row copy

  1. D

    copy row based on cell value

    hey guys!, so i was having trouble figuring out a formula in vba which copies a whole row to a different sheet. for example, I have a list of names and data in a sheet called "data" what I want it to do is 1.) check the names in column 4 against data in column 4 of a different sheet called...
  2. MrJimi

    Copying values to buffer and sending an email

    Hello Experts! I've been having a problem with creating mail sending macro from my report using MS Office 2010. I have come up with an idea to put header of the report in separate sheet “buffer” and then create a macro which will copy row’s range underneath it and then send it all in msg body...
  3. H

    Unique cell value should gets copy to below cell

    Hello, I am looking for macro to copy and paste the unique values in one cell to below cells till next new value found. Plz help on this Thank you Here is the example: Column E ST00001 BTA1 ST00002 ST00003 BTA2 ST00004 End...... Output Should be. ST00001 ST00001 BTA1 ST00002 ST00002...
  4. N

    Copying row to a different sheet based on condition

    Hello, I wanted to know if it was possible for me to be able to copy a whole row into a different sheet based on a column value. For example, if B6 = CLOSE, the whole row would be coppied to the sheet name CLOSE. If B6 = OCCUPIED it would be copied to sheet name OCCUPIED. I also need if W7 = to...
  5. L

    Macro To Keep Column Headers

    Currently, I am running the marco below: Sub FanOut() Dim ColHead As String Dim ColHeadCell As Range Dim iCol As Integer Dim iRow As Long 'row index on Fan Data sheet Dim lRow As Integer 'row index on individual destination sheet Dim Dsheet As Worksheet 'destination worksheet Dim Fsheet As...
  6. K

    Creative Row Postings

    I am in the shipping industry and often have shipments from not so popular places. I am looking for a way that excel will identify the status as "active", recognize the origin city/state and create 3-5 rows with other predetermined city/states that I have placed on another spreadsheet. On the...
  7. M

    Macro help - copy row, split data into multiple rows to create multiple entires for each row

    Hoping someone can help with this complicated Macros. I need to Macro help - copy row, split data into multiple rows to create multiple entires for each row. I need to create a new row that copies model, type and size data and splits color code and quantity into separate rows. This is the...
  8. N

    Subscript out of range error.

    basically, I have a main data dump sheet named ContestReport. I'd like to create sheets based on Culumn B (minus the header) and then copy the row to the appropriate sheet based on the value of B. This is correctly creating the sheets, but I'm running into an error with the copying and I am...

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