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    Hey, I'm needing to create a workbook for the scheduling department within my company. The scheduling department needs to make courtesy phone calls to all our customers. A call needs to be made weekly to customers keeping them aware of the progress with their order. If possible, I would like...
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    Application.OnTime Stopping

    So I created the below schedule within the ThisWorkbook object. The schedule worked effectively (when excel wouldn't get closed due to system restart or some other reason - or execute multiple time due to state <> false). However after 5 days the schedule just stopped firing. I isolated...
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    Application.OnTime Stopping

    So I created the below schedule and within the ThisWorkbook Object. The schedule worked effectively (when excel wouldnt get closed due to system restart or some other reason). However after 5 days the schedule just stopped firing. Isolated events and times for launch and ensured that this sub...
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    Conditional formatting for due date tracking

    Hi, I have a tracking sheet with various columns having dates for each milestone of a project which I need to track. I am using conditional formatting which highlights all past dates in red colour and the dates occuring within next 3 days in orange. I have made an adjacent column which says...
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    Trouble automating a macro

    Hey everybody....first of all, even though this is my first post here, I have been using these forums as a tremendous resource to help develop some pretty awesome macros that have saved myself and my company an incredible amount of time, so thank you to those who contribute here. On to my...
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    Scheduled Autosave VBA code

    I found this code on a spreadsheet at work (a board displayed on a big screen which is on 24/7). Can't get an answer from the owner regarding what exactly it does. It suposedly saves the workbook (amongst other actions) by calling the "UpdateData" Sub at a determined time. I find the first...
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    Excel Locked by Scheduler,

    Morning, Hoping someone can help identify how to work around this. I have the Windows 7 Task Scheduler open an excel file, it runs an on open macro that calls Refresh_all_tables, does what it needs and closes. However, it is now locked, I've tried changing the Application.Quit...
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    Seek to buy Magic Bullet to run queries, send emails

    My company soon will have an Oracle database with billing information. We are hoping that there is a product that will make the following very easy, without writing much VBA: We will have a few dozen Oracle SQL queries. On a regular scheduled basis, for each query, we want to query the DB, put...
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    Cannot save excel file when started via vbscript/task scheduler..

    All, I am having a strange issue. I can run my vbscript from the command prompt or by double clicking on it and all is well. The script starts a hidden excel instance and updates the data and saves the file or creates if not there. The problem is when I start the script via task scheduler. I...
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    Schedule Tasks through VBA

    Hi Guys & Gals, i'm trying to use Excel VBA to create schedule tasks. I'm using a very simple macro to test it Sub Test() Shell (Selection.Value) End Sub The selection at the time is the commands for CMD SCHTASKS in one complete string SCHTASKS /S \\RemoteCompName /U MYDOMAIN\MYUSERNAME /P...

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