  6. J

    Reference list of truck routes to roster

    Hey guys, I need to make a formula that compares the list of truck routes in column F to the days of my roster, and spits out the missing routes from roster (ideally a list under each day). The roster is normally sorted out alphabetically by surname, but sometimes by truck routes.
  7. D

    formula for roster (Indexmatch, and IF)

    Hello, I am trying to make a small table that returns the name of the staff that works in today date based on a specific branch and shift. The range will be in the roster data. The result that I want is only the name of the specific staff that is working in that location and specific shift. If...
  8. H

    Leave roster with duplicate names and multiple date ranges

    Hello forum - not sure what is possible so any assistance with the below question appreciated. I have 2 worksheets in a workbook: Sheet 1 is my raw data set and Sheet 2 is the leave roster I'm creating. Sheet 1 (raw data) has: Column D = names (duplicate names exist) Column F = Status (6...
  9. D

    Sort Employees in Roster

    Hi so I need to do a roster for 9 shops in separate locations, and everyday there need to be 20 people working out of 42 employees. What I would like to do is for every shop I want to roster individuals that live closer to the shop, then if there is no one close to the shop I want another...
  10. Phil Smith

    Use VBA to find which row on another worksheet contains a given value

    Hello Excel People! In column A on one worksheet, "Base Roster", I have a column of numbers, in order from 1 to 70. In Column A on another worksheet, "My Roster", I also have a column of numbers, but they are not in ascending order. As my code loops through and fills in worksheet "Base...
  11. Skrej

    finding first MWF of week

    I'm trying to figure out a formula for an attendance roster that will calculate the first M/W/F of a month. Since this particular class only meets M/W/F, I'd like to generate an attendance roster that for each month (each month on separate sheet) which finds the first day of the month that's...
  12. D

    Help with IF Formula

    Hi All, Noob here :) Need help with IF function. I have Data from Cell A2 - K2 Cell's B2 to K2 displayes "Yes" or "No" it compares previous week roster to current week roster I wan't to display Data in A2 using IF if there was changes from previous week to current week. I was thinking of...
  13. M

    Coloured Cells/Contents

    Hi Guys, bit a headscratcher, I have a roster that im trying to calculate. The roster has several employees, each with there own colour and how many hours they have, eg, A1, A2 and A3 are Green and have 1 in each cell. So lets say Alan, who is "green" will have a total of 3. Is there a...
  14. D

    Excel - Getting a Roster to highlight/identify gaps in a 24/7 roster

    I have looked through some of the other questions on here and can't seem to find the answer so hope someone can help me, there is probably a simple fix to my issue and I am showing my limited knowledge regarding the functionality of excel. I have a 24/7 roster that I would like to automatically...
  15. P

    Creating a randomly populated roster from a list

    Hi all, I am a new user to Excel and would like to create a roster for work. I am a teacher and I need to allocate staff to Areas around the school for supervision. I have attached the roster outline with some random names and criteria for the roster. I feel that with some guidance in the right...
  16. T

    Copy Data from One Sheet to Another Based on Date Chosen

    Posted to ExcelGuru: In my file, I have a sheet that contains the entire roster over many months [and years] - called Full Roster To make it easier for the user to locate the required...
  17. B

    Rolling Monthly Roster linked to In or Out Occupancy

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can kindly help us on this issue? We have a Monthly Camp Roster Sheet, [R] = resident in camp / [Out] = resident left / and [In] = resident returned. However, our second sheet (the one we need linked), is occupancy in the room, which shows; 1 = resident in / or 0 =...
  18. R

    VLookup Help

    Hello to all. I am trying to compile information from a results spreadsheet to a roster spreadsheet. My issue is that there are multiple lines of data on the results spreadsheet, and the roster only lists the member one time. How do I get a vlookup to return all the information from the...
  19. B

    Question on Filling Out Fantasy Roster

    Hello, I'm trying to build a fantasy baseball spreadsheet. I have a list of players that I'm hoping to fill in each roster spot for each team. The player's name is in Column B. The player's position is in Column C. On the same tab, I'd like to place each player into a roster spot which is...
  20. E

    Excel Shift Work Roster Exporting to Google Calendar (or similiar)

    Good evening, I manage a nursing shift roster for about 160 odd staff. I use excel to build and publish the roster and am currently looking at trying to export to a google calendar (or similiar). We use text code for the shifts (i.e. E = 0715-1545 & LM = 1445-2315). Currently the shifts are...

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