runtime error

  1. Jyggalag

    Run-time error "Method "Add" of object "Attachments" failed"

    Dear all, I am trying to run a macro that sends out emails, however when I try to run it I keep getting this error unfortunately: Can somebody please help me figure out why? I have tried setting source = ThisWorkbook.FullName (takes the current excel file I am typing in as an attachment)...
  2. J

    Can I add a new row to my table using a macro whilst my table is filtered?

    Hi All, I'm having an issue with one of my spreadsheets where if I apply a filter to my table and then attempt to add a new row using a macro, I get a run time error which I cant seem to get passed! Note: the spreadsheet must be able to add a new row whilst the table is filtered (the table...
  3. J

    Runtime Error 9 Subscript out of Range

    Help! This is the most ridiculously big brained problem I've ever run into. I'm not sure where or when the problem came about, but all of a sudden I can't reference one of my sheets anymore! The only way I can get VBA to run any code that has to do with range references or object references to...
  4. D

    Am I adding a potential error in VBA by renaming a Sheet name in properties? (run-time error -21473219767 (80028029))

    Today I ran into the Run-time error -21473219767 (80028029) Automation error. Invalid forward reference, or reference to uncompiled type. Like others, I had been running my code for years without issue. Today, it decided to not function as it had before. After reading a bit from other posts, I...
  5. A

    Please help with my runtime error '424' object required

    Here is my code: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Address = "$E$70" Then If Me.Range("E70") = "Yes" Then If Me.Range("E9") = "" Then MsgBox "Please enter school ID at the start of the form to continue"...
  6. thelukeee

    Importing .Txt files based on date last modified, then sort file by Comma Separation (VBA)---Error: "Run-time error '76: Path not Found"

    Hello everyone, I'd appreciate some coding help in Excel using VBA. I'm very new to this. Background: There is a new .txt file made for each machine run, which contains details about the part and the weight gain. The .txt file is created automatically in the system, and goes unedited by...
  7. A

    Method Clear Contents of Object Range Failed

    Hi I have the following simple code, never had an issue with it before but all of a sudden I am getting the "Method Clear Contents of Object Range Failed" run time error. From what I have read this isnt so much an error with the code but more to do with the system is that correct? If anyone...
  8. S

    RunTime Error 462 while converting word docx to PDF

    '******* EmpFolder is a Global Variable containing Folder Path ************************* Sub BatchConvertDocxToPDF() Dim objDoc1 As Document Dim strFile As String, strFolder As String 'Initialization strFolder = EmpFolder & "" strFile = Dir(strFolder & "*.docx", vbNormal)...
  9. K

    vbs script suddenly started "unknown runtime error" on running macro in excel - any ideas??

    My script was running just fine up until about a week ago. Now it throws an error on the macro run statement. The macro runs fine in the spreadsheet when run manually. We did run windows updates, and an antivirus update; but that should not have changed anything in this - right? I'm running...
  10. C

    VBA Internet Controls Macro Running Slow and Stopping at the 242nd Number In List

    I have written a macro that pulls numbers from a long list and inputs them into a website. After looping through about the 25th number, it seems to start noticeably slowing down more and more. It also seems to crash at 242 numbers and displays 'Run-time Error -2147319783: Automation Error. Old...
  11. B

    Runtime Error '1004'

    I keep getting the following error and I don't know why: Runtime Error '1004': Method range of object global Failed Here is my code with the line causing the issue denoted with the *. Sub Button1_Click()ActiveSheet.Range("AL2:AL399").Value = 0 ActiveSheet.Range("BH2:BP399").Value = ""...
  12. T

    VBA - run time error '13' type mismatch selecting sheet based on named range

    Hi everyone, Please can someone help me with the following, apologies if this is quite basic. I've not done any VBA for a long time and I'm out of practice. In my Excel workbook I have a number of buttons to take you to different sheets in the model, I'm trying to write code that can be...
  13. A

    Calling a macro when activating a sheet

    Hi all! When I activate a Sheet A, I want to run a macro which does something on another Sheet B, including copy and paste some ranges on sheet B. The macro runs well independently. However, when I put it in the event of activating Sheet A, the following error occurs: Runtime Error...
  14. I

    Runtime error Out of Memory

    Beginner VBA user here. I'm getting a runtime error that says "Out of Memory" with one certain set of code. I have one specific worksheet within a workbook that contains 4 rows each valued as the days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday respectively in Column "A". The nature of the worksheet...
  15. I

    Run-Time error 1004 when clearing cells

    I'm scanning ID & Username into "column A1" the vba then moves the cursor to the right to "column b" finally down to "A2,B2,etc.... But if I make an error of some sort and click on the cell to delete the ID or Username this Run-time error '1004': Application-defined or object-defined error...
  16. T

    Run-time error 2147024894

    Hello, Hoping someone can help me with this. I am attempting to run a script from Excel that saves an exported report from SAP in a given location. This code runs without issue on several computers. When I emailed the code to a coworker they kept getting this error: Run-time error '-2147024894...
  17. Rlhoffarthexcel

    Macro created in PC Excel returns Run-time error 448 when run in Mac Excel

    I have a very frustrating Macro issue: A pair of macros that were created in Excel for PC won't run properly on my Excel for Mac. And, yes, I've "enabled Macros" on my Mac whenever I pull up Excel files that have Macros. BACKGROUND: I run a MacPro, 16 gigs RAM, 1TB SSD. I run Parallels for...
  18. M

    Run time error

    Hi Folks, I am running a code that I use everyday without fault , nothing has changed but I am getting a run time error which has dwindle my motivation to fix it. here is the vba script with the error highlighted. Public Sub ROCSORT() TotalRowsROC = Worksheets("ROC").UsedRange.Rows.Count...
  19. J

    Can't add new controls to userform. Run-time error '-2147352573 (80020003)'

    Hello all, First off I'm really new to excel and vba so bare with me I've always been able to solve whatever problems I encounter, searching forum and melting my brain, but this one is way out of my reach and I don't seem to find nothing in the forums that clearly solves the problem. I'm...
  20. A

    runtime error 2110

    Still new with VBA, using only what i have learned online and on these forums lol. I have created a multipage userform in excel. i entered a code to set focus on blank text before moving on to the next page when clicking "next" however i keep getting Run-time error '2110' "Cant move focus to...

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