scatter chart

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    scatter chart with dates and intervals

    Hi I have a table like this: I would like to convert it to scatter chart like this: I use Power BI, and put dates on x Axis and time on values or Legend. It always shows errors. I tried to put interval on y Axis, but it wouldn't move. can someone teach me how to create this chart? Thanks,
  2. Y

    VBA: Labeling a scatter plot with Slicers - implementation

    Please help me to fix the error in my code! I'm trying to create a macro to label the points on my scatter plot with a slicer. The chart is an object on the worksheet with its source table. My data is Company (supposed to be a label), product (used as a slicer for the chart, allows only one...
  3. D

    Dynamic Scatter chart based on criteria

    Hello, I want to create a X/Y scatter chart to plot projects Final Amounts Invested amounts & % and use slicers to select one or more than one location. I have numerous locations and each location has a different number of projects to be included. This number of projects changes each month...
  4. L

    VBA to Create ScatterSmooth Chart

    Hello, I'm attempting to create a VBA that takes a plot of data and insert a chart based on this range. The chart would like it to insert is a Scatter Smooth No Markers Chart. However, when I attempt to run the script I receive a chart that has just a single data point. I can then change the...
  5. M

    Scatter chart. Change Horizontal Axis Labels

    Hi everyone, Hope this question hasn't been asked before, if so apologies. I'm working on a scatter chart but having trouble with the X-axis labels. I want to have sequential dates running along the bottom of the X-axis, but no matter what I do it's labelled with even-numbers. I'm using a...
  6. R

    Scatter Plot Timeline

    Hello, I used a scatter plot to create a time line. It is based on a dynamic data. Every time I change the data set to show a different project, I have to readjust the graph size to make it smaller or larger based on the size of the data set. Does anyone know if there is a way to have the...
  7. E

    Scatter Plot in Excel

    I am looking to create a scatter plot in Excel and looking through the other posts have not seen how to accomplish what I am looking for with the format of my data. I am managing 40+ projects and would like to show the variance by month of forecasted spend versus the actual. The resulting...
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    Chart Help - Multi chart type

    Hello, Looking for some help / advice please. I have the below table of data - which i have created into a stacked bar chart to show each band and the equivalent band widths (minimum-maximum). The chart then has a line chart over it to show the average at each band. <tbody> Band Average...
  9. D

    Scatter chart assistance

    I have the following columns of data which are pulled from a form:A Left (number) B Right (number) C DNA Gender (text M F) D Age group (number) E Height (number) I would like to create a scatter chart showing the following: Gender on the Vertical (aggregated, so that are only two values) Left...
  10. X

    How create scatter plot with calendar year+quarter for 2 groups of data?

    Late at night and I'm at a total loss...failing on multiple fronts: both how to create the x-axis (which should be fiscal year and quarters, and then how to create the scatters for the 2 different groups (say Group A in blue dots, Group B in red)! I get the FY-FQ axis looking like numbers (0...
  11. J

    vba to create scatter chart with new range every day

    Col A has dates [date in row k > date in row k -1]. Col B & Col C has the values [on any date only one has a value; the other null]. Every day, Mon - Friday, new data added to bottom row. Want to plot most recent 50 rows as a scatter chart.
  12. T

    How can I apply scatter data on top of a surface contour?

    Hello everyone, I have some data that were created from a sensitivity analysis and which I plotted in a surface contour graph. Additionally I would like to apply some scatter data (from experimental values) on top of the contour surface in order to show where do these experimental values...
  13. J

    Scatter Chart

    Hi...I can't figure this one out! Really need some help. Trying to create a 2 axis scatter chart with the vertical axis in the middle (so the axis look like an cross). I can't get the secondary axis to go from vertical to horizontal. Data is as follows: Scenario EAC Kg 1a 84 -150 1b -31 500...
  14. R

    Macro to edit a scatter plot

    Hi, I have a list of interest rates and durations and was hoping to be able to add in a third dimension of data which would either increase the size of the plotted points or change their colour depending on the rating. So have the normal scatter plot then save me from editing each point...
  15. A

    Scatter Plot with Dates as X-Axis

    Hello, I recently made a scatter plot where I have the x-axis values dates. The problem is that the graph isn't registering the dates, instead of plotting the point as (10/12/2013,164) for example, the data point shows up as (61, 164). Any thoughts on why this could be? The graph has two...
  16. K

    How to create oval bubble chart based on scatter chart with XY error bars?

    Hello, I have an XY scatter chart where each XY point has independent XY error bars. Is there any way to draw an oval around the error bars to create an oval bubble chart, where the bubble area represents the combined error? Thanks in advance for any help. Kelvin
  17. A

    How to Find Co ordination of this point

  18. C

    Combining Two Graphs and Representing Each in different styles

    Hello, I have a Workbook with two Sheets containing a xy scatter plot each. Each graph contains about 30 data series and about 1000 points in total. I know that I can copy/paste one graph area onto the other to do a direct comparison. However when I do this, it standardises all the data...
  19. B

    custom axis label in scatter chart

    When we plot scatter chart, the x-axis label is automatically assigned as fixed interval. But I want to change the x-axis label. For example, In the figure attached below, the x-axis label are 0, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100. But I want to make the label values from the percentile column like 0.0., 0.1...
  20. M

    help in changing x-axis and y-axis of a scatter chart

    I have different values for both X-axis and Y-axis. Eg: X - axis : 34, 45, 60, 20 Y - axis : 4, 10, 80, 30 If I were to change the 'range', excel will produce two graphs. How could I edit my code so that the x and y axis will change according to the values? 'Create Graph For Coil2...

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