1. M

    Create tables dynamically using cell value

    Hello Experts, A happy new year to all! I have been searching a way to generate tables in a sheet base on the value of cell (drop down list). If you look at the below screenshot 1. I have a pre-defined format of table named as "TemplateTable" 2. 2xdropdown list which is dynamically populated...
  2. G

    To calculate based on names

    Hi Everyone, Here i am trying to calculate the value based on the headers which are in the "sum" sheet and their names will only be A,B,C......, and my inputs are in "main" sheet but in my input those columns will be renamed as Sum of A,Sum of B,Sum of C..........., and my preferred output...
  3. djl0525

    Help with FIND

    I need a formula to extract the characters between the second and third hyphen in the strings below. <tbody> SAMPLE DATA RESULT 1-2-3-4 3 11-2-333-4 333 1-2222-3-4444 3 11111111-22222222-33333333-44444444 33333333 </tbody> Any assistance will be greatly appreciated! DJ
  4. G

    To add a formula from excel to VBA-excel

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to calculate the difference between two values and multiply with payable days and sum up all those values. Like, here is my sample formula for one cell...
  5. vijnanamatrata

    Recreating NTILE function on running SQL in Excel

    I am making a conversion from traditional way of creating reports in Excel, and I have been stuck on recreating NTILE function when running SQL in Excel (because NTILE function does not exist there), even though I have succeeded in recreating NTILE function when running in Oracle PL/SQL...
  6. A

    search criteria like small(if(isnumber(find.. with any code

    Hi All i have attached the sheet with made up sample. in sheet 4 there is column C and E is the data which i received and i want result of column D and F as i mentioned with reference to subject of this post! column C and E is linked with sheet 3 columns, there is mainly two types of packages...
  7. A

    Text list divided into columns

    I am trying to find a formula or VBA code Here is my problem: We are conducting an external audit. There are agencies withdifferent number of employee files this is not a fixed number. I input a formulathat gives me the sample size based on the total population(already done). Sowhat I am...
  8. G

    Vlookup for multiple instances

    Hey everyone, I've got a few problems I'm having using vlookups - I feel like there's gotta be something I'm not thinking of. - Is it possible to get a lookup to find the Nth instance of a lookup value? - Can I easily add together every instance? Maybe this is a case for Match instead...
  9. A

    VBA to take a Random 10% sample of rows with data in column A.

    Hello, I'm trying to get a piece of code to sample 10% of rows in a sheet by copying them into another sheet. I've managed to do this but the caveat is that I only want rows which have data in Column A. The way I've tried to do this so far is by hiding anything without data in column A but...
  10. M

    creating line graphs (constant) when data is changed (dynamic)

    I am trying to find a way to compare some line graphs. The data will be in 3 columns, B Date, C Time, D Result. There are 288 samples taken per day, but the data may not start at midnight and go until midnight when analyzed. Maybe the first sample when a file is opened is 9am, and from then a...
  11. L

    Need formula help for adding months based on criteria of customer

    I have a spreadsheet that I need to add each month sales invoices based on customer. Here is a sample of what my spreadsheet looks like. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you in advance!
  12. P


    Just need some help with an additional ask. I have the following formulae, which provides aged analysis on all of my data. There are further ages (this is a sample) SUM(COUNTIFS(DataWIP!$H:$H,{"A- High","B - Associate - Hi"},DataWIP!$AL:$AL,"WIP",DataWIP!AN:AN,"<="&0))...
  13. L

    Data grouping with macro

    I need help with a macro please. I have a bunch of data on Data sheet A7:N11, a Results sheet where the outcome would be displayed on M7:Q11. The data I have is repeating numbers between 1 and 12. I need to group these numbers on the table on the results page according to the M1:Q1. I share a...
  14. Y

    Formula Help (times)

    Is there a formula that can be ran on these values to then return something similar to the sample table provided below. The objective of this formula wold be to break down minute by minute is there are 0,1,2, or more times overlapping. <colgroup><col width="80"...
  15. K

    Filter A Pivot Table Based on the Presence of a Value in the current month.

    Hello, I am trying to make a pivot chart that holds all of my supplier information based on some of my key performance indicators. I want the Pivot to automatically filter to not show the suppliers that have no value in the current month, as they have not been used. Here is a sample of what...
  16. M

    Calculate average by date with unusual date column format

    I am trying to make a worksheet that will calculate the averages or a sample taken every 5 minutes constantly. The date column increments in minutes, but comes out with the date attached as well. A sample is below, this is only a few lines:2019-05-21T00:03:40 2019-05-21T08:28:40...
  17. J

    Website log in

    I have spreadsheet with the following columns: 1. Vendor name link 3.user 4.password How to write a vba code to log in website and get user/password from cells. Any sample Please. Thank you
  18. C

    Importing columns from multiple workbooks into next available column

    Hello, Although I assume this is a fairly regular inquiry, I have been unable to find it in the forum, please excuse me if the thread already exists. And sorry if the post is too long, I would like to express myself as clearly as possible. I have many excel files which I converted from PDF and...
  19. A

    Random value assign with weightage

    I have a sample size of 30. I need an excel function in which I can assign " Random Values " (say a question has 4 options and need to assign 1 to 4 randomly) based on the weight to each individual from the sample. Means Option 1: 45% Option 2: 12% Option 3: 30%...
  20. L

    random numbers from 4 different sequences into one

    I have 4 different check # sequences. I do a % of the total number of Checks based on the total. I then used the # of items to select, of each of the sequences to = my total sample size of 25. My question is, how can I get the random # to select and then put them all together to give me my 25...

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