1. W

    Conditional Formatting referencing multiple sheets Hi Excel Users! I need some assistance in having a formula created that will highlight a cell red when the following conditions are met, however, some of the information is on different sheet tabs. On Saturday...
  2. C

    Removing text from a column

    Hello I have a long column of text with some gaps; here's an example of what I mean: <tbody> A 1 Monday 2 3 Friday 4 Saturday 5 6 Sunday 7 8 etc etc </tbody> If there a formula I can place in column B which just shows <tbody> B 1 Monday 2 Friday 3 Saturday 4...
  3. G

    Week to date ( Sunday to Saturday)

    Hi, I need to create a dynamic bar chart that shows data from Sunday to Saturday for current week. If column A contains dates, column B contains values to be displayed in bar chart. I want the bar chart to always start from the most recent Sunday and chart each day of the week until Saturday...
  4. P

    Long shot! - Using time stamps, identify how much time was over the weekend

    Hello, Trying to use time to figure out if a machines down time falls into the weekend or non working hours. Down time date stamps we have for a certain machine Start Date/Time: 9/13/19 10:00 (this is a Friday) End Date/Time: 9/14/19 9:00 (this is a Saturday) Non Working time: TBD If the non...
  5. Z

    Add coding to check day of the week

    Hello all, I have a coding that adds appointments to the outlook calendar. The situation is that i have a date in a cell. The coding would then make an appointment 90 days from the date entered. The issue is, what do i add to the coding so in case the 90 days falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it...
  6. J

    How to identify the date of the next consecutive Saturday when working with a range of dates.

    Hello, I'm building a workbook to help me find the date of the next available Saturday within a range of dates. <tbody> Start Date End Date Next Saturday 14-Oct 23-Oct 26-Oct </tbody> What sort of formula can I use to determine the date of the following Saturday after the "End Date"...
  7. IluvPivots

    Label Last Saturday

    Column A lists dates. How do I get Column B to label the last Saturday of the month?
  8. Hrishi

    Net working days, Date difference excluding alternate saturday

    Hello, I have two columns for dates, Start date and end date. I want to calculate difference in two dates but difference should be exclusive of all Sundays and all First and third Saturdays falling in between those two days. Plz ensure its not alternate Saturday its First and Third Saturday...
  9. S

    How to put auto page break while printing

    <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 1000 3/25/2019 Monday 08:14:53 16:43:05 08:28:12 08:28:12 1000 3/26/2019 Tuesday 08:16:12 17:04:13 08:48:01 08:48:01 1000 3/27/2019 Wednesday 08:25:33 -- -- -- 1012 3/2/2019 Saturday...
  10. M

    format cell colour if day is a saturday or sunday?

    I'm trying to use a conditional formatting formula to colour a cell if the date it contains is a saturday or sunday. I actaully need to do a whole column of 31 cells on 12 sheets but i can't even get one to format. I'm using this for the formula to try to colour A11 which is a saturday...
  11. L

    Sum Week To Date Sales

    Hi I have a 26 week daily sales data dump that I need to sum X week week to date I have my week number (1, 2.. 26) along row 1, split out by Sunday, Monday... Saturday in row 2 with sales data below Below is required output, how can I go about this? <tbody> 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3...
  12. S

    Urgent - Calculate time between two dates but include working hours of Saturday

    Hello, Can someone please help me with a formula which can help me calculate the total time in hours between two dates but exclude the total hours starting from Saturday (13:00 hours) to end of Sunday (23:59:59). Really appreciate your help. regards, sn0365
  13. Knockoutpie

    VBA to rename file to last sunday to saturday

    Hi everyone, i've had luck getting VBA to rename a file based on the current date. However, every Monday I work on a file that's dated from Last Sunday to Last Saturday. When I rename this file I name it "POS 20190120-20190126" YY-MM-DD Can anyone help me have VBA automatically name/save the...
  14. Patcheen

    auto date filler

    ive a workbook that the days never change in A2 i have 10/09/15 (Saturday) and in A3 i have 09/09/15 (Wednesday) in A4 i have 12/09/15 (Saturday) and in A4 i have 16/09/15 (Wednesday) so on and so on so instead of having to put in the date manually id like a formula to do this for me can...
  15. R

    Calculating Next Working Day

    I have several different categories of work in a spreadsheet, where not all categories have the same SLA for completion. I've been using this formula for the past few months, and there hasn't been an issue, until last Friday. Essentially, a record came in with a start date of 11/22/18. That...
  16. A

    How to retrieve days for dates

    Hi, How to retrieve days for dates Requirement given below. Available date, expected days. <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Date Day 13-10-2018 Saturday </tbody> can any one help me in this.
  17. L

    conditional formatting - text contain

    Hi I have column like the one below. I want to highlight all cells that contain Friday. So I went to CF-->highlight cells rules-->text that contains, then i typed Friday (or later typed friday) but nothing happened. What could be the issue? I highlighted the column before applying CF. Also the...
  18. F

    Weekdays Mon-Thurs fill series

    I have entered the following dates into cells that correspond to Monday-Thursday 9/10/18 9/11/18 9/12/18 9/13/18 I highlighted the cells and dragged to fill series so that it continues the pattern and it's not working. I want to exclude Friday, Saturday, and Sunday dates. How do I get this to...
  19. R

    Pickup next working day from a date which is Saturday or Sunday

    If a particular date is a Saturday or Sunday how can i flag this to pick up the next working days date i.e. the following monday
  20. L

    Query Formula to get sum with criteria

    I have a table with dates and 3 sets of quantities that I want to sum up if it is a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. How can I do this?

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