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    Help with Rounding up a formula to a whole number

    =IF(MOD((J29*1.1),12)>=9,CEILING((J29*1.1),12),(J29*1.1)) This current formula I am using is not working the way I want it to. Here is what I am trying to do: I want the user to enter a number in cell J29. Cell B29 then takes that number and multiplies it by 10%. The result of that number...
  2. W

    Round up to intervals after cell reaches certain number

    I need help writing a formula that will increase a cell by a certain multiplier if and when another cell gets beyond a certain number(s). For example: Cell G5 has a multiplier of 25. Cell B5 is where I input my number anywhere from 0-1000. Cell C5 is the output of my multiples of 25 IF the...
  3. J

    average of last 3 and last 10 data sets when data is non contiguous

    hi, bit of background. I'm trying to create a statistics excel sheet for my appallingly bad golf short game. I'm recording the distance to the flag for each putt using my stride length as the standard unit of measurement. anyway I have formula In place that calculate the running total of all...
  4. C

    SUM Cells Using INDIRECT(ADDRESS()) on Same Sheet?

    Hello all! I've got a small spreadsheet to keep track of the decks I have for a trading card game, and how many wins they have when played against my other decks. I play three rounds each against each combination of decks. The sheet is laid out such that both the first row and first column...
  5. A

    round number in excel

    I want to round the number for the decimal part 0.6, e.g if the calculated is 4.6 or 7.79 it rounds up, otherwise if the calculated is 2.5 or 9.43 it would round down. Can anyone help me?

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