runtime error 1004

  1. Z

    VBA: Run-time error '1004' Trying to Delete "Table" Rows

    Run-time error '1004' This won't work because it would move cells in a table on your worksheet. I'm trying to run a loop to delete Table Rows (not Sheet Rows) that meet a certain condition. It's working up to a point, and I'm not sure why. Can someone take a look at this and tell me where...
  2. Z

    VBA macro works on one computer but when other use it, it attempts to save to the wrong save path and runtime errors

    Hello, I have a Macro that un-shares the workbook then re-shares it after the macro has run. It works for me and when re-sharing it, it saves to the correct file path given in the vba. But when others in the office try it, it adds 7 or 8 random numbers at the end of the save address, then...
  3. B

    Runtime error '1004' no cells were found for Worksheet_Change

    I've attached my code below. The code works as I intended, but after running it displays the error "Runtime error '1004' no cells were found". Basically I want the code to change cell G3 to display today's date and return the value, if the formula in cell F3 changes. Anyone have any suggestions...
  4. X

    'Range' of object '_Global' failed ---runtime error 1004

    Hello below is my code, it works only 1/3 of the upper screen as expected, error msg comes out anywhere else. please help to identify the root cause. Thanks so much. Sub FindMax() ' Dim zoomCell As Range, zoomRng As Range, maxCell As Variant ActiveSheet.Cells.Interior.Color =...
  5. P

    Runtime error '1004' select method of worksheet class failed

    Hello, Getting above error when running the below Macro, and cannot figure out why for life of me. I have searched endlessly, but am new to VBA so hoping someone can assist. I understand the code I've used is problematic due to the use of .select and copying/paste back and forth b/n sheets...
  6. S

    Trouble With Find Works fine for days then Errors with "runtime error 1004 select method of range class failed"

    Here is all of the code. Makes me pull what's left of my hair out when it works for weeks then stops. Sometimes it will error on one Find, i.e. "UPN" then run fine on everything else. Then if I rem that error, manually create the range, sometimes if continues fine, other times it errors on every...
  7. S

    runtime error 1004 :PDF Export to Onedrive sub-folder

    Hi Experts, I have a problem so far, I tried to export my code to PDF format, the situation is runtime error 1004 what i did so far is that . with this path work just fine Filename:=" work/Invoice Record History/" & "61_" & bil_id & "_" &...
  8. J

    SaveAs Runtime Error 1004 issue

    Hi Guys, I'm sometimes getting a runtime error on the "ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs" line Other times it works like a dream. I'm confused... Sub TestForDirAndSave() If MsgBox("Are you sure?", vbOKCancel, "Save?") = vbCancel Then Exit Sub Dim strDir As String strDir =...
  9. A

    Run-Time Error 1004: MS Excel is refreshing some data. Please try again later using Query

    I have a dynamic query in a sheet that has a parameter in cell C1. So, In column A there are codes, and in column b are those code descriptions and based on the value in cell C1, the query will refresh to display codes related to the value in C1. When the value in C1 changes I get a "Run-Time...
  10. C

    VBA Copy and Paste from Open File Dialog - Runtime Error 1004 Application-Defined or object-defined error

    I've got a macro to select a file from the Open File dialog, copy the data, and paste it into a worksheet in another workbook. However, I get a runtime error 1004 at the paste step. Anyone know how to fix it? Public Sub GetRange() Dim ReportWbk As Workbook 'workbook with report data Dim...
  11. V

    Error when using Workbooks.Open with the * character

    Hi I have been running a code which opens an excel file whose name changes each day. The naming convention of the file is essential "Input file-[date]-[time].xlsx". Given the time can vary, I have used the * character to specify the file name: filesource_path = "N:\Input files"...
  12. C

    VBA to upload Excel File to Sharepoint. Run Time error '1004'

    Hi all I hope you can help. I have a piece of code and what it does is if cell A2 is changed to anything other than "Enter Your Country Here" it finds and replaces all the "Enter Your Country Here" in the workbook with the new value in A2. This part works fine. The issue I am having is that once...
  13. Dad_x6

    Cannot select/copy upper range in Excel

    I have a very large spreadsheet (850 columns and 5000 rows) that I am trying parse into smaller chunks and then send into Access. I have a loop that cycles through the columns and sends 120 columns at a time to a separate workbook (via a strRange) variable. Then, the new workbook is imported...
  14. L

    Certain URLs for Inserting Pictures into Excel Sheet Returns a Run Time Error :/

    I have a spreadsheet that has some macro that takes picture url's from one column to display in another. When I run the macro (Not sure if I said that correctly. I am new at this stuff), it goes smoothly until I reach url's that look like these ones...
  15. J

    I am getting Runtime error 1004" error message when you try to copy and to paste in Excel 2010

    Hi I am getting Runtime error 1004" error message when you try to copy and to paste in Excel 2010, when the macro tries to paste sheet 5 into sheet 6, here is the debug point where the code is failing the text is in orange. Can you help? I am trying to figure out why it is breaking at this...
  16. M

    runtime error 1004 paste method of worksheet class failed

    Hi All! I keep receiving an error when copying data over: "runtime error 1004 paste method worksheet class failed" at ActiveSheet.Range Sheets("Macro").Select Cells.Select Range("A1").Select ActiveSheet.Range Columns("D:D").Select Selection.Insert Shift:=xlToRight...
  17. D

    VBA Runtime Error with XLSB file

    I have a large macro enabled file I saved as a XLSB to reduce size and opening time. Now however, if it is not the first excel file open, I get a Runtime Error '1004' when my macro events run. However, when it is the first file open, the macro events perform perfectly. Hopefully someone has...
  18. N

    Runtime Error 1004

    I'm a novice at VBA and am using the immediate window. I am getting a Run-Time error '1004': Application-defined or object-defined error and I don't know why. I have the following code in my immediate window. I have a similar code, but for the Income Statement which works just fine. I...
  19. J

    Run XLAM from macro

    Hello, I'm trying to run an XLAM file from a macro. Using the run method I get the following error Run-time error '1004': Cannot run the macro (filepath) The macro may not be available in this macro or all macros may be disabled. I'm quite familiar with VBA, but am just starting with .xlam...
  20. D

    VBA Runtime Error 1004 Unable to Get Match property of the WorksheetFunction class

    Hello, I am looking to populate a calendar grid with select piece of information. My Calendar Grid sheet is named "Calendar". The sheet with the data is named "Input". The macro successfully completes one cycle but I get an error in the 2nd cycle once I arrive at the Cindex line of code...

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