1. slave1spectre

    Scan against X in cell when matched...automated

    <a href="" target="_blank"> Hi All, Please bear with me as I am not a programmer and therefore aren't fully competent with the terminology or...
  2. H

    VBA prevent wrong item being scan

    Hi, I have a cell start from C7 to C10001. The data here is between PASSED and WRONG. which i created a simple barcode scanner purpose. How i can use a VBA code to stop scanning purpose if WRONG item scanned in the cell(C7 to C10001) Also a popping error message tell that you scan a wrong item...
  3. R

    Simple Scanned Inventory in Excel

    Hi, If this isn't appropriate, please forgive me and let me know. I have a small business and am looking for a simple solution to taking inventory at the end of my season. I would like to be able to scan barcodes to enter the info. I would also like to be able to scan an item 3 times, for...
  4. U

    Scan All Product Data into Excel Using the Barcode

    I would like to know if this is possible. You can use Excel to scan in a Barcode from various products, it scans into a cell and either you autotab or click to the next cell to get the next barcode. When you sell a product like books you notice that certain data is consistant accross related...
  5. C

    Stock Control

    Hi Guys I have a limited knowledge of excel, but unfortunately I have been volunteered to implement the below: I want to able to do the following: 1. scan a product in that it registers in excel 2. then scan it into the stock location area 3. then scan the quantities , I presume we have...
  6. L

    How to close currently opened folder?

    An excel file and folders including folder "Scan" is currently opened. How to close only "Scan" by VBA?
  7. S

    VBA Help

    Below is a sample of the current code I am using in excel to highlight cells when our products are in a box. The code worked fine until I increased the number of Rows it needed to go through. I'm not very good with loops so need some help rewriting this as a loop;so it can scan 200 rows x 7...
  8. S

    Find and Replace content of string using reference list

    Hi all, I've searched with little luck, I'm new to excel and can't edit these VBA's by myself enough to solve. :confused: I want to scan Column A for characters or strings in column B and replace them with Column C, in this case a blank. May I have a VBA macro to scan list A2:A5000, replacing...
  9. L

    Ms access 2010 on a continuous form move to the next record without using enter or tab etc

    Hello We have a one field continuous form that we use to scan numbers into. The problem is after each barcode is scanned the user must hit tab , enter or use the mouse to navigate to the next record. Is there a way to have it move automatically ready to receive the next scan with the user...
  10. N

    How to integrate a barcode scanner into excel (cells,sheet, etc.)

    Hi all, I bought a bar code scanner (a cheap one for 20 €). I would like to scan the barcode of the receipts and scan only date and total amount in predetermined cells. My question, is this possible with VBA? …without any extra software or costs. And if yes, how? …. Is there...
  11. Jak68

    Macro for scanning QR codes

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet with a few hundred items on it and these items are occiasonally getting sent out and then returning to me and I want to to book them in and then out so I know what is happening. I currently have a tab with all of the items on it and then I have created a new tab for...
  12. S

    #NAME? error when scanning bar code

    I have a spreadsheet that users need to use to scan in bar codes. When they try to scan the bar code the cell populates with #NAME ? The cell is formatted as General Any thoughts about what is causing this?
  13. H

    Current Date and time in a form when record is created

    We are considering switching from MS Access to Excel for a simple (??) time logging system Using our access database, when a worker starts a new part of a job they go to the computer, grab the barcode scanner. They scan their name, the process the are embarking on (e.g Bending, or threading)...
  14. J

    Scan out/in System (VBA HELP NEEDED)

    This is my first time posting so not sure if Iam doing this right. I want ascan out/in system for scanning items out and back in again with a time stamp,below is what I have a the moment LabelCode Time Out Time In 0615W 05/02/2019 11:00...
  15. V

    Change pdf files names in folder with VBA

    Hello all, i have this: <tbody> A-scan B-Name Scan01 GR18987564-Plat1 Scan02 GR18987564-Plat2 Scan03 SR-85-18987654654-PL1 Scan04 SR-85-18987654654-PL2 Scan05 GT6576846465-Plat1 Scan06 GT6576846465-Plat2 Scan08 GR18987798-Plat1 GR18987798-Plat2 Scan07 GR18897-Plat1...
  16. B

    MACRO (Scanning 2 barcodes for each row) - Need ASAP

    Good morning gurus, I have a problem that I need some assistance with. I need to be able to scan into an input box 2 variables. The first box will be a barcode scan of a serial number, and the second barcode scan will be a weight. I need for the 1st scan (Serial Number) to be in column A...
  17. R

    item count

    Hello, I am a excel dummy and learning as I need to something different. I looked but didn't see a topic for what I am wanting to do now. At work we have a Good Parts room where we take parts from when we do a repair. Currently there is a form that we are to fill out when we take parts but most...
  18. kelly mort

    Scan five columns and delete rows that don't have today's date

    Hi, I need a script that will scan from E4 to last used row then G4, I4, K4 and M4 for today's date. So any row which does not have today's date in the said columns, delete them. I am stacked so I need someone pull me out. Thanks
  19. D

    Barcode Reader with Userform textbox

    Hi All, I have a barcode scanner which I use to scan information directly into cells and it works great. I have created a Userform with a Textbook but when I try to scan some barcodes with the same barcode scanner into the textbox nothing happens. Do I have to change some properties of the...
  20. J

    Problem scanning barcodes

    I just received a bluetooth barcode scanner, and I'm having an excel-specific issue with it. I purchased the scanner to quickly enter student IDs, which have a Code 39 barcode on the back. Translated, the barcodes all begin with the letter S, followed by 8 digits (S00012345). Here's the...

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