scroll lock

  1. C

    Scroll Lock Disables when I Save

    I have Excel Office 365. My question: how do I prevent scroll lock from "auto-disabling" after I save? Here's what happens: (1) I have scroll lock enabled on a spreadsheet, (2) I enter any new information on the sheet, (3) I click control + S to save my work, and (4) scroll lock automatically...
  2. S

    Scroll Lock not working right

    Excel 2013 Desired result: Use mouse scroll wheel to move one cell at a time I have turned scroll lock off and on with no change in behavior. I've used the physical keyboard, the virtual keyboard, the right click option over the part at the bottom in Excel. I've deleted my .xlsb file. I've...
  3. C

    Reset Scroll Area to Default VBA

    All, I recently used VBA to set the scroll lock on my sheet. I need to undo that change to a default sheet view. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  4. A

    Disable Auto-Refresh Autofilter, update on button click

    I have a large table that I want customers to only see the information after they make selections from the autofilter options. Is there a way to disable the automatic refresh option and only refresh the autofiltered data after a button is clicked? I want to do this in VBA along with locking...
  5. N

    Scroll lock problems...

    Hi guys, I'm using VBA to create a scroll lock function on my worksheets. I am finding that worksheets with hidden rows intermittently deviate from the scroll lock values specified in my code. When this happens, the difference in scroll area is usually very similar to the size of hidden rows...
  6. pedie

    Scroll not working in 1 excel workbook, please help!

    i dont know why but even though the scroll is working for all other workbook for one particular workbook it is not working why? Please tell me what to do. Scroll lock on off
  7. S

    Zoom Lock like Cntl key is pressed?!?!

    I have Excel 2007 and certain/most workbooks will zoom instead of scroll up/down when i roll the tracker on my mouse (what you'd expect if you were holding down the CTRL key). Here's the kicker. If you hold down the CTRL key, the worksheet will scroll up/down, instead of zooming...

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