1. R

    Formula to Measure Time into Percentage Scoring

    Hi everyone! I hope you all have a pleasant day. I do not know if this is possible in Excel, but I would like to ask. We have a KPI for report submission deadline. The rule is, maximum time for submission is at 00.00 in the same day of working day. This would score a 100%. After exceeding that...
  2. P

    Formula to pull values related to a coloured cell

    I have 3 cells, each cell has a value, 1, 2, 3 The cell value is related to a score, each score located in another cell, 10, 8, 0 To pick a value, the user has to change the cell colour, for example the user picks the cell with 1 and shades it any colour Then the formula needs to pull in the...
  3. H

    Formula to show a date based on a proximity score

    Hi all. I have a document in which a score (1 to 5) is used to indicate a time period in which it is felt a risk would be likely to occur. Closer that risk is to actually happening, the higher the score. The scoring is as follows and is entered manually by the user: 5 is within a month, 4...
  4. H

    Increase / decrease arrows based on what user types in

    Hi. I have a RAID log and we wish to allow risk owners to indicate when a risk has increased or decreased in severity (in their opinion). So they would review each risk and for any that they felt had got better or worse, they'd be able to say "this one's getting worse", "this one's gotten...
  5. B

    Acquire 1st Two Non-Blank & Non-Zero Numbers in Row

    Is there a simple Excel function that will permit me to acquire the first 2 non-blank, non-zero numbers in a row? In the picture below, I'd like 24 to appear in 1st Score and 6 to appear in 2nd Score. As always, thanks in advance for your help! [/URL][/IMG]
  6. M

    Score based on percentage value from range percentage

    Good day, I know I can make this simpler but I am sending this out to the world of the company and need to keep it "concise". I need to have a value "score" selected based on % given however, the options to pick the value "score" needs to be obtained using the range below A B...
  7. Z


    Hello, i would like to know what equation to use if i want to use the below condition if the result is 0% or in negative % then score is 0% and if result between 1% to 25% then score is 25% and so on till i reach score 76% till 100% then score is 100%
  8. E

    Searching for a formula to display highest score and last date student tested

    I have a database containing hundreds of students. That database has student ID numbers (column A), student last name (column B), students first name (column C), test scores (column D) , and test date (column E) as shown below. I want column F to display the student's ID number, column G, the...
  9. vijnanamatrata

    Recreating NTILE function on running SQL in Excel

    I am making a conversion from traditional way of creating reports in Excel, and I have been stuck on recreating NTILE function when running SQL in Excel (because NTILE function does not exist there), even though I have succeeded in recreating NTILE function when running in Oracle PL/SQL...
  10. R

    Formula to calculate the number of weeks that it takes for a score to interstect the predicted score

    Hello, I came up with a way of gauging student progress, and I’m trying to write a formula for that purpose, so I can test the method in larger scale to see if it’s any good at all. Here is what I do: I take each student’s week 1 score and subtract it from the week 5 score (e.g. 88-76), and so...
  11. D

    Formula needed. Looking a value associated with a common data attribute

    I have run into a challenge, appreciate any/all help in advance. I have 2 sets of data, both sets of data have a unique identifier( Employee ID). ONe set of data has a score( Score 1), and the other Set of data has a score( score 2) I am trying to perform some form of a value look-up( VLOOKUP...
  12. N

    "Greater than" > rersults

    Hello, I thought I had this worked out. I am trying to get the points in cell C4 to show up in z3 IF "H4-20"or "J4-14" which in this case is H4-20, to show up in cell "Z3" =IF(H4>J4,C4,O4) This formula is located in Cell "Z3" But without a score put in h4 or J4 it will show "O4'S 90" in...
  13. B

    Data Matching Names from One Spreadsheet to Another

    I am trying to do a data matching activity and I'm having difficulty figuring out how to do it. I have two spreadsheets. Sheet1 has the columns LastName, FirstName, Birthdate, and Score. Sheet2 also has LastName, FirstName, Birthdate, and Score, but the Score is blank. There are a lot of...
  14. R

    Formatting issue

    Hi all, I have created a table for the football team I run to show goals scored in first half, second half and complete game (in a win/lose/draw format) as I want to see if there are any patterns in the data and also have linked to an overview chart for each. The first half and second half...
  15. S

    Score Dashboard in Excel

    Hi All, I am working on dashboard in which target based scores are being given. e.g Min & Max target for Calling - Minimum 60 call and Max >=70 calls per day Minimum score 0 and Maximum is 20%, Score will be proportionate where Achievement 61= Score will be 2% , Achv 62= Score 4% and so on...
  16. B

    Matrix visual and compare values

    Hello all, I have the below in a Matrix visual. I'd like to add another column in the visual that would compare the "Score" to the %ile columns to give me the correct value. For example, Team A's score is 0.75. This is more than 0.65 but less than 0.76 so it should be in the 25th %ile. Team B...
  17. C

    count values between dates

    I have the below spreadsheet for test scores. The first column lists the test dates for each student and another lists the test scores. if the student passed, there's a "P" for their score. The spreadsheet has 260 records with dates throughout the year. I'd like to count how many records with a...
  18. S

    Formula to find highest unique values in a range

    Hi All, I have a range of risks with risk scores between 1-25 ("F2:F2460"), and details about each of these risks within the range ("E2:E2460") I need to provide a list which will return the top 'X' amount of risks depending on what the risk scores are. I need to show a minimum of 5...
  19. R

    Rank and Scores

    Hi, I´m fighting against an elusive formula to assign scores, I have tried to use arrays and combinations of functions seen in old posts... with no positive results. I have a long list of rows of concepts, each of them related to several values that appear in columns, so they must be compared...
  20. A

    Return All Small Value in Range

    Hi, Is there any way that I could return the value in a range with given certain condition. For instance: <tbody> Name Class Score Ali A 89 Alvin B 78 Barry C 23 Cynthia A #N/A Derry C 77 Kalvin B #N/A Ricky A 68 If Less Than 80, Name Class Score Alvin B 78...

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