search function

  1. B

    Multi-variable vlookup formula

    Hi, I'm struggling to find a formula to find the respective bonus (under criteria below) from the lookup values if I'm given state, title, and amount below. If the title state under lookup values starts in cell A2, what formula could i use to find the respective bonus if given state, title and...
  2. S

    VBA to pull product information

    Hi, I have a Manufacturer # that I search for on a website and need to pull the; Manufacturer name, part number and Description. The website used to search is Using the number 63713408 as an example, I have to search for 63713408 in the search bar and then copy...
  3. S

    Nested IF statements with a Search function

    Hello All, I am hoping that someone can help me with this formula. It seems to breach when I add additional SEARCH functions in a nested IF statement. When I added the last criteria to find the word "Reclass" I get a #Value Error YES the source cell is TEXT. I did check it. YES the word...
  4. Johnny Thunder

    Update to Existing Code to Search for File Extension .xls or .xlsm

    Hi guys, working on updating a workbook that contains some code that was inserted into a UserForm. I am having an issue because the code looks in a specific folder with both .xls and .xlsm file and the usual "*.xls*" wildcard doesn't seem to be working? I have tried both "*xl*" and "*xls*"...
  5. P

    Advise on making UDF more efficient

    Hi I'm helping a colleague solve a time consuming problem by writing them a UDF. The UDF shown below takes a string, searches each cell in a range, and builds a comma separated list of all the cell values (in a correspoinding range) containing the search string. The result string is stored in...
  6. J

    If function, search function To navigate path in server

    Hi! I'm trying to create a logical argument in excel to recognize a specific letter and number combo in a cell and depending on the results, I want excel to link to the corresponding folder in my server. For example: I want Apple17 to locate the "Apple2017" file in the 2017 folder in my...
  7. D

    VBA, PLEASE HELP! Code to search for value and if matched return row of information.

    Hi guys, I've created a sheet (Sheet 1) which contains rows of information about different countries. On a separate sheet (Sheet 2) I would like to create a search function, where you can type the country code in and the VBA code will search for the value in sheet 1 and then return the row of...
  8. X

    Tricky find string problem - reverse SEARCH function

    I have been stuck on this all night and am looking for some suggestions. I essentially need to be able to find a character to the left of a string somewhere in the middle of a large text string so I can return a number value. The data is imported from an external database so I cannot change the...
  9. G

    SEARCH function - trying to exclude some terms and include other terms

    Hi I have several thousand lines of chemical data as shown in columns A-E below. I am trying to sort this into some chemical groupings using specific text (part of the entry) in Column D. I am using the following formula in Column F to search the entries in Column D, and then list the name...
  10. rainx

    Search Function to search partial strings and return all matches

    Hi all, I am doing a program to retreive records. Need help to search a partial string from Column L of "Data" sheet and return all matches in a combobox. User will type in the search criteria in A1 of "Sheet 2" and results should be displayed in the combobox for user to select which record to...
  11. S

    .Find not working - returning the string I was searching for, not the location it found it in...

    I am looking for a varietey of data, based on what files are opened to begin wtih. The data (workbookA.sheet1.columnA) is saved to (set as the value of) a variable "resource_name" which should then search for it in the other sheet (workbookB.sheet1) to see if it even exists (in this case I want...
  12. W

    Search Box in Excel

    I would like to add a search box to worksheet 1 in my workbook of 162 sheets. I need the search box to search sheet 23 cell range B11:B342. These cells contain names of employees. I would like the option of entering a name into the search box and either hitting enter or clicking a "go" button...
  13. W

    Help on creating a search function or search engine?

    <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" height="765" width="3141"><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:5302;width:109pt" width="145"> <col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:12507;width:257pt" width="342"> <col...
  14. Y

    Adding a Search Function to database

    Hi, I am working on creating an electronic client database. It is a very simple design: for every client, a single form is completed with their information. However, what I am looking to do is to add a function that allows me to search for specific records based on some criteria (e.g. last...
  15. R

    iTune Like Search Function

    Hi, Ok, here's what I'm trying to figure out. I want a search function w/in Excel that is similar to iTunes. For example, I have a set of datas cat112233 cat11223344 cat1122334455 I want to be able to do a search where as I type, data will show that are possible matches for what I've...
  16. E

    odd object = nothing

    I guys i'm new here. Got some experience with vb6/ and this is more or less the first time i've tried doing something with Excel macros. The thing is that i get an odd error when conducting a search in a excel sheet. an object(that by all means shouldn't be NULL/nothing) is NULL/nothing...

    auto colour on search?`

    Hi all i just wanna know is it possible to have a vb script or macro that will enable me to do a search for say a number where the number will be in column A on sheet 1 and then when the number is found that whole row will be coloured in say yellow or something? i work with these bloody long...
  18. KP_SoCal

    SUMPRODUCT using next IF and SEARCH function

    The formula below works perfectly by itself... =SUMPRODUCT( --(AllocatedVeh!$A$2:$A$65000= IF(Manifest!C8 = “TEXTILE”,AllocatedVeh!$A$2:$A$65000,Manifest!C8), --(AllocatedVeh!$C$2:$C$65000=Manifest!D8), --(AllocatedVeh!$F$2:$F$65000=Manifest!G8) ,AllocatedVeh!$I$2:$I$65000) However, I need to...
  19. KP_SoCal

    Using SEARCH function within SUMPRODUCT formula

    This is somewhat complicated. You are a super-genius in my book if you can figure it out. Here goes the explanation… Column A, rows 1-5 will have values such as: A1: FZ A2: WK A3: ZR A4: FZ A5: FZ A6: 9K Column B, rows 1-4 will have values such as: B1: FZ B2: WK, ZR B3: 9K B4: FZ, WK, 9K...
  20. D

    Flagging duplicate values with Countif and Search functions

    Hi Everyone...I have a list of names (column A) and in column B I want a formula to flag all duplicate items in column A. I was using the formula =IF(COUNTIF($A$2:$A$10,A2)>1,1,0) where "1" would flag me to a possible duplicte (i.e. I could filter on it). The data in column A is causing...

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