1. K

    Scatterplot from filtered table and using pictures as data markers

    Hi all, I have two sheets. Sheet 1 (“Overview”) contains raw data, Sheet 2 (“Charts”) contain XY plots. On sheet 1, I have a table with four columns. 1) Company, 2) Industry, 3) Metric one, 4) Metric two. Based on filters applied to the industry-column, I’d like the XY plot to automatically...
  2. J


    I have a question how to set up a scatterplot. I have a table with column A ID’s, column B percentages% and column C numbers. I want to plot numbers against % and show for each dot the ID. I have tried to do several things in the scatterplot add multiple series but ir is not working.
  3. R

    Labels in Scatterplot broken

    Hello, I created a table in that other people will not enter information in Sheet1 and this information will then be shown on Sheet 2 in ranking. Part of the ranking is a scatterplot where the data points are shown. The scatterplot should have labels, so it shows the name of the item. My...
  4. C

    Category labels on X-axis of a scatterplot

    I want to produce a scatterplot where someone can view student performance on different subjects by looking at different segments of the X-axis (classes --> categorical). Here's a portion of the data Class Student Score(%) A 1 0.64 A 1 0.70 A 1 0.95 C 3 0.28 C 3 0.55 C 3 0.80 The data is...
  5. G

    Scatter Plot Gradient Coloring of Markers in Excel

    I have the data of following format.(2 Rows , 4 columns) csv file. Phylum,Abundance_in_Sample_1,Abundance_in_Sample_2,Abundance_in_Sample_3 Bacteria,6,5,7 I want to plot a scatter plot where Gradients are colored from low abundance (blue) to high abundance (red). Kindly help.
  6. B

    Help with Applying a Macro to All Series in Scatterplot

    Hi all, I want to first acknowledge that I have also posted this question on I am posting here as well because my question on the other site seems to be getting lost in the shuffle, and I am hoping for a reply today or tomorrow. Thanks so much for reading this :) So - here's...
  7. O

    Simple Scatterplot

    I am trying to create a basic scatterplot. I have a column of USD and a column of months - specified in 1,2,3,4 etc(1 stands for Jan and so forth). I create the Chart and have USD on the X and Month in the Y Axis. How do I go about getting the average USD for month 1, the average USD for...
  8. B

    Scatter Plot- How to Name the Points??

    Hello, I'm trying to create a scatter plot with points that are named (i.e. identified by which row they come from). I'm trying to do this so my legend will indicate specific information about the points rather than just what their coordinates are. Below is an example where the first column is...
  9. S

    Scatter Plot Graph with Dynamic formatting

    Hi Guys, I'm working on creating a scatter plot with lines graph to show both progression in levels for a person, year by year, as well as the performance rating that the person received that year. I'd like to do the formatting based on rating on a yearly basis (only one rating a year) and in...
  10. R

    Adding Dynamic Ranges as a Series to Scatterplot

    Hello All, I have 3 columns: | A | X | Y | | 0 | 59 | 61 | |20 | 58 | 60 | |110| 59 | 60 | I want to add a series (a subset of data from columns X and Y) to my scatter plot based only on rows where the value in column A is <101. (The subset I want is Bolded above) This is way...
  11. R

    Adding a Series to a Scatter Plot Based on Conditional Check

    Hello All, Bare with me here :) I have 3 columns: | A | X | Y | | 0 | 59 | 61 | |20 | 58 | 60 | |110| 58 | 60 | I want to add a series (a subset of data from columns X and Y) to my scatter plot based only on rows where the value in column A is <101. (The subset I want is Bolded...
  12. R

    Add dates to XY scatterplot

    I am using Excel for Mac (2011) and I am having trouble getting specific dates on the X-axis to correspond with my Y-values. Can someone please advise? If you need further information please let me know. Thank you.
  13. S

    Resize points in scatterplot depending on values

    I have this chart and I'm trying to resize its points depending on the 'Size' values [D2:D8]. I found some code that should resize the points depending on some values, but it gives me 'Run time error 91 object variable or with block not set'. Here's the said code: Sub...
  14. T

    Creating an X,Y scatter plot with columns sorted as (series name, x, y)

    I am trying to create a x,y scatter plot of multiple series, each with their own x,y values. The data is organized as shown below, as (series name, x, y). I can create the scatter plot by adding each series to the chart, but there are hundreds of series and I need a faster way to go through...
  15. N

    High-low lines on scatterplot

    I have two data series, showing the ranking of a number of factors before and after a vote. I want to show how the position of each factor changes after the vote. So far, I have put on high-low lines, which links the relevant points clearly. However, I want them to be arrows, always pointing...
  16. M

    need help in changing different x-axis and y-axis values on graph

    I have different values for both X-axis and Y-axis. Eg: -- removed inline image --- If I were to change the range, excel will produce two graphs. How could I edit my code so that the x and y axis will change according to the values? 'Create Graph For Coil2 With...
  17. M

    Urgent! How to Resize Pointers on Scatterplot VBA Excel

    Hey, I've created a program to calculate Coil Voltages. For each voltages, there are 256 points. The dots on the scatterplot is too big and currently I had a hard time on resizing it to be smaller. Those below are the codes on creating scatterplot for one coil voltage: 'Create Graph For...
  18. T

    Format multiple series on a chart with macro

    I have the following vba code obtained from the macro recorder for changing a data series in an xy scatterplot to a black diamond. Is there any way to edit this so that it does it for all series on a chart? I have about 50 series and would like the macro to go through each one and do the same...
  19. T

    Plot crosshair on xy scatterplot graph

    I have an xy scatterplot graph. I would like to add a straight vertical line and straight horizontal line through a point/series of my choosing on the graph. Each point on the graph is a different series, btw. I would like to be able to do this with a macro, but any help would be appreciated. I...
  20. T

    Macro to Autofit Data Labels on Scatterplot

    Tried searching the forums, but couldn't find anything. I have an XY scatterplot of data with data labels in excel 2010. The problem is that the data lables tend to overlap each other or they'll appear right on the data point and I end up spending excessive amounts of time formatting them...

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