1. J

    Listbox rowsource in personal working folder

    Hi, Im trying to create a listbox in my personal working folder. Normally the data is already in the workbook so you can select the cells and link this to the listbox rowsource. But now I want the rowsource in the code itself and not in the workbook. I dont want the data in the workbook. How can...
  2. bdautrich

    Run time error '380': Could not set RowSource property. Invalid property value

    Working on Excel VBA app. And I am getting an error I can not figure out. The app is displaying a range from a spreadsheet in a list box on a user form, The first time it does this, things work fine. The user form has some text input boxes that allows the user to input a new row of data unto...
  3. S

    RowSourceType and RowSource for a Label?

    Any idea why there is a RowSourceType and RowSource Properties are present in VBA Forms for label controls? Note: The above two properties are enabling at runtime but don't know how to use that. Please Help.
  4. W

    Using last row in this code

    Hello, I have an excel database with about 50 unique sheets. The formatting of these sheets is the same in all cases but each worksheet is for a different supplier, some worksheets contain 10 rows, some 450+ I made an userform, to make it easier to add, edit, etc. the products listed on these...
  5. J

    How to find where a named range is being used for data validation or as a rowsource?

    I have a named range in a large spreadsheet that I suspect is being used for either a) data validation for some cell or b) as a rowsource for some combobox on a userform. Is there a "simple" way to find out where exactly it's being used? My understanding is that trace dependents will only check...
  6. A

    Strange one this

    I have a userform (TagForm) with a listbox that has the Rowsource controlled by the code below basically the code finds the range for the Rowsource, by first finding the Column (Colon) then the Last Row (Lastr) of data in that column, the top row of the Range is always 5, then the
  7. W

    How to only show items that are bigger then 0 in a listbox

    I have a listbox that I populate with rowsource from a table called table1. I am trying to only load values that are bigger then 0 and not negative in the listbox. I am trying to select which column that is bigger then 0 and not negative. Ex. I want to load only values in the multiple...
  8. W

    Adding/Removing items from ListBox and from RowSource

    I am trying to add and remove items from an activex listbox with multiple columns. Whis this code I only remove parts of the items in the listbox and in the rowsource, I think you could say that it doesn't remove all columns. Code to remove items: Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() Dim sFind...
  9. N

    Rowsource with multiple WHERE criteria throwing Syntax error

    Hello and thank you for any attention my post may receive. My goal is to have multiple cascading combo boxes, and I have succeeded with the first two. I receive a syntax error with the third. In my first code below, cboMake populates as it should after cboUnit is updated. However the second...
  10. A

    how to hide the value from other comboboxs when it selected in one of them

    If I have 5 or more combobox in a userform and all have the same rowsource, but I want if i choose a value in one of them that prevents their appearance in the others ?
  11. gemcgraw

    RowSource Runtime Error 308

    I'm not sure if my issue is using Microsoft Office Excel Professional 2019 or something else. However, I have a combobox (ComboBoxVendors) on a userform that I need populated with vendor names. I'm trying to set the RowSource value in VBA code and getting, "Runtime error 308. Could not set the...
  12. I

    Userform Combobox RowSource question

    Morning, I am using a userform for data entry to a worksheet. Currently say Combobox5 is for a certain car part. In the properties of Combobox5 under RowSource i have INFO!T2:T68 of which is where these specific parts are listed. My question is When i add more car parts to the list, so now my...
  13. L

    Could not set the RowSource property when I open another workbook

    Hi Experts, I have a macro enabled workbook and when I start the program I get "Run-time error 380 - could not set the rowsource property. Invalid property value" in my UserForm initialize. Line in error is when I set the rowsource below. Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() WorkbookName =...
  14. J

    Update worksheet cell value and Listbox rowsource with double click in another Listbox

    Hey guys! I'm working on a project that includes an User Form that should incorporate the following functionalities: a) User searches a database by typing a value in a textbox b) Once clicking "Search", the results are display in a Listbox c) If an item in the Listbox is double clicked, the...
  15. E

    Listbox populate based on checkbox selection?

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a userform with a listbox that populate from a dynamic range. Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() With Listbox1 .RowSource = Range(Sheets("validation").Range("c2"), Sheets("validation").Range("c2").End(xlDown)).Address(, , , True)...
  16. kelly mort

    Rowsource in combobox

    Hello, I want to load my comboboxes dynamically. I have four comboxes and I am loading them with I rowsource. What I want to do now is that, when I select an item from the first combobox, then inside the second combobox, show the list from the first combobox except the one selected in the...
  17. F

    Difference between AddItem and RowSource

    Hi everyone! Could someone explain the difference between AddItem and RowSource methods on ComboBox and ListBox form items? Which one it's better to use? Thanks in advance!
  18. A

    Combobox #Name? Error

    Hi all, I have a combobox that is throwing the #Name ? error no matter what I do. There are two comboboxes on a single form, and the rowsource and control source are now set up similarly. One works, one throws the error. I have removed a table from the database that the form property control...
  19. D

    Where/how do I register a dynamic range

    Hi I want to populate a userform combo/listbox - RowSource from a dynamic range that I created in a Sub according to which cell is clicked on (using activecell.offset). What do I specify for RowSource? Do I need to register the range name - how? Thanks for any help David
  20. Starkey

    Setting ListBox.RowSource correctly with blank columns

    Hi everyone. Not posted for ages but still read the threads when I need help which I continue to find very useful I've just discovered the RowSouce property of ListBoxes and it's opened up a wealth of new possibilities. However I'm struggling in scenarios where I want to populate a ListBox with...

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