1. V

    Scale Percentages Proportionally

    How do you scale two percentages proportionally to sum to 100% For instance, if I have 85% and 4%, how do I adjust those so that they are 94.5% and 5.5% but whatever is actually correct?
  2. F

    Converting 1-5 scale to 0-5 scale

    Hii all, For my internship I have to convert a 1-5 scale to a 0-5 scale. So the 1 is a 0 and the 5 is a 5 (with a range of numbers in between) Is there a formula that can do this? I have tried different things but I cannot figure this out on my own. Thanks in advance!
  3. M

    Chart - call to MinimumScale function makes the plot disappear

    Hello everyone, I am curently trying to create a chart with VBA and I am facing some dificulties trying to figure out how to adjust my X-axis. I use dates on this axis and if I do'nt set its the min and max dates programatically, the plot just goes from 01/01/1900 to 19/02/1900. The thing is...
  4. V

    VBA: Adjust y-axis scale based on 1 data series

    Hi. I am making a chart with multiple data series. One of them is a fake series that I use to shade so the values are way higher than the normal series I use and excel accounts for that when auto scaling. Is there anyway in VBA where I can specify which data series to base the auto scale? Thanks.
  5. A

    Nested IF(AND Statement - Index Match or Array?

    Hi, I am trying to work out who in my data is eligible for a pay increment. I have a 2 column lookup table $A$2:$B$28 that shows Grade in Column A and Scale Point Ceiling in Column B e.g. Column A GRADE Column B SCALE POINT CEILING Administrator...
  6. T

    Function or VBA for bonus scale

    Hi there, I need to calculate the bonus to be received by an employee who has generated total sales of for example $180.000. After all the calculations he must take $6.800. The bonus scale is 8% for amounts between 120001-130000, plus 10% for amounts between 130001-140000 plus 11% for...
  7. P

    Place a symbol in a cell based on value in adjacent cell that correspond to a scale in top row?

    I have a lot of rows with cognitive data, range 20-80 (standardized T-scores) in column B that I want to represent visually in column C with a symbol (square or small circle) that correspont to the T-score scale in the first row (20-80). In addition, I need vertical lines that represent the...
  8. T

    Chart Macro Question

    I have created a simple macro to scrape/download share prices from yahoo. I have created a bog standard candlestick chart and I would like the ability to automatically adjust the y axis scale (price scale) via a macro so that as I download a different stock price the chart automatically adjusts...
  9. D

    Likert Scale to Percentages of Particpants

    I was given a data set with a Likert scale (rating 1-5). The data set has around 270 participants, and 8 questions (all with the rating of 1-5). The data has been coded (so it looks like it was taken straight out of Access- including the auto number feature on the far left). However, I need...
  10. E

    Format Comment using VBA

    I currently am able to use vba to comment a picture I have rooted in a specific cell, but am having trouble sizing it properly. My current code is below: Sub Comment() Set rng = ActiveSheet.Cells(9, 1) rng.AddComment rng.Comment.Text Text:="" rng.Comment.Shape.Fill.UserPicture...
  11. C

    Awarding Points on a Scale

    Hi Excel newbie here and would appreciate any help someone could give. I am trying to take points away (max 100) for exceeding a target value Lets take the example a service loading The team have a target of 350 (milliseconds) anything under that time gets you 100 points automatically...
  12. S

    Taking performance goals, converting to scale 0 - 10

    So i have had several Microsoft Techs try to solve this and while we seem to get close, something is missing. I have a spreadsheet that takes employee standards and attempts to score the standards on a scale from 0 - 10. For example...
  13. R

    VBA editor or IF function? -

    I'm not sure this is possible. Maybe VBA? Ex 1: I want to select A3 (Turn Down Ratio), B3 (Number of sets), and C3 (Full Scale). Then in column E it will divide the Full Scale into 5 sets by the Turn Down Ratio in A3. Then shown in Ex 2, if I change the Value in A3 and B3, it will then...
  14. K

    Conditionally Formatting (Highlighting) Top 5 / Bottom 5 when there are two scales in same column?

    I have a column of topic scores. Around 50 cells. I am trying to highlight the bottom 5 and top 5. There are about 10 of these topics that are on a reverse scale meaning a lower score would actually be better and could put them in the top and a higher score would be worse and could put them in...
  15. S

    Plot Area Tile Picture Scale Offset Issues

    Hi All, I have the below code which sets the plotarea fill as a high res map of the world Jpg . My plan was to scale and offset to particular parts of the world to then add points over them. Sub add_image_background() Dim Cht As Chart: Set Cht = ActiveChart 'Image...
  16. B

    Set Excel Chart so maximum scale of y-axis is at least 100%

    Greetings, I have a bar graph with the y-axes expressed in percent. The minimum percent value is always 0%. However, the maximum percent value can exceed 100%. Sometimes, depending on the data, if I set the y-axes maximum scale for Auto, the chart may have a scale that is less than 100%. I...
  17. J

    Waterfall scale query

    Hi guys, I hope someone could help me on changing the scale of my waterfall as the movement is relative small comparing to the budget and actual. So I have budget number of £10K and the middle movements are in between £100K and £11K, if I want to show the movement in a bigger scale, how to...
  18. I

    Two Way lookup with exact and approximate match

    Hello, I am trying to figure out a two lookup that will lookup two columns of data, one with an exact match and the other with an approximate match. i.e. My issue, is that when i deal with thousands of Materials, with different scale sets, I pickup the wrong scales with Scale lookup 1. SO My...
  19. J

    Help With Macros

    Hey guys I have this excel file I want to change one thing on and I cant figure it out. On the sheet called "Input" I want to be able to select a scale number in the upper right hand corner and have it copy over all of the information from the sheet called "Database." Right now when I select the...

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