1. J

    Move numbers end of the cell in new cel

    Hi, I have a lot of this cells: A1Middelweg 552Torenstraat 39-413Nieuwe Steeg 74Schoutlaan 95Leerdamseweg 22a The numbers in the cell are house numbers. Now I want pick that housenumber and move that to another cell But the house numbers can look as 11-13 or 12b. Exactly i look for a...
  2. J

    Move or Exctract data value after specific word

    Hi, I have a excel file with a lot of this cells: A1renewal store by G. de Vries2build house by R.J.D. van Kampen3draw made trough G. Jonkers4renewal barn by S.D.S. Groot Is there any way to move the data starting with the words by and made trough to another cell. Like: AB1renewal storeby...
  3. J

    Fill serie with exception if same number

    Hi Excel experts, Can someone help me with a difficult Excel question? I think it's also difficult to explain the issue, hopefully you understand me. I have a lot of rows with numbers, but I must number this in a serie in another cell. But I want if the number is the same, it must be the same...
  4. J

    Pick/Extract year from middle of value

    Hi Excel expert, I have a excel document with more than 20.000 rows with the following data: A1BL19340032BL19340043BL19340054BL19340065PP20100846PP20100857PP20100868RB20030019RB200300210RB2003003 It's start with two letters followed by a year followed by a few numbers, like this...
  5. J

    Sort alphanumeric data with - in number

    Hi Guys, Hopefully you can help me with a sort issue. I have more than 4000 rows with numbers year-number (1990-1). They randomly in the excel document. I want to sort on this number. But when I sort, al numbers 1 come be first. Example: E111990-1121990-15131991-1141991-5151990-2161991-14...
  6. J

    If value started with specific number, insert number before value

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a script. A script when a cell starts with a specific number than insert two numbers before that number. I have the following excel cells: A12009/2721988/14396/9742007/27051986/261998/5371988/83892/7091989/1231093/24 Now i want that IF the cell starts with a 9, thain...
  7. J

    Can I find and move some number strings in Excel

    Hi, Is it possible to find and move some number strings in a cell vallue? Example: moving barn rebuild house 1990/212 moving house 1992/23 * changing rebuild 54 barn 92/12 And look and move some number strings. The following number strings where x = a different number xxxx/xx...
  8. I

    Quick solution for 400 increment macro's with VBA?

    Hello community, Excel/macro noob here. I have a question. currently i am working on a 'barman list' in excel where the barman can click the + and the - to increment or decrement a value. For examle, "john" orders a drink, the barman clicks the + button behind his name and a 1 will appear. I...
  9. W

    VBA to change multiple shapes color in Excel

    I'm beginner in Excel so i'm looking for a way by which if I type yes in a cell it should change color of multiple shapes with same color and if I type NO it should remove the color from those shapes and same goes for other zone entries as show below image. Example: If i type On in G22&25 it...
  10. G

    Delete rows if (certain value) exists in data set.

    Hello, I've been trying to delete rows in my data set that contain the following keyword "lename" This is the following script I found and the following error Script : Sub Delete_All_Rows_IF_Cell_Contains_Certain_String_Text() Dim lRow As Long Dim iCntr As Long lRow = 150000...
  11. P

    Scoring participants answers using an Excell script

    Hello, I have registered in this forum to ask a specific question about something that I was told it's possible and you can help me to find out how to do it. I am doing an experiement in which I ask participants to listen to 40 short phrases in German (e.g., Die Haeuser sind sehr schoen) and...
  12. J

    Excel to Google Sheets Script

    I am using a script below for excel to pull a certain row value from one sheet to another cell on a different sheet. I just want to know if this can be done with google sheets thru script and if it's possible, i will appreciate if you can walk me through the process. Here's the code I am using...
  13. Z

    Font ? =+ not returning it in script

    I am pulling into cell A52 =+j12 from cell J12 thats arial font but in A52 i have the cell to script , but its now returning it in script.
  14. B

    Best Java Script Help Forum

    Does anyone know of a good Java Script forum thats as good as Mr.Excel? Ive got to start learning how to add some script to some pdfs and need help.
  15. R

    Unable to paste cell value in input box while triggering VBA script

    Hi All,:) I'm having a vba script wherein a pdf is being generated by providing account number through input box. I'm coping a cell value (account number), triggering the vba script through keyboard shortcut, a input box appear and now I'm supposed to paste that copied cell value into input...
  16. E

    Text manipulation in PowerShell

    Hello I am looking for a free and fast way to manipulate large amounts of data (GigaBytes). I think Powershell is the most appropriate as it comes with Windows and it is fast. Do you have any other alternatives? As for Powershell, can you help me please with a script that will read the lines...
  17. Z

    VBA - PowerShell stdOut and waitOnReturn Required

    I'm not the best at this, but it appears there are (at least) two ways to call a PowerShell script from vba one is to use .Run and the other is to use .Exec RUN let's you add a parameter called waitOnReturn EXEC let's you read the output of the script via .StdOut.ReadAll But I need to do both...
  18. V

    Detect if worksheet exist, and if it does ignore the rest of the script

    I need my script to detect if worksheet(s) exist based on some critera and if 1 or more does, ignore the entire script. I want to add this part at the start of a current script I'm using. If any sheets already exist, it is causing me trouble... Of course this might not be the ideal way to...
  19. V

    Rename part of multiple sheets if it meets my critera

    I already have a script that does most of the mumbo jumbo of what I need, however at the very end of that script, I want to add the part to rename part of some of my sheets to something else I have multiple template sheets and a master sheet within a workbook, those need to remain untouched...
  20. T

    Object Variable or With block variable not set error

    Hello, Using stream.WhiteLine in a VBA script is giving me the Object variable or With block variable not set error msgbox. Clicking on the Debug button brings me to the line that is written stream.WriteLine " " This is happening at the end of the script. But, I've used the stream.WriteLine...

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