save sheet as new file

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    Copy Sheet into a new workbook and save it where user desires.

    Hi there, I am currently trying to make this code work, basically I am getting two codes I found and putting them together but it isn't working exactly how I expected. Instead of saving where the user selects, it is saving else where. Can someone shine a light on this please? The main code...
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    SaveAs sheet not active workbook

    I have a project I am working on where I would like to save one of the sheets in my workbook as a .csv document. Below is the code I am currently using: Sub myExport_Click() Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws = Worksheets("Export") ws.SaveAs Filename:="myExport", FileFormat:=6 End Sub This...
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    Macro to rename each excel sheet, and save each sheet separately

    I consider myself to be proficient with Excel, and I've taught myself a little about Macros but there one I am having no luck on. My Scenario: I have an excel file with a lot of sheets, lets say 30. The sheets are named "First Last" (as in first name space last name). I open the file, use a...
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    Macro to automate : a.) Saving of Open Worksheet as new Excel file, b.)Print command to print 2 copies each with different footer, and some more queri

    All for the same file :) a.) I have an invoice template in one excel file in which I fill in data, out of which some of it auto fills as it is linked to another excel file in which the master data is stored and updated. I wish to edit this invoice "template" (if u may call it that:)) and once I...

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