1. S

    Help Required With Barcode Being Read Into A Userform...

    Hi, I have a simple userform (for now!) that has two fields/textboxes on it that need to populate when a barcode is scanned. Problem I have is that I need to populate both with a barcode, mainly for speed, although a user could still type in if they wanted or needed to. One scan would be...
  2. Nikkolas Camp

    Custom Barcode Inventory System Using Excel

    So, I'm wanting to build a custom inventory spreadsheet to better track out material in house. We have a process to tracking our inventory, it being tracked in total square yards. We currently do our inventory the old fashion way, that being with our trusty pencil and paper, read all tags...
  3. H

    Problem scanning data from a barcode reader into excel

    Hi all, I have a vexing problem. I have a Toughbook CF-H2 Toughbook running Windows 7 pro with service pack 1. The unit has a built in barcode scanner. It scans a barcode perfectly and inputs the number into Word, Word Pad, or a text document but when I try to scan the barcode directly into...
  4. G

    BarCode Scanner

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to scan the barcode and that barcode value should display/print in excel column 'C' , can this be done using excel Can anyone suggest me, how this can be done. Regards, Dhruva.
  5. J

    Scanning Data into Excel

    I am looking for a way to scan data into Excel in the background while other programs are open and active. We currently use a scanner connected by USB to scan data into a secure site for time vouchering. I would like this data to be scanned simultaneously into Excel. Essentially I am attempting...
  6. N

    How to integrate a barcode scanner into excel (cells,sheet, etc.)

    Hi all, I bought a bar code scanner (a cheap one for 20 €). I would like to scan the barcode of the receipts and scan only date and total amount in predetermined cells. My question, is this possible with VBA? …without any extra software or costs. And if yes, how? …. Is there...
  7. M

    Database for checking students into and out of the dorms with a scanner

    Hello all, I am working on building an excel file that canbe used by our administrators to check students in and out of their dorms tolocal venues. I am using Excel 2013 for this doc. I have the skeleton built andI’m working with three worksheets. The first is the “Logging Procedures” sheet...
  8. D

    Barcode Reader with Userform textbox

    Hi All, I have a barcode scanner which I use to scan information directly into cells and it works great. I have created a Userform with a Textbook but when I try to scan some barcodes with the same barcode scanner into the textbox nothing happens. Do I have to change some properties of the...
  9. J

    Problem scanning barcodes

    I just received a bluetooth barcode scanner, and I'm having an excel-specific issue with it. I purchased the scanner to quickly enter student IDs, which have a Code 39 barcode on the back. Translated, the barcodes all begin with the letter S, followed by 8 digits (S00012345). Here's the...
  10. A

    Adding Excel data to a scanner type system

    Hi there, Im inquiring about someway I can have excel scan data in a website one at a time. I may need a program to do do this but here is the premise. I would like Column A full of data such as phone numbers. Then proceed to an external website and have excel send each cell of data as text...
  11. W

    Card Reader - Excel VBA Help

    Hello all! I have an event that require card access to validate attendance. Note: The card scanner populates cell B2 and overwrites the same cell after every scan. <tbody> A B C D E F 1 ID SCANNER SCANNED ID NAME 2 9000 8000 BURNO 3 Y 9000 JAMES 4 5000 ADAM </tbody> When...
  12. W

    Card Reader Lookup

    Hello all! I have an event that require card access to validate attendance. The card scanner populates B2 and overwrites after every scan. <tbody> A B C D E F 1 ID SCANNER SCANNED ID NAME 2 9000 8000 BURNO 3 Y 9000 JAMES 4 5000 ADAM </tbody> When there is an ID match...
  13. M

    Can I scan Barcodes directly to designated cell columns?

    So I work at a shop with a rental program we are trying to digitalize. I am pretty good with excel so I created a document that does almost everything I want. What would be nice for it to do that it currently does not is scan items in and out. Best case scenario, when an item is being checked...
  14. W

    input from barcode scanner

    I would like to scan a barcode label and input the value into cell A1. this input will be a 9 digit unique number. I would like to find the matching value in column B (about 9000 entries already entered) and highlight the row the matching value is found in. then, automatically return to cell A1...
  15. S

    use a scanner to input to only column A and B

    Hello, we are using a wasp scanner and we want to only use column a and b. starting in A2 then B2, then automatically move to A3, B3 etc. thanks for all help. I really appreciate it.
  16. T

    Job Tracking / Labour Data Collection

    Hello, I am trying to build a sheet to use as a job tracker. The company I work for produces art & photos on canvas, in frames. I would like to be able to use a scanner to input my data, such as Employee name, the job they are doing, Job Start, Job End and the quantity of products made. with a...
  17. X

    extracting a small piece of bar code with scanner and input into excel

    Hello folks, I have just got a project dumped in my lap and I need help ASAP. I have a Kercan scanner and I need to scan a specific bar code that has 80 characters. I need to only extract characters 35 - 39, they are the quantity of the item. I have looked and cannot find any help on this...
  18. J

    Task Tracking w/ barcode scanner

    I'm looking for help with an excel function/macro that could use a barcode scanner to first scan the ID badge and then next an "activity" barcode (ex, shipping, packing, etc..). When the ID is initially scanned I would like the current time to be automatically entered. Next, when the barcode...
  19. G

    Scanning only a seleted amount of numbers from a tracking number into excel

    We have to scan incoming mail at work in column B on a 2010 excel spreadsheet. When I scan a fed-ex label, it adds 22 numbers in front of the 12 tracking number digits I need (total of 24 digits). I know I can add a column and do the =RIGHT(B9,12) to get the last 12 digits I need, but I am...
  20. D

    VBA to Disable keyboard entry but allow Scanning entry from Motorola DS9808

    Hello Everyone i am new here and have a question i cant seem to find a answer to. Ok so i have a spreadsheet that tracks labor for a company i work for and they have provided bar codes to employees for there badge ids but they also have bar codes for activities that they choose not to use and...

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