sap to excel

  1. N

    SAP Script Yesterday's date

    Hello, I am trying to run an report daily and save to a specific location. Here is the code, how do I command to say "every time I run the script to look at yesterday's date" If Not IsObject(application) Then Set SapGuiAuto = GetObject("SAPGUI") Set application =...
  2. D

    VBA for data extraction from sap

    Hi everyone i need to built a VBA code to extract data from the sap and add those data into the excel file. I need to extract data based on the product number, Can anyone help me out how to do that. Thanks in advance
  3. Johnny Thunder

    Create a Global Counter Variable and Global Limit Variable - VBA

    Hi guys, Working on a niche project today that I don't seem to have found a straight answer for. I have a Bex Analyzer (SAP) query in an Excel file to run a query but I want to trigger a macro at the end of the query refresh/run. I found some code online to figure out when the query is...
  4. K

    SAP to Excel

    Hi, Is there a way to copy data from SAP to excel using SAP? Currently Im doing it manually by copying the data to excel then back to SAP and turn to next page copy again the data, paste and back to SAP then turn to next page and again and again.. Thanks,

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