running total

  1. B

    Running Total for Unique Variables and a Condition

    Hello! I am trying to calculate a running total of specific groups, but I do not want a group to be counted if it does not have a posted date. Currently, I am using the following CountIF formula: (=COUNTIF($H$6:H7,H7)). This formula is effective in helping me find the running total of unique...
  2. T

    Faster Alternative to Conditional Running Total than List.Sum

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to add a column that will sum up values in another column based on a few conditions. The code I currently have uses List.Sum. I have to do a similar conditional running total calculation several times in my query along with a few other transformations. The query...
  3. A

    Replacing/updating data in a running column with previously unused data in rows above

    Greetings all - I am stumped on how to accomplish this and would be very grateful for any help or suggestions, thank you! 1 - I have rows with prices in them in a table: open, high, low, close (cols ABCD) 2 - Col E has a formula that identifies a condition. For simplicity's sake, I am hand...
  4. R

    Lambda Function that works in a TABLE

    Good evening, hope someone can help. I am trying to create lambda functions that work in various tables in a workbook. The worksheet calculates "Year To Date" (a running total) and "Previous Year to Date" (YTD from the previous row) The functions are kind of long (especially the Previous...
  5. D

    DAX calculatetable

    Hi I've created a running total column by date and criteria, first I used ALLEXCEPT , but then ALL and VALUES so; RTColumn := CALCULATE ( SUM ( Table1[Sales] ), FILTER ( ALL ( Table1 ), Table1[Date] <= EARLIER ( Table1[Date] ) ), CALCULATETABLE ( VALUES ( Table1[Agency] ) ) )...
  6. D

    DAX running total measures best practice

    Hello, I was looking at different ways of dealing with a running total and I wondered if anyone had any advice on benefits of problems with different methods with regards to efficiency on large data sets which I don't deal with but it would be good to know. RTM := VAR mdate = MAX (...
  7. D

    DAX Variables used in formula

    Hi, I have a question re variables, which i tend to use as it makes it easier to understand but in the formula I have for a running total in a calculated column I have to use a var or it won't work; VAR aitem = AllandValues[item] RETURN CALCULATE ( [avsales], FILTER (...
  8. D

    DAX studio and running total

    Hi, I have a calculated column , power pivot , returning a running total , (dex = index) EVALUATE VAR CurrentRow = SaleT[dex] VAR CurrentItem = SaleT[item] VAR filteredtable = FILTER ( ALL ( SaleT ), SaleT[dex] <= CurrentRow && SaleT[item] = CurrentItem ) RETURN CALCULATE ( SUM (...
  9. D

    DAX running total using 'Calendar' table that respects filter context,

    I hope I've got my row / filer the the right way round, I created two measures one using the dates from the fact table the other from the calendar table RTM using C = VAR mcdate = MAX('Calendar'[Date]) VAR anser = CALCULATE([Tsales],FILTER(ALL('Calendar'[Date]),'Calendar'[Date]<= mcdate))...
  10. D

    Power Bi Running total ; put in blank rather than repeat final figure.

    Hi, I have a running total in power bi, one using the date column of 'sales' and the other using the Calendar table, I'd like to use the calendar table but because it has every date I get date repeated where there is no current data, I'd like the matrix on the right to filter down to just...
  11. D

    DAX running total that does not recalculate at the end of a period or group.

    HI, I have a simple running total measure ; RTM:=VAR mdate = MAX(Table2[Date]) VAR anser = CALCULATE([tSales],FILTER(ALL(Table2[Date]),Table2[Date]<= mdate ) ) RETURN anser but when I put this into a pivot table where the dates are groped by Month the accumulative pricess restarts at the...
  12. K

    Power Query - Function (Average Daily Balance) - Repeat for Each Dynamically Named Column and Dynamically Changing Number of Columns

    Hello, It has been a very long time since I have posted on here, so I apologize in advance if I am rusty on any preferred protocol and information/data to include on a post. I need to be able to able to obtain the average daily balance of each case, for each quarter. Since I have not found a...
  13. D

    DAX Rolling 7 day total

    Hi, I'm trying to do a 7 day rolling total in DAX, I've followed a similar structure to what I'd do in excel, in excel I wouldn't have the first condition, just greater than; < moving := VAR abc = MAX(Table1[Date])...
  14. D

    M code and DAX running total

    Hello, pretty new to power query and dax, I've used < List.Sum list.firstN / Range and List.Accumulate to create running totals, and an index column in Dax power pivot but I'd like to create one based on a condition, so at simples two columns 'Product ' a b c and 'sales' and create a running...
  15. M

    Am I doing this right?

    I made a pareto sheet/chart of the my members XP in my Discord server based on Trump excel tutorial and a few of my own designs. I'm just not sure what I should calculate the %running total from... Should I be using the Current Column or Remains Column? Here's the data...
  16. N

    Running total in Excel to a value, reset the cumulative total, and group?

    I am looking to group a list of numbers based on their sums to a target value. The database is large and would need to be a scalable solution. For instance, if my target value was 10, this would look like the following: Item Value Total Group A 4 I B 3 I C 4 11 I D 3 II E 2...
  17. B

    Calculating Top Item Drivers Using Running Total

    Hello I am trying to return a list of products as my values for whatever time period I have selected, that makes up the top 50% of volume. I want the ability to be able to show multiple weeks on a visual but be able to see by item what's driving sales each week and how often they're the top...
  18. F

    PowerPivot, Running Totals, and Chart Lines with null data

    Good afternoon all, I'm certain that we've all had this issue at one point or another but I can't seem to find a solution--hoping that someone has something ready to go. Here's the summary: PivotChart with Date values on X AXIS and a Running Value Count 'flattens' when max is reached. The...
  19. A

    Filtered tables and running totals

    Hello all - I am a bit stick here, and could use a little push in the right direction, please: Column A has numeric data Column B has a running total of the data in A (and there are a number of other columns…) I have a line chart that depicts the curve of Column B, ie, a line chart of the...
  20. C

    Formula for running total until a mark is reached and then restart

    Hello, I am looking for an excel formula that does the following: We have a mark to reach, let's say MARK=12 In column A we have "random" amounts. In column B, I want a formula that: - Calculates the running amount in col A and - If the running total has not reached then MARK then leave the...

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