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  1. F

    PowerPivot, Running Totals, and Chart Lines with null data

    Good afternoon all, I'm certain that we've all had this issue at one point or another but I can't seem to find a solution--hoping that someone has something ready to go. Here's the summary: PivotChart with Date values on X AXIS and a Running Value Count 'flattens' when max is reached. The...
  2. A

    Filtered tables and running totals

    Hello all - I am a bit stick here, and could use a little push in the right direction, please: Column A has numeric data Column B has a running total of the data in A (and there are a number of other columns…) I have a line chart that depicts the curve of Column B, ie, a line chart of the...
  3. C

    Formula for running total until a mark is reached and then restart

    Hello, I am looking for an excel formula that does the following: We have a mark to reach, let's say MARK=12 In column A we have "random" amounts. In column B, I want a formula that: - Calculates the running amount in col A and - If the running total has not reached then MARK then leave the...
  4. A

    Max Drawdown, portfolio

    Greetings all - I think I am close to having this right, but certainly am missing something. I am trying to calculate Max Drawdown of a portfolio, and have the following: CS2 =(running total equity curve) CT2 =max(CS2,CT1) CU2 =IFERROR(IF(CS2=CT2,0,MAX(CU1,CT2-CS2)),"") CV2...
  5. M

    Added columns to pivot table stop running totals

    I would like to re-post my original post with a better example for the issues I am having. When I use the running total with these columns shown, the running total works. <colgroup><col><col span="2"><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Item name Item No. Date of Movement Sum of Quantity Running Total...
  6. R

    Apply working single row formula to all further rows with Click Button

    Hi guys, Complete newbie to VBA! I have created a stock management worksheet that I "simply" want to add or subtract from a running total with a click button to carry out the function. At the minute I have the following code: Private Sub commandbutton1_click() Range("J5").Value =...
  7. B

    Subtract cell value from running total based on if another cell is filled

    Hi There- I have a spreadsheet that has a running total in cell G5. I would like to subtract a cells value from range B4 to B21 if the corresponding cell in range D4 to D21 is filled with PAID. Meaning, if cell D8 = "PAID" then subtract cell B8 from running total in cell G5. Can someone help...
  8. R

    YTD Sum of Plan values to be compared to Actual values

    I am currently working on a controlling dashboard for SharePoint, but have to figure out the formulas in Excel first. I want to compare a YTD planned value (B4) with a YTD actual value (C4) and of that number insert a traffic light showing the YTD status vs. the plan. Below you see the logic...
  9. C

    HARD: PivotTable - Hide same values in running total? (with pictures)

    Hi. Who is expert enough to solve this? In a PivotTable, I would like to hide successive equal values in a running total. That is, I would like same successive values to be blank. This is what I have: This is what I want: (I just made the font white)
  10. A

    Getting running total and balance

    Hi Im new to here, I have following question <tbody> Date Product Production Cumulative Dispatch Balance 1 Jan 17 Apple 10 10 0 10 2 Jan 17 Banana 12 12 0 12 3 Jan 17 Apple 15 25 14 11 4 Jan 17 Apple 16 27 14 13 </tbody> ****** id="cke_pastebin" style="position: absolute; top: 41px...
  11. N

    Restart running total after X number of rows

    I'm trying to come up with a formula that can 'restart' a running total after 12 rows. Currently my data looks like this where the running total is calculated using the formula in C2 is =SUM($B$2:B2) This works fine until I reach row 14. Here I would like the formula to 'restart' so it...
  12. E

    Cumulative sum that restarts count on condition

    Hi all, Below is a copy of the data. I need to have a cumulative sum of column b, that resets the count to zero if i encounter a reset condition. The problem is I do not know when the reset(s) will occur( It is not a fixed location), so the challenge is catching the moving target. Also the...
  13. K

    Running total with lag between commencement and completion

    Using Excel 2007 on Windows XP. Assume the following worksheet layout: <tbody> 1 Commencements 1 1 3 1 4 3 4 2 1 2 3 2 Period between commencement and completion 4 4 4 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 3 4 Completions 5 4 period assumption 1 1 3 6 3 period assumption...
  14. M

    MTD and YTD in a running total

    As stated in a previous thread I am creating a KPI dashboard for my company. In this dashboard there are 24 data sheets that connect to the dashboard that can be viewed by the week of MTD or YTD. One of the data sheets is for a client count which is a running total. Which obviously doesn't work...
  15. S

    VBA or Formula for Running Total

    Hey Everyone . . . Looking for some assistance on a formula or VBA. I have the below dataset and I am trying to automate the calculation of the running total. Basically, I need it to say, if the user stays the same, the processID stays the same, the client id is new, and the closed column is...
  16. P

    Adding value in single Cell

    Hi, pls help me .. i have value in C2 which is change daily . i want to do C2 value Total at D2 as Running total like yesterday c2 value is 10 and d2 value also 10 today c2 value is 5 then d2 value will be 10+5=15 pls suggest me a formula or vb code.
  17. P

    Keep Runing Total

    Hi Guys, I have a value in B2 and and i want to do total of this value on C2 and D2 Format like this DAY WEEK MONTH IF I FILL 50 IN DAY CELL THEN WEEK WILL BE 50 MONTH ALSO WILL BE 50 After that i change value in day 10 than Week value auto calculate 50+10=60 and month value also 60...
  18. 9tanstaafl9

    Eliminate duplicate entries but keep running total?

    Basically I have a simple set of data sorted by cost code (col B). Each cost code has an amount (col C). There may be one or more of each cost code. When all is said and done, what I want is to see only one of each cost code. If more than one had originally existed, I want the total to be...
  19. C

    Need running total formula based on adjacent column text color

    I need to create a running total based on the color of the text in an adjacent column. I am using 2007 Excel. Essentially, every time I enter a date in "black" text, I need the count to go up by "one"; every time I enter a date in "red" text, I need the count to go down by "one". I need the...
  20. S

    YTD Pivot Table

    Hi All, Sorry if this has been asked before, but I've had a search and can't find an answer. I'm using Excel 2010 and Windows 7 I'm trying to find a YTD total in a pivot table. I've been able to use the running total function to get a YTD figure from my data. However, this table currently...

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