round function

  1. N

    Price list roundup with different parameter

    <colgroup><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> Barcode Price Result 110022002095 43.7535 45 2200000000019 78.75 80 2200000000026 105 105 2200000000033 105 105 2200000000040 105 105 2200000000057 105 105 2200000000064 175.0035 175 2200000000071 52.5 55 2200000000095 15.75 16...
  2. S

    Need to remove Round Formula from a Formula which has a Round Function

    HI i currently have the beow code which can add an round formula to an Exiting formula in a cell Sub add_round() Dim rng As Range For Each rng In Selection rng.Value = "=Round(" & Mid(rng.Formula, 2, 9999) & ",2)" Next rng End Sub however i need to undo this -...
  3. H

    Round Function yields incorrect result

    Hi there, I am using the Round Function to round some computed percentage values to 0 decimals. The values are: <tbody> 48,4848485 <tbody> 27,2727273 <tbody> 24,2424242 </tbody> </tbody> </tbody> So 100% all together. For the first number the Round Function, i.e...
  4. A

    Round a number up or down if cell already contains a formula

    Hi, I have a cell which contains the formula =(E10/D10)*100. This cell returns a number 79.23457. How do I round this to the nearest whole number? Changing the format to number and 0 decimal places won't work as I need to apply a CountIfs to this cell an the result is incorrect (technically...
  5. K

    Round the time to nearest 10th minute

    I have data set of times. I want to round the each time to nearest 10th minute. A sample of data set & expected answer is shown below. Thanks you very much for your time. <tbody> 8:11 8:10 7:57 8:00 8:03 8:00 4:33 4:30 5:08 5:10 </tbody>
  6. R

    Combing IF and Round with an excel check formula

    I have multiple pages that require a check. I have manually checked, and verified the tabs do total correctly. This an example of the existing syntax: =IF(A27=Blue A27+Green A27+Purple A27,0,"check"). I need it round to a specific decimal, because it is returning "check" and it should be zero...
  7. M

    Two Questions:Roundup to the max value of

    Hi, I have thought out an example that may help clarify what I am looking for. Say I wished to purhcase 200 bananas for 25 retail outlets. I can only ship whole bananas. Is there a function that will split the bananas out to each store in a whole number to a max of 200 for all stores...
  8. V

    Use round formula

    Dear I have a Number 18684 and I want this to be rounded to 18690. How to apply round up function..
  9. M

    how to change rounding rules?

    The formula of round currently rounds up if the decimal value is 0.5 and above and rounds down if the decimal value is below 0.5. Is there a way to change this? I want a round up if the decimal value is 0.8 and above and round down if the decimal value is 0.7 and below. E.g. If value is 2.7...
  10. Starbucks_33

    Rounding Functions to fix Vba round bankers method

    Hi, I was using the "round" functionin VBA and realized that it does not work, because it uses the "Bankers" method of rounding, whereas I want the "Arithmatic" rounding, I looked through the web and went to: But the problem is the function is not...
  11. D

    Round() Function & Pivot Tables

    I'm using Excel 2007...does anyone know why the the sum of values for one column in my pivot table would differ from the total sum of my linked table? I am using the Round(Rand()*100,0) function to determine the values for each cell in this one column. I notice that these values change each...
  12. D

    ROUND in a formula

    Hi Mr Excel gurus: Can't seem to come up with quite the right syntax here. I need to round the results of this formula to the nearest whole number: =$D6-($D6*E6), yielding the resulting rounded number in the same cell. Any help is appreciated! Thanks

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