row height

  1. K

    Macro to amend row height

    Hi there, I am trying to hide rows in a spreadsheet with no success and am hoping a macro will help. I have the first column with the date but do not want any lines which are the following month to show. In the image all rows are needed however for a shorter month they are not. I want to add a...
  2. M

    Wrap text and automatically adjust row height help

    Is there a way to ensure the text in a cell wraps & automatically the row height adjusts? Right now I find the I can the text to wrap but I have to manually adjust the row height or the text gets cut off but the cell bottom.
  3. F

    Cell/Row height auto fit dynamic text content from alternative worksheet

    I've spent some time searching the forums here and while there are many similar queries, nothing quite fits for me. I have a two column multi row table. Column A is a list of names, and Column B is every job that person will do, therefore all the items in Column A are a single name, but each...
  4. N

    Autosize Row Height based on Visible cells only

    I am trying to Autosize Row height based on Visible cells only and not the Hidden columns. I have columns that has very long text that I will be hiding and then I am left with extra white space in other cells and extra long worksheet. I tried formatting the Autofit cells Row height but, it...
  5. D

    vba row size for workbook sheet

    Im updating a sheets rowsize but when its saved, the size of each row isnt adjusted. Any Ideas? Thanks wb.Sheets(1).Range("U:U").ColumnWidth = 10.56 wb.Sheets(1).Range("W:W").ColumnWidth = 50 wb.Sheets(1).Range("X:X").ColumnWidth = 50 Set targetRange = Range("A:A") For...
  6. B

    Row height change if less than....

    Is there a way to get a row to resize if it is below acertain height? I have my rows in a range set to 38 but I have them autofitting once the day is entered in case the row needs to be taller. Is there a way for this to either only resize if it is goingto make it taller OR after the AUTOFIT...
  7. P

    Noob needing help on conditionally hiding rows based on condition of cells

    I have a complex spreadsheet which has a summary report. There are perhaps 200 populated rows on the summary, but for clarity I wish to set row height to hidden or 1 based on what is in the row. For example, in row 45 if cell B = " " I would like that row hidden or compressed. Row 46 may appear...
  8. K

    VBA Or Macro Help on adjusting row height on gnatt chart based on cell value?

    Hi, I'm looking for help on finishing up my gnatt chart by applying a format to widen row height based on an input cell. For instance, the row height would adjust for the project schedule phase, based on the number of staff assigned (entered in a column for that same row) that would...
  9. A

    Autofit Row Height of Visible Cells Only (including merged cells)

    I am trying to autofit the height of cells (including merged cells) for visible rows only when I have filtered a set of data. Below I've listed cell references: The range of cells A2:A19 are all merged together as one (and there are about 5 lines of text within that group of merged cells)...
  10. K

    VBA to continously update row height as cell changes

    Hey all, Remember I did this years ago, but now I cant get it to work, nor find a similar question in the forum. I'm generating a list where the cell content change a lot from row to row depending on the user input. The list is mainly generated via validation lists, sometimes there's a lot of...
  11. MrDB4Excel

    Styles and row height

    Is it possible to create an excel style to force row height? In the spreadsheet I am working on I use a row height of 8 and a specific color to separate specific data sets. When I begin to input the next data set I skip a row to input data in subsequent rows. Then I go back and adjust the height...
  12. E

    Is it possible to prevent a text box from automatically stretching?

    Here's my situation. I have a text box in column A. In the columns to right is where my data is entered. Sometimes the data in those cells are wrapped into multiple lines, which automatically increases the row height of those cells. I have no problem with those cells adjusting their row height...
  13. M

    Format every fouth row height

    I have a number of large spread- sheets. I need to format the row height of every fourth row to 24.00 I have the macro below which doesn't work. Can anyone fix it please? Sub Height() X = 0 Do X = X + 4 Rows(X).RowHeight = 24 Loop Until X = 1000 End Sub Thanks Steve..:mad:
  14. S

    Row Height adjusted based on content via code or Macro

    I have a worksheet that contains two cells that are populated via a series of nested IF statements based on the contents of another cell. The issue is that one of the statements generates a MUCH longer text string than the other two options. To make the text appear aesthetically pleasing, the...
  15. M

    Dynamic autofit row height

    Hello there everyone, i recently came upon something that im not able to figure out and haven't had any luck after searching a bunch for my particular issue.. my dilemma is that ive created a table so that you can re order based on certain columns and data, etc. and within this table i have...
  16. L

    Specify Minimum Row Height And Autofit Row Size for ALL worksheets

    Hello experts, I have a workbook with the same kind of data in about 30 different worksheet tabs. I want to make all of the rows with data in each worksheet be reformatted with a row height of 30, unless the content is larger than 30 then it needs the entire row to be autofitted. I have code...
  17. L

    Autosize Row Height VBA Macro

    I have a worksheet called "Selected LP List" and on that worksheet, there are index(match()) functions in columns A:F that returns text linked to another worksheet. The problem I am having is that the rows do not automatically adjust the height so any wrapped text is cut off. Typically, column F...
  18. C

    Autoexpand Row Height on a Password Protected Spreadsheet

    Morning All, I am using Excel 2010 which I am experiencing a small problem with. I have a spreadsheet which is password protected, this spreadsheet contains a large number of formulae lifting data from another spreadsheet. When I make a selection from cell O2 I would like rows X5:Y11 to...
  19. J

    Find Text and Resize Row Height - VBA

    Hello, I am attempting to find a code that goes through all worksheets in activeworkbook and searches column C for the term "Method of Quoting:", when it is found, I would like to resize that row height to 100. Is this possible?
  20. U

    Seemingly random rows of height 0

    Hi all, I've been working on a decently sized spreadsheet (110 columns x 500 rows) with a mix of text and numbers. I have formulas, filters, conditional formatting, etc being used throughout the sheet. My problem is this: I'll be working on the spreadsheet and tend to copy across information...
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