1. M

    Using Vlookup to return cell values between dates

    Good morning everyone, I am stumped on how to get my monthly and annual roll up data to properly display using Vlookup. I have set up a helper column to assist the daily data but I honesty cant figure out the best way to get Excel to total data across a month for a given metric. I currently...
  2. T

    Need Help Nesting If/Then Argument

    Hello - I need some help with my GoT pool Scorecard. In Cell F9 I have no value entered, so I want cell G9 to Show no value as well (not -1). Any suggestions?
  3. L

    Sub-Weighted Scorecard

    Hi there, I'm looking to create a supplier score card which involves weighting & sub weighting - please see example of my score card below. As you can see Logistics Ordering & Packaging have been further broken down in to sub-criteria. I took this template from a website and their way of...
  4. S

    Looking to add formula in Supplier Scorecard file

    Hi I built a supplier scorecard and am looking to be able to still calculate the score accurately if there are N/A's. I am having the hardest time and have tried several methods. Please Help :( I have included a link to the file where the scorecard is located. It is the Supplier Scorecard tab...
  5. E

    Building a scorecard based on text criteria [Data Validation?]

    Hi guys, I have been given a task and am looking for advice. My boss has 9 customers. These 9 customers are ranked on 12 criteria which my boss has ordered in order of importance. My goal is this: Each of the 12 criteria can have multiple options (this is where the data validation list comes...
  6. M

    Date Not Processing as Date

    I am working on writing a macro to prioritize work. I currently have it order by due date. I am trying to add a score to each order using: =IFS([DUE DATE]< TODAY(), 10+DAYS(TODAY(), [DUE DATE])*1, [DUE DATE] = TODAY(), 8, [DUE DATE] = TODAY()+1, 6, [DUE DATE] > TODAY()+1, 0)+[DAYS AGED] If it...
  7. E

    Design suggestions for dynamic data table design for portfolio evaluation model

    Hello All, I'm developing a tool to be used as a weighted-average portfolio evaluation scorecard on which I could use some design advice. I've enclosed screen captures [will upload later] of a sample model that illustrates the tool design. Overview: I have a data entry worksheet and multiple...
  8. G

    Average Span of Dates, by Individual Month

    Good afternoon, I've been playing with some formulae like COUNTA() and TODAY() for days :confused: and I was hoping one of you might be able to propose a simple solution! I have a database of landmark dates for multiple installation projects. Example: <tbody> A B C D Location Quoted...
  9. B

    Golf Scorecard and Round Tracker

    Hello All, Frequent viewer, first time posting! I am looking for a spreadsheet to track my golf scores and have not come across a suitable spreadsheet. I recently purchased a Surface RT and would love to be able to input my scores directly as I play to track my rounds. I would like to track...
  10. D

    Score sheet

    I am currently working on a score sheet with list of question. I have: On Sheet 1 (will be hidden later) List of 14 questions (e.g. question 1 = 6 possible answers, for answer 1 is score -2, for answer 2 is score 7... etc). In column C are possible answers, in column D are the score values...
  11. B

    Scorecard pie, column and spot colour changes

    Folks I am trying to build a scorecard for my company. Unfortunately I have a legacy of Word for reporting and am using linked images at this stage to replace the previous manually updated word charts etc. My evil plan is to use Excel as a data source for all the various dots, charts, pie charts...

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