scroll bar

  1. V

    Userform with scrollbar - scrolls to the bottom when clicking into second userform.

    I have an issue that is more of an annoyance than anything else, but I have a userform that allows users to select the departure time for shipments. When you click on the departure time within the main userform a second small userform pops up with time selection. Now for whatever reason on the...
  2. S

    Changing excel's scroll bar color?

    Can i change excel's scrollbar(s) color? I have 2016, on Windows 10. Thanks!
  3. G

    Formula or VBA for a Scroll bar to match min and max values of a variable cell?

    Hi everyone, In a table i have : E1= Apple; F1= 0.2%; G1= 1.5% E2= Banana; F2= 1.5%; G2= 3% E3= Pear; F3= 1%; G3= 4% E4= Cherry; F4= 4% ; G4= 10% E5= Peach; F5= 5% ; G5= 20% Column F represents the minimum % and column G represents maximum % In A1 i have a data validation drop down list...
  4. S

    Auto Scroll the Graph in Excel

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to make a graph on the base of data which I get from a external source database and what I need to know that is there a possibility that the graph auto scrolls to the current value and work like a real time graph and if not then can it be achieved through VB Code. Any...
  5. H

    FormControl Scroll Bar_Multiply the Value

    Hi Experts, I am using following code in a Form Control - Scroll Bar to get Min & Max value from a cell (has formula) to another cell as values. My Cell Value varies between 0 - 50,000... I believe scroll bar has a limitation up to 30,000 hence I am dividing my values by 10. Eg: 50,000 to...
  6. B

    listbox form control scrollbar question

    I want the scrollbar at the top, and I've seen solutions to use Sheets("Main").ListBoxes("List Box 1").scrolltop but excell says it's not a property or method. Does this only work with ActiveX? Can it be done with a simple form control? What about .topindex which the documentation from...
  7. mdfahiem

    Run-time error '1004' for a scroll bar (form control)

    Hi Gurus, I have a scroll bar (form control). There are cells which are updated based on the scroll bar value. I want to protect the work sheet and I have selected the cells to be protected and have them Locked in format cells --> Protection. When I scroll to next level, below message is...
  8. S

    Scroll Bar Extreme Frustrations!!

    Ok. So I already know about the highlight all the extra rows then hit Delete, CTRL+Home, and then Save the worksheet and this has worked every time I ever needed it to. However, now when I follow this process I gain like 200 more rows. So I'm like that's weird and I do it again, there by gaining...
  9. N

    Problem copying worksheets with scroll function and dynamic chart

    Hello I have a problem with duplicating a worksheet within a workbook that includes scroll funtions and dynamic chart calculations. I downloaded this templateånadsbudget-student-TM02930047 (it's in Swedish, but don't worry) from office's webpage to make a...
  10. A

    Dynamic x-axis range

    I can’t seem to figure out how to dynamically change the axis values. By this I mean that as the data progresses along the x-axis with a scroll bar, it plots 9 points, but the axis value keeps growing and it rescales the graph smaller and smaller as the range increases. In the initial scroll...
  11. J

    Userform - scroll to see full contents of a cell

    I am creating a userform and I am stuck on one part. The form will open up and pull in data from various spots. One of the cells will be text notes which will be of varying lengths. So when the form is opened I want it to be able to handle the fact that the cell might have 10 characters or...
  12. W

    Scroll Bar (Slider) Problem

    Hey everyone, I need to make my scroll bar move by 0.1 each time the arrows are clicked (I believe this is the 'small change' option) but when I go to enter it in it comes up with an error message saying "Invalid property Value". Also I've set the minimum to be -1 and the maximum to be 2 however...
  13. Prevost

    Worksheet Not Scrolling With Vertical Scroll Bar

    Hi There. I have a very annoying problem. When I scroll in a worksheet with the vertical scroll bar, the worksheet contents do not move with the bar. Once I release the mouse click from the vertical scroll bar, the worksheet jumps to that position. I would like the worksheet to move with the...
  14. C

    Scroll bar on a pivot table, possible?

    Hi Guys. Is it possible to connect a scroll bar form control to a working pivot table? Like you can still refresh the pivot table and all, but the rest of the table is scrollable. I just want to know if this is actually possible. I've already tried using the scroll bar but I use it with the...
  15. M

    Option buttons inside frames within a userform disappear partially when scrolling

    I designed a Userform, that appears automatically when user opens the Excel file. It shows Questions as text labels and 4 option buttons and Checkboxs within a frame for each question. it's an exam (MCQs) form. I am facing the following problem: when i scroll down through the userform, the...
  16. N

    Scroll Bar to Control Pivot Table

    I have a pivot table that has dates for column headers. My goal is to have a scroll bar that will take me through the history as I scroll (so, the filter would allow 10 months to show at once, and the scroll bar would "move" the allowed 10 dates are you scroll). I'm pretty green when it comes...
  17. T

    VBaA - Scroll Bars to change date in a cell

    Hi Bit of a novice at VBA so any help anyone can give me would be very much appreciated. I am trying to add a scrollbar to a spreadsheet that changes a date in a cell. I have managed to fix the bar to cell to change the date however I need to have a range of 31/01/2012 fixed as the minimum and...
  18. H

    Inserted picture linked to sroll-bar table

    Hi everyone, I would appreciate it if someone can help me with the following: I have a set of data that I represented it as a scrollable table. Every time I scroll the bar, the cost evaluation of the new year will appear. However, for each year I have a specific picture that needs to be...
  19. E

    Mirror User Form Scroll bar to Active Sheet Scrolling standard scroll bar

    I have a userform that acts as a toolbox for editing data that comes in regulary in excel sheets. All of the editing to the sheet is done through buttons/macros on the form. Currently there are two buttons for scrolling the sheet on the form so that the user doesn't have to go all the way to...
  20. G

    Using activeX control scroll bar to move line on spreadsheet

    I am trying to use an activeX scroll bar to move a vertical line across a set of graphs in a worksheet. I have a code that will move the line forward with each click of the scroll bar, but can't get it to move backwards when the scroll bar value decreases. Private Sub ScrollBar1_Change() Dim...

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