1. J

    SaveCopyAs but removing all formulas?

    Hi, I have a file I'm working on roughly 5MB with about 12 sheets and a lot of formulas. I'm wanting to save a copy of the file often (values only) but want to do it as quick as possible. SaveCopyAs is pretty quick but it saves an exact copy. Where creating a copy of current workbook, removing...
  2. R

    Read Only

    Is there a way to make this save the copy as read only? path = "\\hinas1\MFG\LED\SSL Paperwork\U502\U502FogLBFirstArticle" nom = Left(ActiveWorkbook.Name, (InStrRev(ActiveWorkbook.Name, ".", -1, vbTextCompare) - 1)) & " " & Year(Date) & "-" & Format(Month(Date), "00") & "-" &...
  3. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - SaveCopyAs trying to open a workbook instead of save?

    Hi group, I am at the last step of my code and I am running into a little issue. I have an emailscript that drafts an email and attaches a link to the activeworkbook to the email and adds a calculated time stamp. Prior to adding the timestamp the code runs fine and without issue. When I add...
  4. H

    can savecopyas save values only

    Hi All, Just curious can savecopyas function set to values only? and how can i go about it. Or the only way is using saveas function?
  5. G

    Saving a copy of the current workbbook as template

    I guess I need some help, I have tried "everything" (obviously not, but I reached EndOfIdeas). I want to save the current workbook as a macro enabled template at some destination, but I don't want the template to then be my "current workbook". ThisWorkbook.SaveCopyAs /Full/Path/To/Template.xltm...
  6. M

    xlsm file with vba code to save copy as xlsx on close

    I have an xlsm file that I cannot open on excel online. So I am trying to create a code that every time I close the xlsm file it saves the information to a xlsx file that I can access on excel online. I have the following code: Sub SaveAs() Dim FName As String Dim FPath...
  7. S

    copy paste one workbook to another location WITHOUT opening

    hey guys, new to this forum but have used your tips countless times! trying to copy workbook A and paste in new location with slightly different name: Getting Error Mismatch: Set PREV_A= "fileA" & Format(WorksheetFunction.WorkDay(Date, -2), "yyyymmdd") & Format(WorksheetFunction.WorkDay(Date...
  8. C

    Method ‘SaveCopyAs’ of object ‘_Workbook’ failed when Dropbox is save location

    Until recently (late Jan 2015) I was able to SUCCESSFULLY use a VBA macro with the principal command "ThisWorkbook.SaveCopyAs" to save to one of my Dropbox folders a separate date & time stamped backup copy of my Personal.xlsb file which is located on my employer's LAN. (The filename of the...
  9. E

    VBA 'save as' without *known* Password - excel 2010

    Hi Guys, I have a workbook that I have password encrypted. (I know the password!) I have a vba module that strips out the sheets with the data I want to keep private so that the remainder can be shared with others. The problem is that when this new version saves it still has the password...
  10. P

    Excel 2010 - Copy workbook to another location & rename with existing workbook name but add date & time

    Hi - cant get this to work.. Firstly though I have put in the folder location as below to the desktop the workbook copy keeps only going to "my documents"?..also I want to add the date & time to the copied workbook to stop it over-riding previous copies - any ideas? Sub...
  11. I

    SaveCopyAs in password protected macro

    I have a workbook named 'File1_PA0.xls' and in it is my macro 'macro1'. Upon opening the workbook, 'macro1' saves a copy (SaveCopyAs) of 'File1_PA0.xls' naming it 'File1_PA1.xls' (i.e. stepping the version number up by one). From this point on, any 'save' event on my PA0 version will...
  12. R

    auto save activeworkbook for certain name

    Hello Experts.. I need your help to point me to the right direction. I have an Excel macro that extract data directly from SAP system , and when the data export it to Excel it's has workbook name as ALVXXL01(1). Usually I use ActiveWorkbook.SaveCopyAs code to grab it and save it to desired...
  13. M

    office:mac 2011 "SaveCopyAs Error 1004

    I've been using the following Mac Excel Office 2008 macro SUCCESSFULLY (for years): Sub Auto_Open() With ActiveWorkbook .SaveCopyAs .FullName & ".Backup:" & Format(Now, "YYYY_MM_DD_HH_MM_SS") End With End Sub to save a backup copy in the files' parent directory in a filename.backup...
  14. M

    Browser Excel different to MS Excel SaveCopyAs debugging

    Hi, I have an Excel Sheet with some questions on it and I send this this worksheets with VBA code which works in MS Excel but when you put this file on a webpage the Thisworkbook.SaveCopyAs mypath & myfilename debugs. The code is below. Sub SendMail() Dim Msg, Style, Title, Help...

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