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    Solver VBA - Changing variables in column

    Hi, looking for some help with this Solver VBA. Here's what I'm trying to do: 1) "Set Objective" is equal to the value in cell D3 2) "Value of" is equal to the value in cell D1 3) "By Changing Variable Cells" - this range in column D (starts on D4) changes according to the number of rows in...
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    copy and Paste cells x times

    hi i i need to copy cells A1:C10, and paste them X times. The X is in the cell D1, also in the cell A1 i have a formula =IF('C:\Users\..\..\\E kompletuar\[data.xlsx]data'!$H$2=0;"") I need the Cell row $H$2 to change by the number of times the cells A1:C10 is pasted. eg. $H$3 (if i paste for...
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    Function to alter row height automatically

    I regularly have to manually review large volumes of excel data, one column being the date by which the data is ordered. For visual convenience, every time the month changes (e.g. from August to September), I increase the row height so as to visually group the data. The data is provided by...
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    Formulas in loops

    Dear All, After a lot of effort (I am a brand new in VBA) I have managed to create a macro to do the following: 1. Copy time vs. Volume data (with variable lengths). A18:B18 2. Calculate deltaT and deltaVolume. (A19:B19). 3. For a constant DR located in cell C6 in the same w/s the following is...
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    Excel 2013 copy consecutive cells to non-consecutive cells

    Need help... I have two worksheets, sheet1 contains a column of consecutive entries in A1:A20 and sheet2 has 20 groups of data in 13x13 grids with a grid label in the upper left portion of each grid. Grid 1 fills A1:M13, grid 2 fills A14:M26, etc. The grid label is in A1,A14,A27, etc. I am...
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    concatenate, shift columns, cleanup! Please offer advice!

    Hello Gurus Have an excel listing of prospective clients done by another company, so I cannot ask for a new file. All data (name, address, city/state/zip, phone, email & website) are done for each store in rows, one after the other. Then that's repeated in 3 columns, essentially a customer 1...
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    Protecting a Worksheet

    Is there any way to protect a set of columns in a worksheet and still allow users to add rows or cut and paste rows without un-protecting those cells first? I have a form that needs to be used by several departments and everyone is worried about the other messing up their work, but the document...
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    Moving cells around in a worksheet

    I have a worksheet with the word "Provider:" in column C that appears in ramdon rows. I need to move the contains of the cell in column D that follows the word "Provider:" in column C. I need to move it column B and down one row. Appreciate any assistance!
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    Slow macro wasting time

    I'm trying to run code to color in some cells in a row based on the value they contain. The following code works but it takes too much time to recalculate all 106,500 cells every time you change a value. I need to have it run through a worksheet change event. Is there anyway to have it only...

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