round down

  1. C

    Rounding Down, IF and MAX function

    Hello, I've been searching and trying different formulas for some time and to no avail. I want help with a ROUNDDOWN and maybe a MAX formula to calculate tax. So basically, the first $2,000 is taxed at 10%. $2,000.00 is the max that can be taxed at 10%. e.g. if the tax overage is $1,500, then...
  2. N

    Price list roundup with different parameter

    <colgroup><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> Barcode Price Result 110022002095 43.7535 45 2200000000019 78.75 80 2200000000026 105 105 2200000000033 105 105 2200000000040 105 105 2200000000057 105 105 2200000000064 175.0035 175 2200000000071 52.5 55 2200000000095 15.75 16...
  3. H

    100% round down

    Hi I have an audit matrix document which calculates %age scores for multiple sites. The score should always show a full number (i.e 80%, 90%, etc...), and I am happy for standard rounding to apply (i.e round down for .4 and below, round up for .5 and above) However, I don't want this to apply...
  4. O

    VBA Round a Calculation

    Hello, I've written the below code to leverage Solver. I'd like to RoundDown the answer the code churns out but have been having trouble getting it to work. I've been trying to leverage Application.WorksheetFunction.RoundDown, but can't seem to get it to work. Any help would be greatly...
  5. R

    Round up/down at 1.5

    Hello, I'm looking to create an excel function which will round down anything based on .5 (i.e. 1.5,, etc.) and round everything else up. Can you assist as I can't figure out the related function. Thank you in advance!
  6. M

    Need help rounding down results of a formula

    I need help adding round down to an existing formula. Any one out there know how to add? I want to perform the following calculation & round down the results in the same cell. For example. . . my formula in B15 is =D13*F13/1095. Right now the result showing in B15 is 58.35342466. I want the...
  7. A

    Round down .5 in VBA Math.Round function

    This code below looks at field c2 in hours worksheet and writes the text "hours" x amount of times based on the value in that field to the work worksheet. It works great BUT I need it to round DOWN any .5 value instead of rounding up. Is that possible? Can I put like an IF statement that...
  8. T

    Macro to round down cells in a column

    Hi I have looked through various forum threads regarding my problem but I am unable to find anything that solves what I am looking to achieve. I am looking to create a macro that rounds down all the values of column D. So for example even if a value in a cell from column D is 6.98 it would...
  9. H

    =CEILING advanced

    Hello there, I am looking for the opposite of the =CEILING formula. My current formula in cell A2 is =CEILING(A1,0.5) Let's say I have a figure of 0.6 in cell A1, the formula rounds it up to 1.0 in cell A2 But what I want is to round it down to 0.5. In effect I just want it to round down to...
  10. E

    Round to the nearest 10,000

    Hi, can anyone help me round down to the nearest 10,000 So, if it's 84,000, it'll round to 80,000 If It's 86,000, it'll round to 80,000 etc... I found this online, but it doesn't work properly past 100, just rounds down to the nearest 100,000 when it gets past 100,000...
  11. W

    How to lookup data and round down to the lower of the return results if the lookup value falls in betwween the values in the lookup column

    I have a table full of values that I want to look up in a table like below (incomplete data set just for iillustration): <COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 48pt" span=2 width=64><TBODY> Aggregate Industry Equivalent Unit Score Industry Diversity Score 0 0 0.05 0.1 0.15 0.2 0.25 0.3 0.35...
  12. V

    Custom formatting code - rounding problem

    Here the problem raises with rounding the two decimal values. But i need like using trunc in custom formatting. I need the values not to get rounded with decimal but display as it was. Problem 1 [>=1000000]$#0.00,, "M";[>=100000]$#0.00, "K";$#.00 this code converts millions and K with 2...
  13. N

    Advanced rounding question?

    Hi, I've searched some of the other threads, and I find something that is similar to what I need, but not exactly. I hope that one of the volunteers can help, and appreciate the effort in advance. I work in retail and I'm trying to create a formula that will take a dollar amount and round it...
  14. J

    floor and ceiling: round up and down to nearest multiple of 5

    I have created a spreadsheet for a weight training program. In the sheet, I am using a max lift, then basing the workouts off of a percentage of the max lift. I would like the end number to round up or down to the nearest multiple of 5. For example, have 212 round down to 210, have 213 round...

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