round up

  1. K

    Round up

    Dear Friends A1 is 22.30 B1 is 15.92 C1 is (A1*B1) =355.01 but i want in C1 result is round up is 356 what i need to do ?
  2. F

    Excel 2010: round up

    Hello I am looking for a formula to round up a date of birth to the relevant age e.g. if the person is 37 and 7 months the round up and age column total would automatically calculate 38. If the person was 37 and 6 months, the calculation would be 37. I have three columns, DOB, Age and then...
  3. R

    Round up/down at 1.5

    Hello, I'm looking to create an excel function which will round down anything based on .5 (i.e. 1.5,, etc.) and round everything else up. Can you assist as I can't figure out the related function. Thank you in advance!
  4. K

    How to round up a number to nearest "log multiple" of 1, 2 or 5?

    Hi, Is the a function or formula I could use to ROUND UP a number to just 1 significant figure, which must be either 1, 2 or 5? For example: 1.3 -> 2 2.4 -> 5 7.1 -> 10 11 -> 20 21 -> 50 52 -> 100 120 -> 200 219 -> 500 560 -> 1,000 I've tried many combinations of MROUND and ROUNDUP, CEILING...
  5. M

    how do I round a result (NOT number) up

    Hi, I already found out through google how I can round a number up that I manually insert in a cell, but this doesn't help me because I entered a formula (like for example, =sum(a2:a5)) in cell a1, and I'd like this sum to be rounded up to the next normal number (by normal I mean, 3,5, 100, 14...
  6. V

    Phone use and calculating chargeable minutes.

    I wish to calculate the chargeable minutes that would have applied to bills over the last year, had I not opted for an "all in" package. By way of example the latest month's statistic have 8 calls of total duration (hh:mm:ss) 00:36:31, which when divided by 8 becomes 00:04:34. Because the...
  7. A

    IF statement for rounded values equalling to zero

    Hi, I would really appreciate it if someone could help me please. I've written an IF statement where I want the values to return true if all selected cells equal to zero and false if equal to anything else. The values are rounded to 2 decimal places. However, from 7 decimal places onwards it...
  8. A

    Need to do math and ROUNDUP in same formula

    not sure why I don't know this but i'm sure one of you do. I need to make a formula that will take a cost and then divide it by a number and then round it up. Basically I do this currently using two formulas: a2/.6=X then ROUNDUP(a2,.10)-.1 Basically i'm trying to add 40 percent margin...
  9. S

    Help with number rounding

    Hello, I am trying to calculate numbers using the sum function but sometimes they don't come out whole. I really need them to round UP to the nearest number - how do I do this when using a formula to get the result? E.G - =SUM(D7/2) Thanks in advance!
  10. N

    Advanced rounding question?

    Hi, I've searched some of the other threads, and I find something that is similar to what I need, but not exactly. I hope that one of the volunteers can help, and appreciate the effort in advance. I work in retail and I'm trying to create a formula that will take a dollar amount and round it...
  11. K

    One click to round the number to 100s ceiling

    Hello Expert fellows, I am trying to round series of numbers to ceiling by 100. Is there some one click solution to select the required cells and just do it. Regards, :rolleyes: Kashif
  12. K

    16-digit ID (credit card) number formatting

    Hi there, When opening a CSV file in Excel that contains a number > 15 digits, the final digit is zeroed (or rounded up). I've been doing some online searches, which have told me *why* it does this and that I should be formatting my data to text (which, if I do it after the fact in Excel, the...
  13. W

    Need help with formula for rounding up

    Cell F17 contains a fixed number (pieces per case pack). My customer will input a number (pieces needed) in cell G17. I need a formula that will round cell G17 up to the nearest case pack (number in cell F17).
  14. D

    MROUND Problem

    I'm trying to round up a number to the nearest multiple of another number. I can do this with MRound if i want the multiple to be a fixed amount however i need the multiple to refer to a cell reference. In this example, multiples are 100 and 50. In row 1 i want 47 to be rounded up to 100 and...
  15. R

    Converting time format into whole numbers

    Hi, I have a column called "duration", which shows the length of a phone call made. It has been given to me in the format of hh:mm:ss, so that 00:00:35 means a 35 second call, 00:15:42 is a 15 minutes and 42 second call etc. In essence, though, because of the format being a time format...
  16. J

    floor and ceiling: round up and down to nearest multiple of 5

    I have created a spreadsheet for a weight training program. In the sheet, I am using a max lift, then basing the workouts off of a percentage of the max lift. I would like the end number to round up or down to the nearest multiple of 5. For example, have 212 round down to 210, have 213 round...

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