scripting dictionary

  1. T

    Compare ranges in 2 worksheets for non-matches, then copy non-matches to 3rd worksheet

    Hi all, I would like to compare cells in Worksheet 2 against Worksheet 1. First check for matching cells in range A for both Worksheets 1 and 2. Next, if there are no matches, check for matching cells in range B for both Worksheets 1 and 2, otherwise continue to check the next cell in range...
  2. R

    want vba scripting code and vba array code

    Dear all master, I want very fast vba scripting code and array vba code to import or read data in a folder or sub folder containing excel files. There are 500-600 excel files. I want some excel files that I have marked yellow or only have outstanding values to appear in the excel result file...
  3. A

    Filling column with Dictionary Keys

    Hello, I am trying to fill a column with distinct date values with different formats depending on the sheet (sometimes dd-mm-yyyy, sometimes mm-yyyy). I have made a Sub which fills Dictionary with distinct values in the correct format, and then copies them to the sheet. However, no all of the...
  4. M

    Ignoring Worksheet Copy Error

    Hi, I obtained this code for get individual worksheet sizes inside the workbook but it produces errors when attempting to copy a worksheet with vba code defining a global variable such as Private timerDictionary As Scripting.Dictionary This is the code I used to get individual size of each...
  5. M

    VBA - Using scripting.dictionary with multiple instances of same key

    I'm trying to use scripting.dictionary to combine multiple sheets. One of the sheets has multiple instances of a primary key as this relates to candidates taking exams and they can take multiple attempts. I've tried to amend previous brilliant advice from Fluff on how to use...
  6. E

    Amend/understand VBA formula that includes Scripting Dictionaries

    Hi all, I have the below code in part of my excel vba that I need to amend but could do with some help understanding. In cells T, W, and Z there is a sum if formula in row 2, this VBA replicates this formula down to the last row. I am trying to update the formula so that it does this for...
  7. H

    Compare multiple column using dictionary VBA

    Hi everybody, I am hoping someone might be able to help with this problem I have 5 columns in sheet1 column A have all the names of employee that attendant today Column B have the names of all employees of department 1 Column C have the names of all employees of department 2 and so on till...
  8. G

    Filter Table Column, pull Results from another column into an array to filter out duplicates and paste on another sheet

    Greetings all, this is my first posting as I can't seem to find the answer despite some serious research. What I need to accomplish: 1. I have a table and I want to filter on Column 1 for a specific word (in this case Management) 2. Then I want to copy the filtered results from Column 5 - ONLY...
  9. M

    Excel VBA Scripting Dictionary Output Issue

    In VBA I have created a scripting dictionary called finDict that contains ~72k keys and items. I'm trying to write the list of keys to a worksheet. The code below correctly prints all of the keys in finDict, but it is extremely slow: For Z = 1 To finDict.Count...
  10. J

    Scripting Dictionary help when there is a comma in the string

    Hello, I am looking for some assistance in using a Scripting Dictionary to read a column of data and store unique values for output into a list. The problem i am coming across is the Scripting Dictionary is parsing lines in separately when it sees a comma. For example: AL - Medical Group...
  11. W

    Vba lookup 2 criteria scripting dictionary

    Hello, I kindly request some help regarding a lookup according two criteria that I would like to set up with scripting dictionary. what I have 1 workbook, 2 worksheets First worksheet ("datasheet") contains in column A (the different questions= 1st criteria), in column B (pool participants...
  12. D

    Combobox at run time .add from range and use scripting dictionary

    Hi, I have created a userform which populates with comboboxes at run time. How do I populate them from a range. and use scripting.dictionary I have done this before with a combobox at design, how do I structure the code referring to dynamic controls (SName & i)? With...
  13. M

    Need to aggregate data on a filtered result whitout changing the original data

    Hi, I have a material list for different work orders, each work order may have the same material called multiple time. I want to filter my desired work order and have a clean and aggregated data, without and duplication of materials, while their quantity is aggregated. I want to have the...
  14. T

    Run time Error 13

    Hi, Vlookups were taking forever so I wrote the below code to use the scripting dictionary. It works fine on smaller amounts of data but I am getting the Run time error on my "live run". I assume it is due to the size of my data. how can I fix this. My work sheets are between 250k and 350k+...
  15. B

    Advice on Approach: Collection, Array or Scripting Dictionary?

    Hello, I'm fairly new to VBA, but am becoming more proficient each day. I wanted some advice on the best approach to collect, aggregate and print out data from this sample workbook. (if you would prefer me to post the workbook another way- please advise. No macros or anything in this workbook)...
  16. M

    Indexing/scripting code issue

    I have a userform with 3 dropdowns. The first is Dept. Name, the second is products, the 3rd is completed products. The user chooses a dept and then a product and is directed to the worksheet for that product and determines some pricing levels. When the user clicks the "accept" button on the...
  17. T

    VBA: Calling Scripting.Dictionary Values Using a Column as a Key

    Hello all, I have a Master list of 230k IDs that correspond to different values depending on the raw data source. I have 30 Source sheets with ~140k IDs each, the sort and number of which are unique to each sheet. The Source sheets contain 2 columns, an ID column and a value ("Bucket") column...
  18. D

    Importing Large CSV File into Excel Using VBA

    The below code works, but for whatever reason it doesn't seem to recognize the commas which need to be taken into account since the data is comma delimited: Sub Import_Large_Textfiles_DAO() 'Note: A reference must be set to Microsoft DAO 3.5 or 3.51 'Note: A reference must be set to Microsoft...
  19. D

    Combining Macro's

    Hi everyone I'm trying to combine the two macro's below so that they can be ran from one button. I'm struggling because of the scripting.dictionary. Because both macro's use this object, I'm not sure if it is possible to combine them. Any thoughts? Sub delete_duplicate_invoice_values() Dim Rng...

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